Just A Dare Episode 4



I finally succeeded in packing my hair into a ponytail and Zoe stretches the makeup powder to me but I smile and politely shake my head.

I don’t do makeups.

Of course it was one of mothers rules but I don’t like makeup myself either.

I feel like its just a things used by models to look pretty attractive to us in magazine and it isn’t for young teenagers but of course, that still doesn’t stop teenagers from using it but for me. I can’t and I don’t.

I love feeling natural without having to rely on the use of some materialistic things and of course, I’m not condemning those who uses it I’m merely saying we have all our different views and opinions on the use of makeups.

“Ready? ” Zoe asks and I nod at her before grabbing my bag and my books including my phone.

I stare at myself in the mirror one last time.. I don’t wanna look like a quack to school.

I’m dressed in a long sleeved gown which goes below my knees just a little and it entirely covers my neck

I thought about wearing another type of gown or not wearing gown at all but I think this is okay.

It isn’t too classic either. Just a normal gown to be wear by normal me to a normal class.

I laugh at my thoughts before nodding my head at Zoe and we both walk out of the room, she locks it while I place my own key in my bag in any case I come earlier than she did.

I smile at her as we both make our way towards the coffee shop where we always have our coffee.

“Hey, were you able to do your religious project. I barely touched mine, well I did it but I couldn’t out much into it. ”

She rambles as we get on the line and I nod at her.

My greatest fear.

I wrote what came to my mind first. Freedom.

“yeah, I just scrabbled some things. I’m not sure if I did well either but hey, it’s called a project for a reason. ”

She smiles and nod as we take our turn and grab two coffees.

She wanted to pay but I ended up paying.

One of mothers lectures again. Always be generous.

It’s the lecture that I know is completely good.

Though I’m not been generous to Zoe right now but she pays sometimes, so it’s just okay if I pay today.

We both sat at a table as we drank our coffee and discuss about little things.

“I’m not sure if I would be able to make it early today. ”Zoe says, the exact time I heard a voice which says.

“You’re on my seat. ”

If I could describe well. It’s a deep voice which is definitely not a girl. A guy.

I raise my head up and my eyes almost pop out of it sockets.

He has piercings, like lots of piercings and he has his hair pushed up but the piercings is what’s surprising me.

Lot of them look good on him but they are too much.

I breathe out as I stare at him, opening my mouth but nothing coming out of it. Maybe I’m more surprised at the way he looks.

Even from where I’m seated, looking into his eyes like this. It’s clear that they are cold and there are shields blocking them from being revealed.

“Um yeah. We are sorry. We will leave. ”

Zoe says when it seems like I am not gonna say anything.

Well, I don’t really know what to say. I’m surprised at his outer appearance.

“Hey! ”

Zoe says and I snap out of my daze and grab my things. WNormally, I would have argued about this.

Try to tell him that this seat can belongs to anyone and since I didn’t meet him here in the first place, it means it’s simply not his but seeing as surprised as I am right now, I can’t even form a single word.

He watches us as I scurry to get my things together and I tag up, almost colliding into his chest.

I raise my head up and he’s staring at me.

I can feel the thumping of my heart against my chest.

He looks… Intimidating.

“Hey is everything okay? ”

Another guy comes, looking the exact same way as him.

I guess that’s how college boys look actually but his is still much.

I shake my head and finally move away from him, heading towards the door with Zoe.

I stop and look back and he’s staring at me.

His face emotionless.

He screams danger everywhere and I gulp in before finally leaving the room