Just A Dare Episode 13


Which one? ”
He says, in a hore time and I just watch him.
He can’t be serious. How can he do that! To a stranger! That’s insane and that’s… That’s not proper.

“The one with the blue skirt. ” Beck says and I watch him groan before standing up while my mouth falls open, my eyes almost looking out of their socket as I watch him walk to the girl. He couldn’t have! To a stranger! In a restaurant, Where they are hundred of people watching. Even if Javier wants to, that girl wouldn’t be dumb enough to allow it. Right?

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Minutes pass and nothing is blooming. They are just talking and Javier looks like he would pass out any second from now if he doesn’t get away from that place.

“I don’t think he would be able to do it. What’s taking him so long? ” Harold groans while I fix my eyes back to Javier who is still talking to the girl and soon the girl started laughing.

“He caught her attention first. Son of a bas***d! ”
Beck grins and they all laugh. I don’t know why they seem so cool about this when I’m obviously freaking out right now.

“I think she’s falling for his trap, he should do it any moment from now. ” Dawn laughs but my eyes remains on Javier who is still standing with the girl.

Soon, she started leaning closer to him and my mouth falls open as he closes his lips on hers and he wraps his arms around her waist, I don’t even want to start talking about how I feel about that.
I looked around the restaurant and the people are watching, none is making an attempt to stop them and I feel sick to my stomach.

This girl is shameless! In fact Javier is the real blockhead right now! How can he go ahead and kiss a stranger just because of a stupid dare he could have turned down nicely.

I don’t think anything else was gonna happen until he brought his hand to his lap and slowly, his hands slides under her skirt, she moves closer to him, pushing herself more into him and I shake my head looking away from them immediately.

This must be what Zoe was talking about when he had said he is dangerous. I knew he would be. Right from that moment I had saw him at that restaurant but again, he seemed so calm earlier and now, I know that it was just an act . I didn’t know he would kiss a stranger, let alone do what he’s doing right now.

This is unbelievable.

“Wow. Go guy! ”
The group whistles and I raise my head to look back at them. The girl’s head has fallen against his shoulder and his hand is still tucked inside her skirt.

Not been able to take it any longer, I stand up and all eyes turns to me immediately with Zoe raising her brows at me.

“What are you doing? ” She asks and I shake my head, making my way out of the small group.

“I’m sorry. I need to get home.. To… Finish my assignment. ” I sigh and before they could catch up on what I’m doing, I already storm out of the restaurant. My heart beating fast, only to hear my name been called from behind