Just A Dare Episode 12


I shake my head. Where could I possibly know him from especially when he’s looking like that?
Not that I mean that in an insultive way but still.. mother won’t allows me to move with people like this , since she is always monitoring my movements and my life at large so I probably know him from nowhere. It just might be my imagination.

The groups all introduces themselves to me and I was able to make some of their names. We have riele, violet, Indiana, Meredith and dawn for the girls there. For the guys there, I was only able to know Ethan, Sean and Harold. The rest close to ignore me probably, I’m not offended by it anyways.

“Okay, who wants to play truth or dare? ” They all roar while I chuckle, watching them.

“I’m in. But we have no alcohol here, we should judge. ” Harold says and they call the waiter, asking for their best whiskey. I was gonna ask if they are old enough to be ordering for alcohol in the restaurant but I just decide to ignore it. I have to mind my business and it’s not like I’m playing in the game either.

The drink is brought and they all whispers, obviously more than ready to start.

“You playing Arielle? ” The girl who has been staring at me whom I found out her name is dawn says and I shake my head.

“No, thank you, I will pass. ” I smile politely at her and she smiles, nodding her had. Going to a party is one thing. Going to a party with these group of people is anything thing entirely. But going to a party and drinking alcohol is something that mother would definteky lash at me about.

Thay started playing the game and it goes around with some few truths and some dares. The truths includes asking about what they did. Who they are with at the moment and how their parents felt about them. Those who has have tattoos were been asked how it felt getting their first tattoos and some others ones I zoned out from.

The dares includes daring to make out in the restaurant which I’m quite surprised about and I couldn’t help but to gasp when it was said by Beck.
The group all turned to me when I did that and they all laughed. They obviously have been doing this a lot and doesn’t have a problem with it.

I’m glad I didn’t play the game. Even though I’m sure I wouldn’t have chose dare and would have continue with truth till the game finally ends.

Beck and Zoe were asked to do a ten minutes makeout and I couldn’t help but to laugh about that. They are quite cute when doing that especially when Zoe almost slipped from his lap.

I noticed a lot of attention on this path of the restaurant though the guys doesn’t seem to care much about it. I do care about what other people think about me but I have no say in this. I am gonna enjoy tonight, and tomorrow, I will go back to my real life. The world without no fun. The one without none of this.

“Okay Javier, truth or dare? ” Beck asks him who just shrugs and say dare.

“I dare you to go finger that girl right there. ”
And my mouth hangs open.

A stranger? He wouldn’t do it. Right?