Joojo’s Time Episode 5


I did not know what would happen if I moved too far away from my body as it lay on the operation table and the doctors cut into it. My fear was palpable because there was every likelihood that if I moved too far that tendril of soul connecting us might just cut off, and death would find me.

But what if it did not happen like that?

What if, as long as my heart was beating and my pulse was racing, that tendril would be fixed?

But, no matter what happened, I needed to find the pastor!

I needed to find Kuks!

And, above all, I needed to find my dearest mother!

The damning terror was there, yes, but death was inevitable, and had two dreadful aftermaths. I believed that somehow, I was being offered a chance, even if by the slimmest of margins, and I had to grab it.

And so, I tried it out.

I floated slowly out of the theatre and hovered above the hospital. Higher and higher I moved into the ever-lightening sky, carefully not moving at any great speed, just zooming up in a straight trajectory…

The tendril’s density remained the same, strong and with no glitches or flickering! I saw the Death Messenger hovering somewhere below me, dark and sinisterly ominous, dense and dangerous with its fire eyeballs filled with malice, but it dropped off inch by inch as I ascended higher and higher.

When I realized that I was still connected, I moved out across the sky carefully, still at manageable speed, still keeping an eye out on the tendril, and slowly I began to relax when I realised that it remained stable.

And then I finally began to take stock of my surroundings, and my fear hit a new-time high! All around me I saw them, great and horrifying messengers of death coming for new souls that had just died!

I could see the sheer agony and fear on the faces of the newly dead people as they were met and snatched up by the merciless and horrible messengers of death.

And there were many of them!

Of all the new-death experiences I saw, I counted only three souls which were met by a glorious angel!

A sudden quotation intruded in my mind then…

Broad is the path to destruction, and many are on it…but narrow is the path to life, and only few are on it…

Oh, dear Lord!

Where had I heard that before?

I had probably treated it with the usual contempt I had whilst I was alive and thought I had many years ahead of me before I died!

But here I was, so lost and almost on that broad road to destruction too!

And then, quite suddenly, I saw something I was not prepared for!

I flashed past a house and caught a brief glance of a soul which appeared to be chatting to a little boy! I went on for a bit, and then the terrible realization hit me so hard that I came up short in the air and hovered!

If that soul was dead, why was it that there was no messenger or angel of death with her? And why did it appear like she was speaking to the little boy?

So, I made a stunned U-turn in the early morning sky and zoomed back across the sky, looking down intently, and then I saw them…and yes, it was a dead soul speaking to a little boy!

I zoomed downward fast toward them, excited and desperate at the same time! Oh, how could this be possible? If, indeed, this was how it could be, then that boy could be of help to me!

I was almost directly on top of the house and about to slip down to them when the whole building became covered with a devastatingly vicious brightness that seared horribly into me!

It was a frightening blast that made me scream and blast backward with absolute terror, and as I moved across the skies with confusion and fear, I saw a fierce-looking angel emerging from the brightness below me and coming at me with a sword that blazed like fire!

This angel was not like the others I had seen so far!

This one was huge and terribly furious, and his burning sword stirred deep terror within me!

I stared at him as he hovered in front of me and pointed his sword at my tendril.

“Depart from thence, Wicked Soul!” he said in a fierce voice. “Do not even try to go near the anointed children of the Most High God again!”

“I saw a woman, a dead soul, speaking to a child!” I cried pitifully and in great anguish as I was overwhelmed by the sheer weight of my helplessness.

The angel let go of the flaming sword, and it spun furiously between us, blocking any advance I could make toward him. He folded his arms across his glorious chest and glared at me.

“What you saw is a woman who lived an upright life, and whose life came to an end,” he said blandly, as if reluctant to explain anything to me. “And because she was a Faithful Servant whilst alive, the Lord of Hosts has granted her five Hovering Days to set things right, and provided her with God-fearing people who have the special ability to help such hovering souls.”

“What about me?” I cried in anguish and made to move forward, but the sword’s oscillations increased, and the fire shot toward me, making me hover back with fear. “I need to speak to my mother, and I need to speak to Kuks! Sir Angel, please, help me! I’m being tortured here! I need just a little help here, please!”

“You lived your life in a free way as you wanted to live,” the Angel said bluntly. “And you heard enough about my Lord Jesus Christ, but thought it foolish, because the fool convinces himself there is no God. You do not deserve any favours. If you come near any of God’s Chosen, surely, I will terminate any semblance of life you have remaining. Begone, Sinner!”

“You can’t do this to me!” I wailed in anguish, and my voice sounded so pitiful to me as I hovered a bit nearer. “Surely, God is good, and a Father to all! Surely, He is merciful! Me hovering here shows His abundant mercies! Please, I have no help…please, help me, please, please!”

And in a blast of fury this Angel, this wicked Angel, blasted forward and grabbed the sword and slashed it toward me!

“Begone, Vile Sinner!” he said harshly.

A blast of vicious fire from the sword blasted me high and violently backward! I screamed with terror and pain because, yes, yes, I did feel the searing pain from the fire!

