Just A Dare Episode 28


Just like he’s always doing, he ran away. And again, after an intimate time with him. After enjoying the feeling of him been in my presence. After that one night, the night that everything else felt meaningless except from him and I, standing under that moonlight. My head laid against his warm body with his fingers trailing down my thigh.

Just like that, once again he had made my heart race and like that again, he ran away. After making me feel moments of happiness, he ran away and abandon me once again. I don’t blame him, we have nothing to do with each other. I’m the one at fault in here.

The one that’s always letting him back in even though he doesn’t deserve it. The one that’s always repeating that cycle with him and always allowing him to come back after he messes it up.

It’s been few days after that night and I’m on my bed, my eyes on the screen in front of me with my hands typing away repeatedly against the keyboard.

The door opens and Zoe walks in, heaving heavily before dropping down beside me.

“What are you doing? You were working before I left and you still are, is everything okay? ”She says and I chuckle, taking a quick glance at her before taking my eyes back to the screen and giving her a brief nod.

“Yeah, there’s just this job I have to work on. It’s a project from school and I have to make sure that it’s perfect. I need grades. ” I murmur and she hums before taking a look at the screen then standing up and walking away.

Few more minutes and I’m done, I breathe out before closing down the laptop, my eyes searching around the room to land on Zoe who’s standing few meters away from me, in a Jean and a top. Different from what she wore when she had first entered.

“Are you going somewhere? ‘ I ask her and she turns to look at me before nodding.

“Yeah, Beck wants me to come out with him. He’s going with his friends. ” I watch the way her eyes flutters when she says Beck’s name and I nod. Speaking of which, I totally forgot to ask her what had happened. What’s happening between the two of them. She hasn’t told me anything else since that night.

“What’s up with you two? Is he still… ” My mouth stops moving and she sighs before nodding.

“Yeah.. I.. I don’t really know much but he’s acting different lately. Good different actually, I think he stopped seeing her or something. ”
She sighs and I nod. “Let’s stop talking about Beck. I, I want you to come with me to the place. Come on, you’re always stuck in this room and the only time you ever go out is when you have classes or when you want to eat. Aren’t you sick of just staying in the room every time? Let’s go together, it would be fun. ”
She smiles warmly at me and my mind gravels back to when I had agreed to go with her and I ended up running back home.

“Come on, it’s okay. It wouldn’t be like last time, I promise and I don’t think Javier would be around if that’s what you’re thinking about. He hasn’t been around since that last time. You should come. ” Before I could allow myself to think about it I thought about the fact that there might be a slight possibility that he would be there and saying.

“Okay. “