Joojo’s Time Episode 4


The name was Joojo MacBaiden.

Twenty-eight years old and a software developer.

My life had been a bit sketchy, filled with a lot of hardships during my earlier years. For starters, my parents had been poor basically because my father had used almost all his money to support his political party and its office aspirants. Somewhere along the line his party came to power, and he was offered a juicy position.

That was about the time he realized he needed to enjoy a bit of the life he had toiled in, and his idea of enjoyment had been to marry two more women. He moved out of his matrimonial home to settle with his two new wives and started a new family.

My mother, a teacher, had been forced to go into other vocations to raise me. Luckily, I was their only child and so her investments had been in me. Life was extremely hard sometimes, and so I grew up hating my father.

Well, Karma was roaring, fuming ratcheting inferno sometimes, and when he eventually got booted out of his office because a new political party came into power, his two wives left him, mainly because none of them gave him children. Eventually, he came back to my mother because I was his only child now. Mom welcomed him back, but I did not. He died when I was twenty years old after a short illness, but to me it was a sort of good riddance; I never cared for that man anyway.

I met Kuukuwaa when I was twenty years and having my national service. Black, beautiful girl, respectful and hardworking. We fell in love and began a relationship…sexual.

She was eighteen years then.

We stayed together for six years. I was basically a hustling guy, writing software after software. She got employment when she graduated three years later. Kuks, as I affectionately called her, began giving me money and cooking for me. My mother loved her, and she always encouraged me that I should not worry about money, that God’s time would be best.

The only thing I did not like about her was her great dislike of Randy and my other friends. She could barely bear to be in their presence, and this hurt me a lot because Randy, like I said earlier, was like a brother to me.

Well, five years after meeting and loving her, she told me she had found Christ and urged me to come to church with her.

Well, she could be quite convincing when she put her mind to it, so I eventually followed her to the New Eden-Paradise Church, NEC.

The head pastor was a handsome, bearded man called Yaw Onua, who did not like to be addressed as Pastor or Reverend or any of the fancy titles being bandied around by others. He simply let us call him as Uncle Yaw O, which I thought was pretty cool.

This man became close to me, always praying for me and giving me spiritual advice and directions. Well, I did not repent in the entirety of the word. I was just an occasional church goer but he always told me the real church was the heart of man, so he was cool. I paid frequent visits to him and his wife, though.

His wife, dear lords, was this captivating hot piece called Gloria, and damn, she was beautiful! Delicate as a gazelle but strutting and extremely fine with curves that took a man’s breath away. Her skin was silkier than silk, and boy, her allure was incredible!

Randy, Akwasi and Steve eventually joined me to worship at NEC basically because of Sofomaame Gloria; all of them told me they would give everything to see that body of hers naked.

Well, one day Uncle Yaw O told me I was going to come into some money soon, roughly about one million dollars’ worth. This, he told me, would establish me for life, but it was being hindered by two very important people in my life: my mother and Kuks!

Well, the first time I heard those words I was shaken to the very core of my life, and I got angry with him. He then told me to lookout for signs of this because he had prayed for me, and Kuks attitude would change toward me.

And, barely a week later, Kuks came to me and told me she had found God for real, and so she wanted me to leave NEC and start fellowshipping with her at a new church. Secondly, she was now a born again so she would not sleep with me again until our marriage!

Yeah, it was that deep.

I tried to make her change her mind but to no avail…she was stuck in her new belief. Her style of dressing changed, she stopped attending NEC, she became prayerful and she just would not let me get between her thighs again…what the hell!

My mother started making demands of me to leave NEC too, but I could not. Uncle Yaw O told me a new opportunity would present itself on the internet, so he was praying for me. Around that time I used to visit him a lot at home. One night, he told me to stay over at his home for special prayers because my soul had been taken to the devil for rituals, and my money avenues were blocked.

That night I had horrible nightmares of my mother and Kuks, both naked and with blood in their mouths, chasing me with sharp knives. They eventually caught up with me, pushed me into ditch, slit my throat, drank my blood, and covered me with earth.

I woke up screaming, and the pastor prayed fervently with me.

When I left their home, the nightmare continued each night for seven days, and I could not take it anymore. I was so scared that I became afraid to sleep.

