Just A Dare Episode 23


Just like he had said. He has been watching me. I’m sitting on the bed, my eyes on my laptop with my fingers typing away, trying to complete the project and he’s sitting on the chair next to the dressing mirror, his eyes not leaving me even for a single moment. My focus should be on what I’m doing or what I’m trying desperately to do of course but I can’t and it isn’t. Not when he’s looking at me like that. Not when he’s sitting just few meters away from me.

My eyes is on the screen in front of me, but my mind isn’t on what I’m doing. It’s wandering around, whirling and whirling.

“I think I might have to leave now. I have someplace to be. ” He says after what felt like forever but was probably hours or even minutes and I turn back to look at him.

“Oh. ”I mutter before nodding and he let’s out a chuckle before walking over to me on the bed. I move back quickly out of shock and he narrows his eyes at me as if to ask ‘what am I thinking about. ‘

As if I could understand what he meant, I nod slowly and he shakes his head before leaning down on me. My heart thumps with anticipation and I shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t help but want to feel his lips on mine again. Just once again, I tell myself and close my eyes, waiting for the heat and the fire.

The door to the room opens and I jump, pushing Javier away and moving very far away from him as I take my eyes to the door and Zoe is staring at the two of us, her mouth hangs open as she stares between the two of us while I move my eyes away from her, staring embarrassed to be caught in that state with him.

“Well, I guess that’s my final cue to leave. I will see you soon again. ” I hear his footsteps but I dare not raise my head to look at him. The door opens once again and closes and I finally raise my head to look at Zoe who seems like she had just seen a ghost.

“What the f**k is happening? Why is he here? Why are you here? Why were you both on the bed? Oh my god, Arielle Are you f****ng Javier? ” she bursts out as she drops her bag on the floor, making her way towards me and staring at me.

“What? No, damn no! No, I’m not doing anything with him. ” My cheeks flushed and she narrows her eyes at me.

“I just caught you both on the bed and over each other. I’m pretty sure you were gonna kiss if I hadn’t walked in. Tell me, what happened between the two of you. ” I sigh, knowing there’s no more escape from her.

“I.. Well, he came here unexpectedly and we kissed. ” I mutter and her eyes widens before narrowing at me. “Yeah, I know. I know, I shouldn’t have kissed him back but I couldn’t help it. I don’t know what is wrong with me. ” I breathe out and she nods slowly as if trying to say she understands.

“I know how you will probably be feeling right now. He’s hot and all but let’s not forget how he can be. I don’t know why he came here and did that but just be careful with him. ” She says and I nod. I probably should, right?