Joojo’s Time Episode 2


Akwasi’s hole of fire was a bit different!

This fire was fiery, changing from blue to yellow with a yawning inky blackness within…and a really deadly monster seemed to be crawling menacingly up the hole toward the surface.

It was a hideous monster!

It seemed to have horrible eyes that changed from blue to yellow, just like the fire. Its mouth was open, and there were human forms within its belly screaming and groaning with fiendish suffering. Its arms were many, beating around the walls of the fire and thrusting outward, snapping and emitting green pus from snake-like mouths!

It was the most sickening and dastardly sight I had ever seen, a sight not meant for human eyes! But, then again, we were not actually human, were we?

Akwasi took one look and then he began to flee, running and screaming with terror across the sky…but as fast as he ran, as wildly as he fled, that blaze of fire with the horrible creature crawling up followed him at the same distance!

There was no way he was going to outrun it!

“Oh, Lord, Akwasi!” Steve groaned in agony.

He was in deep pain because he and Akwasi had been really close.

And then, the horrible creature finally emerged at the mouth of the yawning fire and its arms that looked like snakes shot out and attached to the back of Akwasi’s spirit!

They pulled viciously and Akwasi disappeared into the gullet of the monster! The fire zigzagged a couple of times, and then it vanished.

Steve looked at me, and then he looked at his connecting tendril.

“We were so wrong, Joojo!” he whispered in agony as he looked at me. “All that talk about repentance, of Jesus Christ, of God…it is all real! That Addo dude…he went to a better place! A beautiful place! We’re doomed, man! We’re doomed, Joojo!”

“That guy, the Addo guy!” I whispered desperately. “He told us to pray, man, to repent! Maybe we can! It is not too late, surely! See, we’re still connected to our bodies! Let’s pray, man, let’s pray!

Steve’s spirit shook his head gravely.

“I tried to pray, to accept Christ but…I couldn’t! Try it, if you can!” he said desperately.

And so I closed my eyes and tried to pray, and instantly it felt as if I were drowning, as if my head had been pushed underwater and I couldn’t breathe!

I gasped and opened my eyes with horror!

“Felt like drowning?” Steve asked quietly, and I nodded violently.

“Yeah, yeah, damn it, felt like drowning!” I shouted, and my terror seemed to escalate. “Oh, Lord, Lord! Save us!”

“You know what I think?” Steve asked, his voice a bit calmer now.

“Don’t think!” I screamed harshly. “Tell me! In the next few seconds we could die, Stevie!”

“Our spirits have left our bodies, Jo,” he said painfully. “We’re not in our bodies so we’re not humans anymore! Repentance, I think is meant for humans whilst they’re alive. The moment it happens this way, the moment our spirits leave our bodies – like we are now – we can’t repent anymore!”

“Meaning we need our bodies?” I asked as I almost slipped into a screaming frenzy.

He nodded.

And then we saw flashing lights approaching from the distance, and suddenly a cruising police sedan appeared on the scene of the accident and came to a stop!

I saw five policemen emerging from the sedan. They were in shock and they were shouting as they moved around the accident site.

“Let’s float down then!” I shouted at Steve. “Maybe, with the help of those policemen we can get into our bodies and repent!”

I did not wait for a reply but floated downward quickly.

Steve also began to float down, and soon we hovered over the wreckage of Randy’s car. The policemen were speaking desperately into phones and walkie-talkies. Two had opened the boot and had forced Addo’s body out, laying him on the ground. One of the cops bent double and vomited with tears running down his cheeks.

He was horrified by the mangled body of Addo.

Next, they got Akwasi’s body out.

Next, they tried to get the car to tilt downward and land on its tyres, but the heavy car would not budge.

“Oh, please, oh please, help me, get me out!” Steve began to weep uncontrollably. “I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die please!”

The policemen got ropes from their sedan and attached them to the underside of Randy’s car, and then they put the other ends on the towing metal at the back of the sedan.

The driver got into the sedan and started up, and as he gunned it forward the other cops pushed Randy’s car from the other side, and then the huge car moved and toppled on its tyres.

“Oh, no, no, no!” Steve screamed, and when I looked at him, I noticed that his tendril was flickering!

“No, Stevie, no, don’t leave me, stay, stay please!” I cried.

I hovered close to him as the cops brought out Randy’s body with his head almost decapitated.

Two other cops brought out Steve’s body, and I saw that he was moving his head weakly.

“This one’s alive!” one of the cops cried and knelt. He took off his shirt and cleaned blood from Steve’s face.

The flickering tendril steadied, and it became broader. I looked at Steve and nodded.

“You’ll make it, brother, you’ll make it!” I said happily. “Tell my mother I love her, Stevie, okay? Tell her I left my money….”

And then my voice trailed off!

Steve’s tendril went off suddenly!

Just like that!

He was dead!

