Joojo’s Time Episode 3


The ambulance zoomed through the entrance of the huge Government Hospital. I had heard the paramedics saying my wounds were so complicated that it would be best to take me to the bigger hospital where better facilities were available.

I was lying on my body in a vain attempt to enter!

Yes, I was that desperate. I just wanted – no, needed – to possess my body for just two seconds to pray, to accept a way of living I had spurned my whole adult years.

How many times had I seen Bibles and spurned them? How many times had I heard preachings at funerals, on television, from dawn preachers? And here I was, seeking for just two seconds to do what I had rejected my whole life!

And in that state of horror, I seemed to remember a rather caustic piece of statement I had once heard:

The person that seeks the Lord on the eleventh hour dies at ten o’clock!

Here I was, trying to force my spirit back into my body, but I was being kept at bay because I was half-dead, and only joined by that infuriating tendril of spirit to my body.

And that dense, black smoky death agent was just hovering above the ambulance, glaring at me with its fiery eyes and the horrible fire blazing in its throat.

The ambulance came to a stop and I heard raised voices, and suddenly the stretcher was pulled out, and my body was carefully transferred to a gurney, and then two paramedics from the hospital pushed me through the reception area of the hospital, then through a broad doorway and then up a corridor.

The sign at the top of the huge doors said THEATRES and warned unauthorized persons to keep off. I hovered above my body and I was so very distressed. The gurney was pushed into a huge room where someone had just been brought out from the theatre.

I noticed that it was a young woman, and around the gurney she was lying on were a pastor and a middle-aged woman who looked extremely sad. Beside them was a kind-faced cherubic man in a green gown, obviously the surgeon who had operated on the young woman.

“I’m so sorry,” the surgeon said, and his voice was sad. “But I believe she’s at a better place now, and the pain is no more.”

The pastor smiled sadly with tears in his eyes and he put a gentle hand on the shoulder of the young woman.

“God gave me two wonderful women,” he said gently. “If I’ve lost one of them, I still count it as thanks to the Lord. Yes, indeed, my dear Mensiwaa is at a better place now!”

I made the connection quickly!

Here was a pastor and his wife who had just lost one of their two daughters!

And as I watched, an amazing thing happened!

A bright light seemed to appear in the ceiling, and then I saw a brighter entity descending slowly from the ceiling. It was in the form of a spectral angel, and behind him in the ceiling, I could see a most glorious place, like a house of sprinkling white and gold, and again the loveliest of music got to my ears and then a host of angelic voices began to sing!

And then the spirit of the young woman slowly emerged from the body, and the angelic form held her hand and almost embraced her.

“Welcome to the afterlife, Mensiwaa!” I heard the gentle voice saying. “I am Gabriel, and I’ll be your guardian to a beautiful place for your sojourn until our Lord returns.”

The young woman stared at her body and then at her parents.

“My father!” she whispered in alarm. “My mother…she is stricken!”

“Indeed, she is,” the gentle voice said. “But the awesome powers of the Almighty Lord will console her, and she will be happy again…but look, soon you will be reunited with her. Something glorious awaits you for your faithfulness. See!”

The Angel pointed, and as the young woman looked upward, her face began to glow with a look of absolute joy.

“Oh!” she whispered. “It is so…so breath-taking!”

“Indeed, it is!” said the Gabriel entity. “Come, my dear, we must go!”

The young woman hovered around her parents for a moment, and then she reached out and took the angel’s hand.

“Hey, sir, please, wait!” I cried in desperation and dashed toward them.

The young girl gasped and moved closer to her guardian angel, staring at me with sudden trepidation.

“Who’s that?” she whispered with some level of concern.

“My name is Joojo!” I cried desperately. “This is my body! I’m dying, please, but I need to repent! I really need to repent! There’s a pastor here. Please, Angel Gabriel, help me get back into my body so that this pastor can help me repent, please, please, please!”

The angel looked at me without expression.

“Your ways are different from our ways, Joojo,” he said, and his voice indeed sounded sad. “There is nothing I can do to help you. The space between us is too wide!”

“Oh, please, help him!” Mensiwaa cried with alarm. “What’s that smoke behind him?”

“The Messenger of Death,” the angel said sadly. “It will keep the soul of that young man until the Judgement Day.”

“I want to repent!” I screamed as I tried to get close to them. “I’ve seen the errors of my ways! Oh, please, help me, help me wai, mepa wo kyew, osuro abofo Gabriel…hu me morbor!”

“I would, if I could, Joojo,” he said sadly. “The condition you’re in now is beyond my powers. Only the Almighty Jehovah we serve can grant you grace.”

“But you’re here!” I screamed shrilly. “Please, if you can’t, just tell this pastor to pray for me! Tell him to help me, please! If he prays God will listen to his prayers and help me get inside my body to repent, please! My mother…I’ve sinned against my mother! I need to get a message to Maame Takyiwaa, my mother, to ask her to forgive me! Please, help me!”

The angel took Mensiwaa’s hand.

“Please, let’s go,” he said gently.

