Just A Dare Episode 14


Now I understand why mom is always on the fact that I stay away from people like that. People like Javier who always gave their souls to devils and sees no fault in it when they do something stupid and something bad but instead they call it having fun. I’m not judging them. I am not judging anyone but now, I understand why mom is always telling and warning me to stay away. I’m not trying to say what mom did was okay either. I’m not trying to say that I’m okay with the fact that she controls all my life. All I’m saying is that I’m glad I had stayed away from this group of people. Glad that she made me stayed away from them, even though it was not in the best way that I will appreciate.
What would have happened if I hadn’t?
What would I have become?
How would I have become?

I sigh as I stare ahead without having absolutely no idea or absolutely where I’m gonna go to get back to campus. And the dorms. But there is no way in hell that I’m going back in there and getting to beg any one of them to drive me.

I hear someone yelling my name from behind and when i turn, it’s was Ethan. The same guy that I had said looked so familiar to me.

He walks over to me and smile at me before tucking his hands in his pocket.

“Is there something wrong? You just ran out of there. ” He raises his brows at me and I shake my head before looking around.

“No. Nothing. There’s nothing wrong. I am just.. I’m.. I don’t really like those kind of things so I thought it would be better if I just left. ” Well, saying the truth is so much better than trying to look for lies to make up.

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“I knew you wouldn’t stay. After all it’s Ariel Logan. The innocent girl amongst all. ” My mouth hangs open as I stare at him. He knows me? I had thought that he probably knows my name from when I had introduced myself in the group then I remembered I didn’t tell them my parents name. I only told them mine so how could he possibly know it? Could my imagination be right? Could I really know him then?

“How do you know me? ” I said sharply and he shakes his head, smiling.

“You forgot me so quickly. I’m offended even though you don’t always talk to me no matter how many times I try getting you to but still, How can you forget Ethan” He laughs and having him say it like that made my eyes go wide as I stare at him with my mouth hanging open.

Ethan? Could this really be Ethan? Like the Ethan from high school? The boyfriend of Sam, who has always made it her point to bully me in school.
That ended when mother found out about it, she was expelled from school for bullying thanks to mother. Sometimes she isn’t that bad and she had been a huge impact in my life But most of the times, she’s always trying to control me. And those are rare times, when she is a good mother not the other way around.

“Oh. I didn’t really notice. Actually, I could sense that you were familiar but where I knew you from was what I was finding problem with remembering. How are you, you have…. ”My eyes quickly scan over him once more and he chuckles.
“…changed.” He nods.

“Yeah. I did a little something with my appearance. I thought I should drive you home since you came with Javier and he’s a little busy at the moment. ”
He laughs, making me remember why I had left that place in the first place. I smile and nod, staring at the restaurant once more before moving away with him.