Joojo’s Time Episode 6


That little white pot that Uncle Yaw O had mixed the deadly concoction broke into pieces the moment he stabbed Mr. Sunny Tobi’s picture. I watched with horror as a thick messy gooey stuff bubbled out, and then an evil entity that looked like a shadow emerged from it.

It was like a three-headed cheetah with a horn on each head and three eyes on each head! Its teeth were serrated, and it looked as vicious as it was terrible! It glared at me for a moment, and then I saw it bounding toward the stairs.

“Go, my Beast!” the pastor chanted. “Go and do your duties!”

For a moment I hesitated, torn between following that demonic beast and staying with this horrible man. But I wanted to know what was really going on because I was becoming convinced by the second that this was how this evil man and his wife made their riches!

They used the vilest form of weapon that made their sinister plots failproof. This couple was a terrible, murderous couple, but they did not use conventional methods to murder their targets! They used a sinister mode that no police system could be able to beat and investigate: occultic spiritism, dabbling in the systems of the dark arts.

…for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…

Where had I heard that voice before?

Oh, Lord!

How could people be so wicked? How could people use the name of the Lord to wreak such evil?

This man and his wife had made me drive away the most important people in my life! They had made Sunny Tobi drive away his wife and children! I stared at the pictures on the walls…many influential men and women who had crossed paths with Uncle Yaw O!

Had he used this utter evil against them?

The three-headed beast snarled at me and slashed in my direction. I noticed that its eyes were filled with hatred, but it made no attempt to come toward me. Instead, it seemed to give me a wide berth as it bounced on the floor and then zoomed out of the secret room.

The decision was made for me when it dawned on me that this horrible man’s words spelt doom for Mr. Sunny Tobi. I glared at Uncle Yaw O for a moment, and then I shot out of the underground room back into the bedroom.

Gloria and Sunny Tobi were dressed now.

She was urging him to leave the room and that she would call him to come later.

Sunny Tobi was reluctant to go for a moment as he tried to hug her again, telling her not to go to church that day but spend the rest of the day with him.

Gloria spoke to him with mounting irritation that she needed to be in church because her husband was not around. As they bickered I suddenly saw that three-headed beast slamming into Sunny Tobi.

He hesitated for a moment, and then he turned away from Gloria and went out of the room. The pretty woman sighed and scowled wickedly after the man.

“You stinking buffoon!” she hissed furiously.

And I was so sad at that very moment.

This was the woman who had opened her thighs to me so many times, the woman I thought I was so much in love with, the woman I thought was so beautiful, the most glorious woman God ever created!

But she was sick, so sick! She was the vilest monster ever, she and her husband! All her honey words had been nothing but a sham, a lie, perfectly manufactured to spin death for her victims!

I wailed with fury and blasted around the room, moving fast and fast in a vain attempt to scare her. Indeed, I wanted to move the objects in the room to scare the living bejesus out of her, but to no avail!

A moment later she pushed the bed aside and her bloodied husband emerged. He had cleaned the horrible red-black blood from his body a bit, but he was still wet from it.

And I noticed with great fury that he was smiling.

His wife laughed and went to him, and they kissed hotly.

“Money, money, more money, darling!” he groaned with feeling.

“Money, money, money!” Gloria said fiercely as she fell down on the bed. “Come, honey, come and hammer me hard! That fool’s tool only tickled me! Rock my world a bit before we go to church!”

“Let me wash this stuff off first, my darling!” the pastor said with eyes shining with greed.

He headed toward the bathroom.

“And Joojo MacBaiden?” Gloria asked nonchalantly.

“Their accident happened, love,” the pastor said as he walked toward the bathroom door. “He should be dead by now! Two million dollars in the basket, honey.”

Gloria laughed hard at that and began to take off her clothes again.

“Awwwww, so sad!” she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I loved Joojo. That young man could really rock this machine. Ah well, money, money, money! He was not more important than his money!”

“Now you’re talking!” the pastor said with a giggle as he entered the bathroom.

And, precisely at that very moment, I wanted to kill them!

Their accident happened, love…

He should be dead by now…

Two million dollars in the basket…

They knew!

These two wicked souls knew I was going to die in an accident…with my two million dollars locked up safely in their accounts! Monies I had transferred myself to them! Monies no one knew I had because this man had warned me not to inform anybody until he had prayed over it for me!

They knew I was going to die!

Lord, they knew!

I screeched with great pain and horror as I blasted into the bathroom! That vile man was under the shower humming to himself and lathering his body with soap!

I threw fists at him and screamed fiercely, but to no avail. I slammed around the bathroom at top speed, expecting what had happened inside the doctor’s office to happen here too, but nothing happened! If I could, I would have torn him to tiny minced meat particles!

His wife came into the bathroom too, now naked, and they giggled as they kissed.

“And Sunny?” she whispered tremulously.

The pastor grinned evilly, and the marks on their foreheads blazed with wicked intents.

“Excess of three hundred million dollars…free!” he said with a chuckle.

