Just A Dare Episode 29


“Okay, come on. Let’s go. ” Zoe smiles at me and I take in a sharp breath before nodding, Walking into the restaurant together with her and my eyes scan frantically across the room, trying to search for something or someone but he isn’t here. I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad about that. I breathe out before carrying my legs to move as everyone turns to look at us and I stare at the group of people which some have forgotten their names.

“Hey. It’s you again. ” Ethan says and smiles as I take a seat between him and one other girl which I think should be Dawn. I nod and smile at the both of them before staring across the room to find Zoe who’s standing awkwardly in front of Beck, who smiles at her.

The guy looks nicer each day I see him, I still can’t wrap it around my head just how he could have done something like that but he did, according to Zoe and Zoe can’t definitely lie about that.

“We were gonna play some truth or dare before you guys walked in and you’re playing this time Arie, no backing down. ” Beck sneers at me and I give him a nod, as long as he’s not here then everything should be alright.

“Good. Javier is here. ” Beck smiles and my eyes trails across the room to see him coming in with some girl beside him, great. I spoke just too soon.

His eyes lands on me and I can feel his movement stops for a while as if he hadn’t expected me to be here and I look away from him, staring down at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do at the moment before raising my head, my heart beating faster against my chest as I heard his footsteps coming closer towards us. Who is that girl and why is she with him?

Is that why he has been avoiding me and out of sight after the little moment we had that night? He got a new girlfriend? I can’t ignore the deep sting in my head as I say those words and I want to curse at Javier for making me feel this way.

They finally stops when they get to us and just out of curiosity, I raise my head up to see the girl sitting beside him. She looks nothing like him. She has no coloured hair, no rings. No tattoos. She looks almost innocent with her wide eyes and her shiny hair that makes me want to punch her into the wall right next to her.

My eyes flickers and lands back on Javier who is staring at me and I gasp unconciously when Ethan turns to me, holding my arm and I watch his eyes darkens.

“Is everything okay? ” He asks and I smile at him before nodding twice.

“Alright guys. Let’s move on and play, let’s start and have some fun. ” Yeah, let’s get this game done and I’m getting the hell out of here.