“Oh, please, you can’t leave him like this!” Mensiwaa cried frantically. “He needs help!”

“I know he does, Faithful Servant, but the distance between us and him is far and deep! We can’t go to him, and he can’t come to us!”

“But I can, I can!” I screamed and dashed toward them!

And then the space between us suddenly opened up into a very wide abyss that was filled with such a furious place of fire that I came up short! And within that blaze I heard the most horrible of screams from agonized throats!

I looked up with great perturbation, and saw that the angel and Mensiwaa seemed to be very far away, so far that I could barely see them, and they appeared to be specks!

“Help meeeeeee!” I screamed shrilly. “Oh, Awurade Nyankopon! Have mercy on meeeeeeee! Heeeeeeellllllppp meeeeeeee!”

But the two of them slowly ascended into the glorious entrance in the ceiling. I heard the floating sounds of the melodious music, and then they were gone!

The burning space between us vanished…and there I was, alone and unable to enter my body!

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I saw that the surgeon was now standing near my body as the paramedics explained to him what had happened. The pastor had put his arm around his wife and was leading her from the theatre. The woman was still weeping and her husband was whispering comforting words to her.

The doctor looked at my appalling wounds and leaned over my body. He prodded me and then put his right hand across my wrists to check my pulse. He sighed with a scowl and then he put two fingers on the side of my neck and pressed gently.

“This young man is dead,” he said in a tired voice. “He’s suffered too much internal bleeding and lost too much blood! Oh, what a shame. Take him to the morgue.”

He turned away.

“What the fuuuuuuck!” I screamed in anguish and horror.

The morgue? As in the mortuary?


The two paramedics had now taken a huge white sheet and draped it across my face.

“I’m not dead, doctor!” I screamed as I floated after him, and if I could I would have cried. “Please, my tendril is still connected! I’m not dead! Meenwu ye! Oh, doctor, I beg you! Check and check well! Do your job! I’m alive!”

But he was still walking as he opened another door and entered an office within! He went behind the desk and sat down.

Suddenly, I felt a hot touch on my neck and turned.

Yes, that huge, smoking thing with the blazing mouth and eyes had grabbed me!

I looked down with horror…and saw that my connecting tendril was now flickering…

The smoking and burning death entity held me tightly around the neck and tried to push me into its blazing gullet! I could feel the heat on my face and hear the agonizing screams in there. With sheer desperation I thrashed wildly!

“Leave me alone, leave me alone!” I screamed. “I’m not dead yet! The tendril is there, you vile piece of evil!”

I blasted out of its hands, and it growled with fury and swatted me!

It was a painful contact that made my soul slam down heavily on top of the doctor’s desk, and the thing came for me again, roaring and blazing!

It caught me and now its mouth opened so widely that it looked like a huge door with that blaze within! The beastly monster pushed my head inside, and in my torture and agony I fought hard because I noticed that my tendril was now very thin, but it was there! It had not disappeared!

So I struggled wildly within the smoky confines of the hands of the entity trying to push me into that horrible blazing gullet, and momentarily I slipped free out of his hands.

With another roar that thing hurled a punch at me, causing my spirit to slam on the desk. I blasted around the desk in anguish, screaming and tearing around because I felt so helpless and so alone, so much in deep emotional pain!

That was all I could do, thrashing around!

I spun on that desk in circles so that the smoking demon could not touch me!

Round, round, round…fast, fast, fast!

The smoking thing roared and tried to hold me down…but, walayi talayi, I would not stop!

Round, round, faster, faster! I blasted off the desk and smashed around the room in an attempt to evade that evil piece of crap! I bounced off the walls in frenzy, and suddenly all the window blinds I hit moved to one side!

The surgeon moaned and got to his feet, staring at the curtains with trepidation. Acting on a hunch I smashed against the blinds repeatedly and suddenly they moved across the window again!

I repeated my fervent actions, excited that I could cause a flutter in the physical world!

The window blinds flapped open!

I was now getting the knack of it, and I made the blinds open!

The surgeon stared at the blinds with mounting horror!

“Who are you?” he whispered with fear. “Oh, yes, the young man, right?”

He suddenly raced out of the office and ran fast to the receiving room where the two paramedics were pushing me toward the door.

“Hold on, hold on, wait a sec!” the surgeon shouted and rushed to the gurney.

He ripped the white sheet off my face…and then I saw a most amazing thing!

My cheeks were covered with tears!

The anguish I had been feeling in the spiritual world had been felt by my body…and I was crying.

“Yikes!” one of the paramedics shouted with horrible terror. “Is the dead body crying?”

The surgeon put two fingers to my bloodied neck again, and then his eyes opened wide with stunned disbelief.

“He has a pulse!” the doctor cried. “Take him to the theatre now!”

And then I heard a horrible bellow and looked up!

The smoking death angel was crashing out of the theatre…and my tendril was now steady and glowing although it had grown considerably thinner!

If I could, I would have screamed out my tears of anguish that very second!

But I was not dead yet, not yet…and that was the most important thing!

to be continued