Oh, I slapped them and tore at them…but to no avail!

I was powerless.

“And when will he die?” Gloria whispered as she bent low for him.

“Oh, probably dead by now,” the pastor said with a chuckle. “Suicide. Everybody knows he was suicidal. He would get knocked down on the bridge!”

Gloria giggled and moaned when her husband entered her.

“Poor bastard!” she said. “Serves him right!”

Oh, Lord! 

Served him right?

They just took a man’s life for his money, planned death for him and it served him right? Really? How could some human beings be so callous?

If there was a way to hurt these people, I was going to find it, as God was my witness! They did not deserve to live!

But first, I had to warn Mr. Sunny Tobi!

His life was in danger!

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I blasted out of that horrible house and soared high into the air!

The pastor had mentioned the bridge, so I knew it was the Eden High Bridge. I did not waste time on looking for him on the road as I travelled at fast speed to the bridge…and when I got there, there was horror waiting for me!

I recognized Mr. Sunny Tobi’s white Toyota Sequoia immediately.

It was parked on the high bridge, and the driver’s door was open!

Feeling absolutely scared, I went down rapidly. Many cars had come to a stop now, and many people were getting out. I saw some hands pointing, and I followed the direction of their hands!

Mr. Sunny Tobi was climbing the high pylons of the bridge!

Oh, Lord!

He had removed all his clothes, and he was naked as he climbed, but it was not him, though! Deep within him I saw that horrible three-headed beast demon, and it was forcing the elderly man to do things against his will!

People were screaming, yelling, shouting, crying!

And the naked man continued to climb!

“Mr. Sunny, no, no, no, no!” I wailed and came down fast toward him.

And I did my best for him!

I tried to hold him, to shout at him, to protect him, but I was not physical, and I could not help him.

His face was bland, devoid of all expressions! He was not aware of what he was doing!

And then, when he was very high up, even though I wept and screamed, I could not stop him!

That demon within him made the man spread his arms like a bird, and then he threw himself into space!

“Nooooo!” I screamed with great torture!

The onlookers screamed too as his body fell head over heels past the bridge and then smashed into the street below right in front of a speeding four runner!

The car smashed into Mr. Sunny Tobi’s head and flung him to one side hard where he landed on the shoulder of the road in a horrible broken mass!

There was not much traffic that horrible Sunday morning, but cars screeched to a halt and many people began to ran toward Mr. Sunny Tobi’s body.

I hovered gently downward with my heart exploding!

Such wickedness!

I saw that three-headed demon floating out of the body now and then bounding upward! I looked helplessly at it. Oh, if only I had the power, I would have torn it to pieces that very moment!

It took a look at me, and then it bounded away quickly.

Then Mr. Tobi’s soul came out slowly and hovered for a moment, and I saw to my horror that there was no tendril connecting him to his body.

Evidently, he had died on the spot!

He looked around frantically, his horror evident, his confusion total, just like we had been after the accident that ended my friends’ lives! There was nothing to do but moved slowly and hover beside him.

He looked at me with absolute terror now.

“You!” he whispered. “Joojo? Is that you, Joojo!”

“Yes, sir,” I said bitterly.

“What is going on, Joojo?” he asked painfully and with terror. “I was with the Pastor’s wife… and then I just…I just…”

“It was not your fault, sir,” I said painfully. “It was caused by Pastor Yaw O. He wanted all your money.”

“Money, oh, oh, no!” he whispered painfully. “Oh, no, no, no, no! Joojo, please, help me! What is this? What is happening? Oh, my children, my wife…what have I done? Am I dead? I’m dead, ain’t I?”

I just stared at him because there was not going to be any welcoming song for him! Behind him a tall pall of smoke with burning innards had appeared. There were screams within this pall of smoke, and this drew Mr. Tobi’s attention.

He spun round with terror, and then a massive burning hand emerged from the giant smoke and snatched up his soul. He screamed and struggled and tortured himself, but to no avail!

Mr. Sunny Tobi was snatched into the burning inferno within the smoke, and they vanished.

And as I hovered there with great torture, I knew one thing:

As long as I hovered, if I was granted any little favour, if I had any little power, I would get Mr. Tobi’s money back to his wife and children…and I would gladly kill that pastor and his wife!

And then I realized something staggering…I was grasping the electricity pole I was hovering over!

I was actually holding it…yes, I could feel it under my hand!

I stared with perplexed and flummoxed disbelief, and then I removed my hand. Slowly, ever so slowly, I dropped my hand on the metal.


I felt nothing!

But I waited, and slowly I began to feel the metal again…and then, I was holding it!

I was getting pretty excited!

So, it was all about timing! It was all about patience!

I floated up slowly to the metal pylons of the bridge and placed my hands on the metals, and waited.

And it happened!

After a while I felt their cold surfaces, and I gripped them…a moment later I began to climb the pylons slowly.

My heart was beating fast…really fast!

As God was my witness, I was going to church that Sunday morning!

Yes, I was going to the New Eden-Paradise Church!

Dem die finish!

To be continued