Just A Dare Episode 24


I will see you later suddenly turned to exceptionally late and it has been three weeks after the incident in my room but I haven’t seen him around, not even for once. I had tried looking around for him at campus, I know I shouldn’t but I just want to see him. It was all In vain though. Wherever he’s hiding, he’s doing a really good job at it. I’m sure.

Zoe had said that she had seen him with some of her outings with Beck and most of the times, I’m really tempted to go on those outings and see him but I should control myself. I knew this was what will happen in the end. We would kiss and he would probably run off. I feel like that cycle has been repeating itself a lot lately.

I haven’t seen beck around either so I have absolutely no way to ask of him. I don’t know why I should anyways. He’s the one that ran away, I shouldn’t be looking for him. I always tell myself but I’m always doing it.

Speaking about Beck and Zoe, I don’t know what’s wrong with the both of them lately but it seems like the relationship between them seems to drift with each passing day.

I move closer to Zoe who’s eyes are focused on the book in front of her and a pen tucked between her teeth as she stares at the note like it’s the most important thing she must do.

“Zoe, can I ask you a question? ” I couldn’t help myself anymore. I have to ask her or I might die of curiosity.

She raises her head to look at me before nodding and I gulp in, licking my lips before breathing out.

“Okay, what happened between you and Beck. I know I shouldn’t be asking but I can’t help it anymore. I have to know what’s going on, you guys aren’t the same like you were before I met you. ” I mutter and she drops her pen, saying nothing as if she’s trying to figure out what I had just asked before shaking her head.

“Nothing happened between us. I think we just might need a break. ” I can feel the way her eyes got glossy when she said that like it pains her so much to do so and I instantly knew she was lying.

“You are lying. I can feel it. ” I call out on her and she drops her book to the side before breathing out and staring at me.

“I caught him. He was cheating on me. ” She says in a small voice and my mouth hangs open as I stare at him. Beck… Cheated? I never saw him as one to do that. I mean, he’s so nice and seems so gentle, even though he can be a little wild but I never saw him like that. This is quite surprising.

“I don’t know why he had done that. I.. I gave him everything to show that I love him. He is my first real boyfriend that I ever truly love and I… I put my all into the relationship, I don’t know why he had sex with the girl. I.. I had always been ready to provide it to him whenever he wants it but still, he went ahead and do this. It hurts so badly and I know I should probably stay away from him. Never speak with him again but I can’t help it. I can’t lose him, I can’t let him go and he’s always taking advantage of that. He apologized but I can feel the change in him, he’s still seeing the girl I’m sure but I… I can’t let him go. ” Tears in her face and all I want to do is to punch Beck so hard at that moment.

“It’s okay. You will be fine. I promise, it’s okay. ”
I move closer to her, hugging her and she lays her head on my shoulder, sobbing heavily when the door opens and my breathing hitches.