Joojo’s Time Episode 1



Oh, my God!

Dearest Jesus…I was so scared!

No, scared was a mild word for it!

I was so terrified!

I was hanging in the air and looking down at the burning car…Randy’s car that we had all been occupying just a minute ago! I was in the air and looking down, and my friends were all in there, all lying inside the mangled four-runner…all of them trapped!

The five bodies were inside the car and I could see all of them, oh Jesus!

It was horrible in the car, so horrible!

I could see blood everywhere…smearing the car, oozing under the spaces, spreading on the street, forming a red pool around the car, mingling with all the broken glass and metal…blood from the broken bodies of the five young men lying inert inside the car!

My body was smashed up in the front passenger seat beside Randy whose head was almost severed from the accident because his head had gone right into the windscreen and the shards of glass had all but decapitated him!

I felt so strongly like screaming but no sound came out of my mouth. Yes, I knew I was wailing, screaming, shouting, but no sound came out! I could see a thin trail of spooky-white cloudy tendril of light extending from the car to me, and when I looked at my hands, I noticed that they were transparent and spirit-like, spooky, like air, like…

And then it hit me with the force of a million stampeding bulls!

Oh, dearest God, oh my God, my Lord…Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

My spirit was hovering!

Horror of horrors…my spirit had left my body!

There had been an accident…yes, I remembered now.

The four of us had been returning from the new joint, Mama Thick’s Delicious Delights, where we had indulged in food, booze, drugs and sex! It was a sophisticated brothel with the girls brought in from all across the globe!

It was Randy’s birthday, and we had been celebrating it in style, yeah, killing the town! Randy had told us he was going in for a ‘Continental Screw’ and gone to bed with a Chinese, two Europeans, an American and a Sudanese…five prostitutes!pp

Steve had wanted to try pervert sex and so had taken two midgets!

Akwasi took the blackest woman we had ever seen, a girl from Senegal. And I had always wanted to sleep with two women at the same time, and so I took two pretty girls from Ghana and Nigeria, one extremely fair, the other a shiny black.

It had cost a fortune to pay for all these prostitutes, but Randy was filthy rich, and it did not dent even his wallet for the night’s foraging.

I had been in my suite with my two whores when Randy eventually entered with his five women, all of them naked. Randy and me, we were closest, you see. Fact was, we all went to the same primary school, continued in secondary school but it was only Randy and I who ended up at the same university. Akwasi went to a polytechnic whilst Steve joined his father’s transport business.

So, although we were all friends, Randy and I bonded heavier in the university, and became like brothers. He was an only son, just like me. His father was one of the richest men in the world. Randy was engaged to a beautiful girl called Sandra, and their wedding was slated for the next month, on Sandra’s birthday.

See, we ranged in ages too. Akwasi was the oldest at thirty years, Steve was twenty-nine. Randy, like me, was twenty-eight.

So, yes, he brought his five women to join my two women in the suite. We ordered more food, drank more iced alcohol, and snorted round after round of cocaine. And then we had an orgy with the seven women.

It had been a crazy night, damn!

I had lost count of who was who!

These women were simply insatiable and time and again they coaxed us to raging pillars and the sex had gone on and on, fuelled by raw alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

Somewhere around dawn Steve came in and told us his mother had been rushed to the hospital and he needed to be there, and so we bundled ourselves into Randy’s car again and left the club.

We had given a stranger a lift, though. We saw him at the interchange and he asked for a lift to the next town, and Randy stopped for him.

He gave his name as Addo, and he told us he went for a Christian crusade and was on his way home. Well, he saw how drunk and crazed we were, and tried to tell us about Jesus and God and the great Judgement Day and appointed time, the need to repent… blah blah blah!

And as he preached to us Randy brought out a small pouch of cocaine and a tube. We had all laughed as he spread a thin line of coke on the back of his hand and snorted!

Addo had been horrified!

He had asked in a trembling voice if it was cocaine, and we had laughed at him and asked him to try it!

“In the name of Jesus I refuse it!” he had screamed in alarm, and the four of us had burst into laughter!

He was in the backseat with Akwasi and Steve whilst I sat in the front with Randy. Damn, everything had been okay, fine, super cool! We were cruising and zoning although Randy was super drunk and high on drugs by then, and the speed was abnormal…but who cared, who gave a shit?

Randy was telling Addo to pray for him because he had had anal sex with seven different women that same night, and we were all screaming with unbridled enjoyment, filled with the zest of life, when it happened!

Look, we did not give a damn about Jesus and God and Holy Spirit and Judgement Day! Life was good and we were just blowing some time, baby! So Addo could go to hell, oh yes!

Addo was feeling uncomfortable around that time and he was begging us to stop the car; he wanted to get down! Randy told him he was riding with us all the way to hell, and then he turned up the blasting music so loudly that we could not hear Addo’s frantic pleas to get out of the car.

That guy finally leaned back, closed his eyes, and began to pray!

We laughed at him as we got on the interchange!

We were still laughing and drinking alcohol from bottles and sachet. And that small pouch of cocaine was making the rounds among us! We were laughing and describing how we rocked the nightclub with super sex, and laughing at Sandra, the woman Randy was going to marry…when it happened!

We were on the higher part of the interchange then, over-speeding in the turn, oblivious to everything, with Randy expertly skidding the powerful car, when he suddenly lost control!

I saw his eyes widening briefly as the car hit the low protective wall, broke it, and then the car was hanging in the air and falling nose first from the top of the interchange!