“Oh, Joojo, Joojo, I died!” Steve muttered pitifully. “I don’t wanna die! Jesus, save me! Please save me! Oh, Lord! Oh, God, I have sinned! Indeed, we were foolish, thinking we could not die now, that we had many years to enjoy life! I believe in you now, Jesus! I believe, Lord! Yes, yes, yes, I take the Lord Jesus Chris as my personal saviour and redeemer! Oh, Lord, I renounce my sinful ways!”

And I saw it coming!

A huge, giant and tall fire in the form of a train was approaching rapidly behind Steve, flaming furiously! It was indeed a train of fire, but within it were horrible figures and monsters breathing and groaning, huffing and puffing!

The spirit of Steve fell on its knees…he was still praying!

But he did not know that he was already too late, that the fire-train was already on top of him!

I screamed with horror when the train seemed to develop a huge, yawning mouth, turning into a hideous monster with scaly skin and a burning mouth that closed around Steve and swallowed him whole!

His fierce scream of horror tore through my ears and I bent my head with terror, but I could not cry!

It dawned on me then…

I was all alone, and it was my turn now!

And when I got to my feet and hovered in the air, I looked at the tendril connecting me to my body, and that was when I saw that they had finally taken my body out of the car.

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“This one has a pulse!” one of the policemen said. “Oh, Lord, let this one live, please Lord!”

And then, suddenly, I saw more flashing lights approaching, and soon two police ambulances arrived.

The paramedics moved around my body, and soon an oxygen mask was held above my face, and I was securely fastened to a stretcher.

“Legs and arms broken, probably spine too,” one of the paramedics said pitifully. “Lost a lot of blood. I don’t think he will make it!”

“Don’t think, damn you!” roared the police officer who had prayed for me to live. “Take him to emergency care, dammit!”

And so they loaded the bodies of my friends and Addo into one of the ambulances, and put my body in the other ambulance.

As it moved swiftly away, I hovered on top of the ambulance with a little gratitude.

I was still connected to my body!

Overcome with horror at what had happened, and seeing Addo’s passage over and over again, I closed my eyes in an attempt to pray, but felt that same crippling drowning sensation again, and so I stopped!

This was a time of real desperation now. In the blink of an eye I had been thrown from a time of uncaring bliss where sex, booze and drugs had been the only care I had.

But suddenly, I had seen the difference between life and death! I had been ripped from the land of the living and thrust into a realm where horrors were as rife as breathing! Where was the Addo guy now…still travelling on his glorious staircase to a blissful place?

Where were Randy, Akwasi and Steve?

Just a few minutes ago, we had been laughing on the blind side of Sandra and my girlfriend Bajoe. We had been enjoying interracial sex orgies with prostitutes! Randy had been having anal sex with all of them…and where was he now?

Was it worth it?

Was the horror I was living through worth all the thighs of the women I had parted? All the booze I had slaked? All the drugs I had sniffed?

No, oh Lord, no!

Nothing had prepared me for this horror!

If I had known this was what was in store for me, I would have been like Addo! Yes, indeed, I would have spurned all these whimsical and silly pleasures of the world!

Suddenly, I felt a crawling sensation at the back of my neck and I swivelled around fast…and stared into the eyes of horror!

Hovering behind me was a thick cloud of black smoke in the shape of a huge three-legged monster! It was made up completely of thick acrid smoke, but its eyes were a burning inferno of fire! Its nostrils were filled with fire! I could see fire through its ears, and when it opened its mouth, I could see fire burning furiously inside its mouth…

But what scared me, above all else, was the agonized screams I heard in its throat when it opened its mouth, as if there were some souls in its belly screaming with pain.

And this thing, this horrible thing, this horror of horrors, was reaching for me!

I looked down and saw that my tendril was blinking…Lord, dear Lord, I was dying!

With a scream of fear, I slid down the roof of the ambulance into the interior and saw that the paramedics were hitting my chest with defibrillators!

The female paramedic lifted them up.

“One, two, three…hit!” she said and hit my chest with them, causing electricity to surge through my body!

“Oh, please, oh please, do it well, do it well, don’t let me die now!” I cried pathetically!

The tendril flickered, and that smoke-demon descended into the ambulance with me and sizzled behind me!

My tendril went off suddenly!

And the smoking monster grabbed my neck!

Its hands were now filled with fire, and it lifted my soul high and opened its mouth wide, and I could see some souls inside its burning mouth!

It began to drop my soul in there…and then the paramedic hit my chest again with the defibrillator…and suddenly a beeping sound came on, paused, and then my regular heartbeat filled the machine!

The tendril appeared again, linking my soul to my body!

“I am not dead yet, I’m not dead yet, you monster!” I screamed shrilly. “Put me down, put me down! I’m not yet dead!”

The smoking demon growled and dropped me, and then it slowly diffused out of the ambulance!

I hovered above my body…and my horror was complete, but I could not cry!

This horror was not meant for humans!