Just A Dare Episode 18


My eyes widens as I quickly hold the clothes over my body and stare at him with my mouth hang open. What the hell is he doing here at seven in the morning and how the hell did we forget to close the door, I didn’t even notice that he has been there. Listening to almost our conservation.

What the hell is he doing here? I turn towards Zoe and she shrugs, shaking her head at me and letting me know that she had no idea what he’s doing here. I have never seen her talk to him before so I’m guessing they really don’t get along that well then why is he here? None of us are friends with him so what is he doing here and at this time also.

My gaze quickly darts over to him and hes looking really good. Really hot. It seems like he has gotten better since the last day I saw him at the restaurant. And now, thinking about it made me remember what had happened at that restaurant that day.

I groan and stake my head before heading towards the closet, which is large enough to take me. I heard chuckling and then nothing. Guess she isn’t comfortable around him either.

“What are you doing here Javier. Who are you looking for? ” I heard Zoe’s voice minutes later and there’s silence before he said something that almost knock the breath out of me.

“Arielle. That’s who I’m looking for ” Is he kidding me right now or what is he trying to do cause I don’t understand. Why would he be looking for me. We don’t have anything to do with each other.

“Why are you looking for her? ” I’m glad she asked that question and I place my ear against the closet but hear them even more clearly. they both know that I’m here and I’m listening to every bit of their conservation but I can’t help but to try and ease drop.

“I really can’t tell you that. I’m sorry but she has something that’s mime. ” Something that’s his?
What do I have that’s his? I never have his thing so what could he possibly be talking about.

After putting on the Jeans that Zoe has been telling me to wear, I walked out of the closet and his eyes lingers down my body in a way that makes my body feel hot and I shift uncomfortably between my legs before walking over to the mirror and grabbing the brush, brushing my hair smooth.

“Arie. Javier says that you have something that’s his. Obviously I don’t know what that thing is so can you please just attend to him so I would be able to dress up and he would get the hell out of the room. ” She groans and he chuckles before turning to me with his brows raised. I quickly set my eyes away from him and stare on the floor.

“I forgot my toiletries, I will go grab it. ” Just as I’m about to tell her not to leave me alone with him, she already made her way outside and I huff before turning to him who is staring at me keenly.
I don’t feel comfortable with him staying with me alone. Even for a minute.

“What do I have that’s yours?” My voice comes out the opposite of what I had intended and I close my eyes to calm myself down for some minutes before opening them back and turning to him with my brows raised to my previous question.

“I don’t know. You can tell me. ” He takes another step towards me while I move away from him.

He keeps repeating the action till my back hits against the wall and he places his hand over my head, staring at me.

I had told myself that I would stay away from him. As far as I can and yet, here is he. In front of him. Barely meters away.