Just A Dare Episode 16


The drive back to the dorms were brief and peaceful, without any sort of communication and I couldn’t help any more glad for it than I already am. He stops his car just near the dorms and I breathe out before undoing my seatbelt and turning to stare at him, smiling. He is my Savior today. I don’t know how else I would have gotten home if he hadn’t came after me. More reasons to why I need a car in the first place.

“Thank you for bringing me back here. ” I smiled at him and he chuckles before shaking his head, letting me know that it’s nothing.

I smiled before proceeding to open the door when he suddenly stops me and I turn to him with my brows raised.

“Um. I don’t want you to get the wrong ideas but it isn’t like you think it is. ” He says and I shake my head with my brows still raised, letting him know that I don’t understand what he’s trying to say.

“I know that you are probably judging Javier right by what he did but he isn’t like you are thinking. He isn’t that bad. I’m not telling you not to stay away from him cause I’m sure that would be your plan after what happened. ” He laughs but I couldn’t. I don’t find any sense of humour in that.

“But don’t be so quick to judge him. That’s all I want to tell you. ” I nodded before getting out of the car and I wave at him as his car drives off.

Don’t be so quick to judge him. His voice resounds in my head and I shake my head. I wasn’t judging him actually but I’m not gonna try and find out what Ethan is proposing either. I’m taking my ground on this. I’m staying away from him, as far away as possible as I could.

I have known that he belongs to the devil the moment I saw him at that restaurant but I didn’t know he was that… Cold. Now, I do and I’m gonna take my path away from him as far away as I possibly can.

It’s getting so late already and I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a call from mom. Did she finally decided to give me time to rest and let everything out by myself?

I laugh at my thoughts, shaking my head as I walk to my room. Mother would never do that. I know she would never.

I walk across the field and eventually got into the dorms, I walk inside the room and lock the door behind me, dropping my phone on the bed and getting out of the clothes into something more comfortable which are my pyjamas.

Just as I lose the band from my hair, letting it fall free down my shoulder, my phone vibrates against the bed and I grab it as I shake my head at the caller ID. Mom. Just when I thought she was gonna take a day off from calling me.

I jumped on the bed and swipe the receiver button beside glueing the phone to my ear, ready to listen to whatever it is she had to say.

Mom talked about a lot of things. Most of it that I don’t even think has anything to do with me but she told me anyways, her talks of how her day had been spent and why she wasn’t able to call me earlier. I did wish that she didn’t call me at all.
She keeps on talking, everything going back to her ways of lecturing me on what to do and what not to which I roll my eyes at.

I wonder how she would behave if she finds out about where I went and whom I was with.

She drops the call when I told her that I’m feeling sleepy and I lay down in the bed, images of that act filling my head again.

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