The man of God told me the only way to stop these horrors was to cut ties with my mother for a while, and break off completely with Kuks.

And that was how I got drunk and broke my poor mother’s heart one day by accusing her of witchcraft!

The look on her face haunted me for two years, even after she left the city and returned to her village, warning me never to come near her again. I also broke off with Kuks, my love.

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And afterwards, on one cold night, whilst I was spending the night at Uncle Yaw O’s house, something bad happened.

The man of God was not at home when I got there.

Gloria informed me he had to rush to attend to some issues in Accra, and would be back the next day. I wanted to leave, but she told me the man of God insisted I stayed and prayed.

Well, she was a beautiful woman, the most beautiful, sexiest, voluptuous woman I had ever seen…and yes, right there on their matrimonial bed we had a night of the craziest sex I had ever experienced!

Gloria was a sex machine, telling me she had secretly fallen in love with me and was afraid to let me know. She had thought she loved her husband, but being with me had just opened her up in more ways than one.

So, I opened her up by opening her thighs, and that night was amazing!

It became a sort of ritual.

On the first Sunday of every month her husband travelled to Accra for a pastors’ meeting or something…and Gloria reserved that night for me.

A year on, and it happened!

I finally became decadent with Randy and the boys, and the lifestyle of drugs, sex, and alcohol raged. Kuks tried on several occasions to come to me, to get back with me, but she was dead to me, just like my mother. You see, I visited my mother in the village once when she was gone because my guilt was killing me.

That night at the village was worse!

The nightmare of her spitting blood and chasing me, killing me and burying me was so horrible…and when I woke up I vomited blood. So, I went berserk. I accused my mother of witchcraft and told her I would never step anywhere near her again.

I left that woman heartbroken!

Anytime Kuks came to see me, to beg me, the nightmare raged…and so I told her if she came near me again I would kill her.

I told her this whilst she was weeping and I was pressing a kitchen knife to her throat and speaking savagely!

She did not come near me again!

Almost a year later, one of my gaming software was purchased by an international gaming company for an outright fee of two million dollars!

Uncle Yaw O had prophesied one million dollars, but I got two million!

And I owed everything to him!

His prayers and directions had come true!

So, he told me not to tell any of my friends yet as he had to pray for me to double the money over and over.

I paid the cheque into my account and transferred into his account for special prayers and purification.

Indeed, I trusted that man because everything he had said was true, and Gloria promised me she would never allow him to cheat me. She said as soon as the purification was complete, she would get out of the country with me, maybe settle in the United States and live a life of bliss!

Just a day after transferring the money into his account, I went with my friends to visit a brothel, had wild sex, drank gallons of alcohol, sniffed cocaine over and over, gave a lift to a Christian called Addo…and had a horrible accident in Randy’s car…

And now, here I was, connected to my body by a tendril of my soul as a strange doctor cut my body open in an attempt to save me!

But, above all, I had left my mother shattered and broken!

Above all, I had left Kuks with a knife in my hand pressed against her throat!

And as I hovered on the ceiling looking at three doctors cutting my body open, with a smoky angel of death huffing and puffing just a few metres from me, waiting for me to die and gobble me up, I wondered!

If Uncle Yaw O had really prayed for me, seen how my future would be like, how my money would increase and how I would be a great wealthy man…then why the hell was I dying now, and if all that had been approved by God, why the hell was I being chased by this vile cloud of death?

Why had the golden stairs and the beautiful song not come to me too?

Was the money not transferred into his account because God wanted it that way?

So why was I dying without spending even one cent of that money?

What the hell was happening?

I was on the brink of death now, and it was literally a matter of where I wanted to be. Either I would be swallowed up by this vile Messenger of Death, or I could try to have a place like Addo and Mensiwaa, and be met by triumphant sweet music. 

Ever heard of the cliche that ‘all die be die’?

Well, stand well and fuck it…all die no be die!

I was just realizing that there was a vast difference, and what pertained here on earth was a paradise! It was the aftermath that was the problem! And so, yes, I did not understand any of these horrors I was going through. I could either wait here and die, eventually, and let the Messenger of Death have me, or I could try…

I made up my soul mind…it was time to seek out Uncle Yaw O!

To be continued