Just A Dare Episode 17


The alarm boozes around the whole room and I sigh, my eyes fluttering open as I try to stretch my hand across to turn the damn thing off. After finally succeeding in doing that, I sat up on the bed and stretch by hands, another day for school. It’s been few weeks after that incident at the restaurant happened and I haven’t seen Javier in these two weeks which I’m quite grateful for, my plan is to stay away from him. As far away as possible. He isn’t someone that I would want to be friends with. He will manipulate me and destroy my mind. I can’t let that happen and I must stay away from him.

I got up from the bed and turned slowly before rubbing my eyes which are still heavy. I slept quite late yesterday night so it’s only totally normal that I’m still feeling sleepy. I stayed up all night trying to complete the project and also, it was Vince’s birthday last night so I had lots of calls from my family.

I looked at the other side and Zoe was not in bed anymore. Guess she got up already. She hasn’t been going out that much except the times when Beck comes visiting and they go out together. I know something was wrong with the two, they aren’t exactly as they were two weeks ago, I can’t tell what exactly is wrong and I can’t really ask her either cause I wouldn’t be able to give her any advice. I have never been in a relationship before so how the hell am I supposed to give relationship advice?

I shake my head and grabbed my toiletry bag, walking out of the room and stalking down the hallway that leads to the bathroom. Just like always, it’s dry and barely few students are up.
Only the serious ones, I’m sure. The late night parties would probably be up by ten or so.

Just like I had thought, the shower was running when I stepped into the bathroom, so it must definitely Zoe.

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Few minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom with a smile across her face as she sees me.

“Hey, I thought you would want to stay in for a little more since you slept late last night. ” She grin and I shake my head before making my way inside while she stays out like she always does.

Minutes later and we were both back into the room while I’m contemplating on what to wear.
I have been wearing my gowns for so long. I feel the need to change my style of clothing and now, I’m stuck between wearing skirts and wearing jeans.

“Common, I told you to wear the jeans. It’s so much better. ” Zoe groans as if it’s on her clothes and I roll my eyes at her.

“The reason for you wanting me to wear these jeans are totally invalid. ” I roll my eyes again and grabbed my lotion.

“Again, there’s nothing invalid about me wanting to wear those pants cause they push up your ass better than the skirts. ” Is that even a reason at all.

“You are crazy. I’m not going to campus to look for guys to follow me, I’m going to study so again, which one is the most satiable ? ” I groan and she rolls her eyes.

“common arie. Live your life a little, I don’t understand why you just don’t want to get a boyfriend. ”

“Because she already have one. ” I turn to the door and my eyes widens as he walks inside with a smirk plaster across his face.