Just A Dare Episode 25


Dark eyes stares at me and I suddenly felt like the world had stopped in that moment. He is here, after so many days. So many yearnings. So many wait, he’s here. He’s standing beside me and his gaze is on me. He is here and he had changed once again from the last time I had seen him.

As if Zoe could sense that something is wrong, she raises her head, her gaze landing on Javier and she looks back at me while I gulp in, staring down at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do at the moment.

“I will go out a little bit for fresh air. ” She sighs, grabbing her phone and her jacket while I smile apologetically at her that she had to leave because of him but she shakes her head and smile, assuring me that it’s nothing.

As soon as Zoe walks out of the room, I turn my gaze to Javier who was standing far away from me with his eyes on me. So, he finally has the time to come here? He is nuts! Most definitely nuts!

I look away from him and I can hear his footsteps, telling me that he’s coming closer to me. I’m still on the bed and I seem to be glued to where I’m sitting on.

“Hey. ” He breathes out and I know he’s hovering over me already. The way his voice sounds so close makes my heart tingles and I breathe out before raising my head at him and his eyes are boring into mine.

“Hey. ” I utter, my voice small and coming out less than I expected. He nods, staring down before me so he’s at eye level before me.

“I know I should have come sooner but I had things to do. Is everything okay? ”

“Apart from the fact that you practically ran away after what happened. Everything else is okay. ” I shrug and mentally slap myself for sounding so stupid and foolish. I sound like a whiny girl who is desperately looking ahead to be with him. Not like I wasn’t anyways but he didn’t need to know that.

“I had been busy. ” He says again like I didn’t hear it for the first time and I scoff.

“Zoe told me she has seen you so many times with Beck. ” I call out on him and his mouth opens for a second before he closes it and I shrug. Of course, he’s been busy means that he was busy for me. He was too busy to have made some time for me. Not that I care anyways, I am no one to him. He is no one to me, we are nothing to each other and I just shouldn’t care anymore.

“I’m sorry. ” He mutters again and I look away from him, my heart arching. Of course he is.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter anymore. ” I mutter in a small tone, trying not to show the hurt behind my words.

“To make it up to you. I have somewhere to take you to. I know you would probably disagree and turn me down because you’re still angry but I promise that you wouldn’t regret coming with me. To make it up? ” He stares at me and I breathe out, staring right back at him with the same fire.

“Please. ” He adds and that does everything.
I should probably turn him down and ask him never to come here again but instead, I find myself saying.

“Okay. “