Just A Dare Episode 2



I rolled on the bed and stretch my hand to grab my book from the desk.

I still haven’t done religion project.

I wonder what I should write.

What are your greatest fears?

The topic reads.

Well, I don’t really have any fears.

Everything has always been good for me except the fact that my life always have to be planned.

I sigh as I stare at the old writing and wonder.

What are my greatest fear?

Just as I’m still thinking about what I could possibly be afraid of, the door opens and my roommate comes in.

I smile at her and she returns it before plopping down on the bed.

Zoe, my roommate is a beautiful girl with Bob hair and I really like her.

She’s really nice and decent. Sometimes, we even study together and she happens to be the daughter of a businessman also though I don’t think my father turns with hers.

She’s also quite lucky, I must say.

She don’t have a mother that breathes down on her face and lectures her on what’s right and what isn’t.

“You look like you’re thinking about something. ”

She smiles at me as she removed her scarf and I nod at her, shaking my head slightly I turned left.

I still remembered when I had come here I can remember the looks on mother face as she sat down at the girl’s bed

For mother, Zoe’s dressing isn’t good enough though I have no idea what’s wrong with it.

She was putting on a tank top and Jean trouser.

I dont wear jean trousers and tank top but then every time I wear rank tops, mother always makes sure that I wear a jacket or coat over it all in the benefit of reputation.

“Yeah, I have an assignment and I’m just thinking about the appropriate answer to provide to it. ”
I smile at her and she nods before grabbing her laptop and turning her gaze to it while I turn back to my work.

I grab the pen and start writing.

~To many others, their greatest fear might be death. The pain of knowing that you would have to leave this world one day but to me, my greatest fear is getting trapped, without no freedom. Being given no opportunity to do what I want when I want. Being caged in without no way of escape…. ~

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My name is Arielle Logan and I’m nineteen.
My father is one of the most successful buinesman here and my mother owns a mart though she rarely goes there. For me, life hasn’t always been fun. I feel like I’ve been trapped all my life. Being told what to do and when to do it. Always having no say in my own life and being controlled.

Since the day.. The night I’ve been born.
All my activities on earth has always been controlled. My mother acts like that when I was twelve. Dictating which friends to make and who to make my enemy. I thought it’s only because I was a kid and soon she would let me get out of the bondage she had set me in. But when I turned sixteen, it remains this same way.

Strictly do not speak with his rule. I was already betrothed to someone at the age of sixteen and it freaks me out sometimes.. Well most of the times.
I still overlook it, I thought that maybe when I get to college, everything would change.

But guess what? I’m in college and everything actually happened in the opposite way. Instead of her leaving me to live my life the way I want, she actually hold it to me even more tightly and it suffices me sometimes.

I’m the girl who has her entire life planned for her. College. Job. Get married to a guy I’ve never seen nor like. I’m a girl who has no say in her own life and who always have to be controlled as if I’m some sort of machine.

And recently, I’m been feeling awkward like this isn’t the life meant for me. I want more. More of life, whatever it is. More of actually living in life and maybe going through some risks also but where would I get that? What does that even mean?

What is more to life?

That’s one a fantasy though. Cause I’m never getting out of my bondage that my mother has already set me in for so long.