We were screaming suddenly, desperately aware that danger was looming, and then a strange thing had happened…I saw that as the four of us screamed with terror, Addo sat calmly in his seat looking at us and muttering a silent prayer!

And then the car fell about forty feet to the hard street below!

I heard the screams, the jangling tearing sound of metal, the sprinkling explosions of glass…and then darkness!

Next time my eyes opened….

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Here I was, hanging in the air as if I were still on the top level of the interchange! Randy’s car was mangled beneath me, and now I was all transparent!

Quite suddenly I saw two spectral things shooting up fast from the car and hovering beside me, and when I looked I noticed that they were the ghostly forms of Addo and Randy, and they were also being held by tendrils of light that connected them to their bodies!

“Joojo!” Randy screamed, and he was crying desperately. “What happened, Jo? Oh, Lord! What happened?”

And before I could reply I saw two more shapes shooting towards us, and then Akwasi and Steve joined our little ghostly party!

We were all connected to our bodies by the thin tendrils!

We were like kites floating in the sky at the end of threads!

“What is going on?” Steve screamed shrilly. “Oh, no, no, what is going on?”

“We’re dying,” said the calm voice of Addo beside me. “You guys were drunk and fooling around, and we had an accident. But it doesn’t matter now, you know. I was telling you it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that judgement. I feel so sorry for you. Look, once you’re all still connected to your bodies by these thin lights, it means somehow, you’re all still breathing! Instead of talking, I’ll advise you all to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your lives now! This is your very last chance!”

“Shut the fuck up, you piece of stinking pussy!” Randy screamed with pure terror. “I’m not dying, you hear? I’m fucking rich, and I am too fucking young to die!”

“Your money can’t save you now!” Addo said, and his voice was filled with sudden fear for us. “Please, it is time to….”

His voice faded away because just then the tendril that was joining him to his body vanished and he was hovering in the air without being connected to his body now!

“I believe I just died inside that car,” he said calmly. “I’m no longer connected to my body. This is my appointed time, and in all, I give thanks to my Creator.”

I looked down at the mangled car below us, and saw that Addo’s body was bent grotesquely over the back seat.

With horror I turned to look at him, and saw that his spirit was glowing brilliantly as if millions of lights had come inside him! His face shone radiantly and I noticed that he was no longer alone!

Behind him were two glorious men-like beings that had wings, and behind them was a glorious golden staircase that led to somewhere into the skies. The two angelic beings stood on each side of Addo and one placed a gentle hand across his shoulders.

“We have to go now, Faithful Servant,” one of the beings said. “You will wait for your day of glory, and your crown of good service!”

“But these young men!” Addo said, sounding anguished. “Please…I need to help them, please, please! I’m so convinced they are dying in their sins…look, they’re still connected to their bodies so there’s hope for them! They’re lost sheep that need to be brought home, please. I beg of you, allow me to lead them home!”

“It is no longer your work, Faithful Servant,” the other glowing entity said, and then they began to hover toward the golden staircase seeming to pull Addo along.

Addo turned, and his eyes swept over me, and I had never seen such sadness on the face of anybody as I saw on the spiritual face of that man!

Suddenly, it seemed more glorious beings appeared on the staircase holding many beautiful and glowing musical instruments.

The sweetest of music I had ever heard reached my ears as these amazing heavenly hosts welcomed this strange man called Addo.

And then, as suddenly as it had appeared, they all disappeared, and the four of us were left in darkness!

“What just happened?” Akwasi asked fearfully, and that was when the light joining Randy to his body suddenly went out!

He was no longer connected…he just died!

And Randy looked at me with sudden frantic eyes.

He was terrified as it hit all of us at the same time!

“Jo!” he screamed fiercely. “Th-the…li-li-light….”

“You’re dead, Randy, I think,” Steve said in a trembling voice.

“Jo!” Randy screamed and tried to reach out to me. “Can it be true? This whole…whole shit about…Christianity and Satan…Jo! Talk to me, Jo! I’m scared!”

I could not speak because I saw that a horrible sort of abyss had opened up behind Randy! It was a great hole filled with fire, and the most horrible creatures had emerged out of the hole!

These horrible creatures appeared to be on fire, their faces as horrible as they were fierce, a spectacle no man was supposed to see!

Randy turned and saw them, and as he screamed!

We all screamed too!

This was a horrible picture, a frightening spectacle to behold, a most arduous and fractious torture of the soul!

Randy tried to flee but those creepy, burning, horrible creatures put their hands on him! He screamed with agony and terror as they began to drag him into the fiery, burning hole! He thrashed around wildly, and then he turned that face of agony toward me!

“Jooooooo!” he screamed wildly and in agony. “I am scared Joojo! Help me, help me, Jo! Please! Don’t just stand there…heeeeeelp meeeeee, Jooooojo!”

I could hear other screams too from within the burning hole…and then he was gone!

Randy, my brother, my friend, my buddy-buddy…he was gone, snatched up by monsters inside a burning abyss of a hole!

Akwasi, Steve and I looked at each other!

It dawned on us just then that life just got serious!

We had been travellers on earth, but here was where the real deal began!

We were thunderstruck and shocked, and our terror was palpalble!

“No, no, no, no!” Akwasi moaned with great fear because his tendril of light connecting him to his body had just gone out!

He was dead…and a horrible hole of fire had just opened up behind him too!

To be continued