And as I tossed helplessly in the sky my tendril flickered wildly, and for a brief horrifying moment it went out, and I saw the Messenger of Death speeding towards me with a gaping mouth filled with fire!

I screamed and screamed as I tried to control my fall, and just as that evil smoky thing reached out for me, the tendril connected and steadied, and it came to a complete stop with a vicious wail of fury that dispelled the smoke around its head and transformed its head into a massive burning mane of fire!

“Keep away from me, bloody skunk!” I screamed shrilly with agony. “I’m not dead yet!”

I sailed across the sky in fury!

It was a Sunday, and Uncle Yaw O and his delectable wife and two children would be getting ready for church now. I had no help because I had lived a life of sin and debauchery! I was on my own, and yes, it was time to work out my salvation with fear and trembling!

And where had I read that one from? I did remember something like that, maybe a Bible quotation of sorts.

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And soon I found myself hovering over the huge, expensive and breath-taking mansion of Uncle Yaw O, the pastor who had all my money.

And as I descended lower, I saw something absolutely horrible!

Sofomaame Gloria was leading an elderly man to the huge bed she shared with her husband!

This was the same bed she had slept with me countless times on!

And I knew the elderly man! He was one of the richest men in the country! Recently, he divorced his wife of many years and with whom he had four children. He had sold his range of hotels to a foreign consortium, and had come into a lot of cash!

His name was Mr. Sunny Tobi!

Yes, I had seen him in the bank the day I transferred my money into Uncle Yaw O’s account! This elderly man had an account in the same bank where I had mine.

And yes, that bank was the New Eden-Paradise Bank, and it belonged to the New Eden-Paradise Church, which was owned by Uncle Yaw O and his delectable wife Gloria!

And Gloria, the sex machine, who had made love to me on the first Sunday of every month, was now leading Mr. Sunny Tobi to the same bed!

They were both naked!

And, as I hovered lower with horror, I saw something that turned my heart…Gloria looked so beautiful on the outside, but on her forehead I saw a blazing numeral in red, as if drawn with blood: 666.

The mark of the beast!

“Oh, Glo, Glo, Glo, I love you so!” Mr. Tobi was groaning as she pushed him on the bed and fell on him, grabbing his male organ and expertly rubbing her hands on it.

“Don’t worry, my dear, loving Tobi!” Gloria groaned with a sweet melodious voice. “My husband is away today! But when he comes, I’ll try and go to the United States with you. I’ll stay with only you, my love, my darling!”

“Yes, sweetheart, my darling, my love, Glo, Glo, Glo!” the foolish man groaned. “Let’s do that!”

Maybe I was not supposed to feel anything, but I was stunned and absolutely furious as I hovered over the bed and watched them! That pathetic fool just humped away like a child for a couple of minutes and then began to groan as he neared the edge. 

“Oh, Glo, Glo, Glo...I’m going to explode, I’m going to explode…Glo, Glo, Glo!”

And of course I knew what that evil woman was going to do! She never once let me orgasm inside her! She always used a clean, white, square piece of face towel to drain me, and so I was not surprised when she reached under one of the pillows, pulled out the white towel, pushed away from Mr. Tobi and clamped the towel on his manhood.

The man did his coming, and Gloria removed the white towel and leaned across the bed, just like she always did, and dropped the towel!

And then I had the shock of my life when a man’s hand appeared from under the bed and dropped a clean towel on the floor, and smoothly picked the one Mr. Tobi had expended his seed into, and then the man’s hand took it away!


My dearest God!

What was that?

And it fell into place for me then!

The same thing had been done to me!

This same horrible process! Had that man been under the bed doing the same damn fuckery with my semen?

Furiously I floated under the bed…and saw it!

Oh, Lord!

I could see that there was a huge, hollow staircase under the bed, and as I slid under the bed and travelled down this staircase, I came to a secret room beneath the bedroom.

There was a throne in the middle of the room. The whole floor was covered with blood, and on the bloodied walls were framed pictures of many men and women, arranged from wall to wall.

The last but one picture on the wall was mine, and a knife was stuck in the centre of my forehead!

Yes, all the framed pictures had knives stuck in their foreheads!

The next picture to mine was that of Mr. Sunny Tobi…

And there was Uncle Yaw O!

He was absolutely naked, and he had covered his whole body with something thick and black like old blood, and he was holding a knife and the white towel Sunny Tobi had just expended his essence into!

As I watched, horrified and sickened, this man I thought was the best man of God in the world put the white towel into a small white pot, and then he used the tip of the knife to puncture a hole in his right thumb, and then uttered some incantations as he let the blood from his thumb drip into the white pot!

Instantly, thick smoke emitted from the white pot and soon it began to overflow with a sickening, putrid concoction. Uncle Yaw O then dipped the knife into the pot, full hilt, and when he withdrew it the whole blade was covered with the thick substance!

Still chanting strange words, he moved forward and stuck the knife into the forehead of Mr. Sunny Tobi’s picture!

And when he turned with glee on his face and sheer wickedness in his eyes, I saw that he had a bigger, bloodier, dirtier mark on his forehead…

The mark of the Beast, the mark of the Whore Of Babylon…


To be continued