Afia’s Time Episode 14 Final


Tony Wusu was lying on the bed still asleep in his black boxers.

Yaa Yaa was not with him, and so I slipped out in search of her.

I found her and her son in Abram’s room.

She was covering her son with Abram’s favourite cloth, a beautiful white and green soft cloth designed with the Avenger Hulk. Well, I was not a petty kind of person. I could have allowed her to cover the innocent boy with the sheet, but sometimes fury knew no compassion, and I had reached that point where I was finding it really difficult stopping myself from killing them.

Really difficult!

I snatched the sheet from her hands, bunched it up whilst she stood there staring at the sheet hanging in the air and obviously getting bunched up, and then I threw it at her!

That sexy little snake was wearing only white sexy panties that had only a piece of thread passing through the crack of her arse and joining the transparent front that showed her pudenda in stark relief.

The look on her face was a gem, damn!

I had never seen a face so filled with terror, fear, stress and panic at the same time! As the sheet slowly cascaded down her body, I saw that huge goose bumps had shot out on her body as she stared into the air.

So, I moved toward her, and slowly smacked her across the mouth with the back of my left hand. It was not really a great smack, no. I just wanted her to feel the cold, icy touch…and did she feel it!

She did a most godawful thing then…

Urine seeped down her legs in a flood!

Just like Samson had done!

And then her legs gave and she began to fall down.

I allowed her to crash down on the floor, and then I opened the door, grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the room. I dragged her along the corridor to the master bedroom, and then I put on the lights.

Leaving her on the floor, I shut the bedroom door and locked it, and then I removed the key and floated to the huge wardrobe. I put the key on top of the wardrobe, an then I slid the glass doors open, and began reaching in and dragging out clothes, throwing them around haphazardly.

Tony came awake with a little cry and looked around him with uncomprehending eyes. I stopped all movements and looked at him. He got off the bed slowly, looking at the strewn clothes all around him, and then he saw Yaa Yaa lying on the floor and just about coming out of her unconsciousness.

“Yaa Baby!” he said in alarm and knelt by her side.

He gathered her in his arms and shook her hard until she opened her eyes suddenly and let out one raving mad kind of a yell!

“Hey, Yaa Baby, stop it!” Tony cried in alarm.

She clung to him, shaking terribly and looking around her with sheer terror.

“Sh-she’s h-he-here, To-to-to-ny!” she stuttered fearfully.


“Who?” Tony asked, getting cross. “Get a grip of yourself, Yaa! What’s gotten into you?”

“Afia has come!” Yaa Yaa jabbered fearfully. “Yesterday, last night, I told you she attacked Esi! She’s here now…she’s coming for us!”

“Nonsense!” Tony said crossly. “Get a grip of yourself!”


Did he just say nonsense?

Well, snake, get a feel of this!

I floated down and kicked his head!

The impact threw him back onto the bed, and he let out a groan and got to his feet, his eyes now wide with fear.

Oh, how I wanted to pull out his balls and stuff them down his throat, but even in my fury I remembered those two snarling evil entities, and I did not wish to meet them again. But I was not about to let him have a field day either.

I blasted around the room furiously like a hurricane, tossing up the clothes, sheets and even the king-sized mattress. They were now screaming with terror, and Tony rushed toward the door, trying to open it, but I had locked it up.

I noticed the small slabs of wood under the mattress…halleluiah!

I ripped one off, and broke it into two.

They screamed in frenzy when they saw the piece of wooden slab hanging in the air.

And then I let them have it!

Oh, I’ve never been violent in my adult life because I abhorred violence in any form! I had even never beaten Abram before, but I let those two have it!

I lashed the living bejesus outta them!

They screamed and called my name, begging me and crying and screaming some more! I whacked them across the back, their buttocks, their heads…I smashed them until the wood broke!

When I stopped I realized that Tony’s phone was ringing. A quick check on the screen revealed that one of the neighbours was calling, obviously drawn by their screams.

They huddled in the corner, their faces wounded and swollen by my beatings.

“Afia, forgive me!” Tony cried over and over!

The doorbell dinged urgently! I blasted out of the room and through the roof, and saw that a sizeable crowd had gathered in front of the house, and that a police jeep had arrived.

Inspector Gifty Quartey had arrived too with the pastor and his grandson.

I dropped back into the room, picked up the key from the top of the wardrobe, and unlocked the bedroom door.

Akotuah was outside the door knocking and weeping, and when the door opened he quickly fled toward his mother.

And when the door opened, Tony bolted!

Screaming with terror, he fled from the room, and Yaa Yaa rushed after him, screaming and forgetting all about her son. I followed casually and waited until Tony opened the main door and rushed outside.

When he opened the padlocks of the main gate with trembling hands, I floated down and gave him a hefty kick in the buttocks for good measure!

He was propelled forward and smashed into the opening gate nose-first!

He dropped down as blood gushed out of his nostrils.

About six huge policemen with guns came in.

“Afia gave me boooooot!” Tony screamed, disregarding the blood pouring out of his nostrils and grabbing his butt. “Afia gave me booooot!”

“You poisoned her!” Chief Inspector Quartey said in a fierce voice.

“Yes, yes, I killed her!” Tony confessed, his eyes round and wide with unbearable fear. “I killed Afia! I murdered her with the poison Yaa Yaa gave me! Afia gave me booooot!”

The way he was gripping his buttocks and talking made some of the gawking neighbours burst into laughter.

“The poison you used, where is it?”

“I buried it!” Tony shouted. “Afia gave me boooooooot!!”

“Show me where you buried it!” Chief Inspector commanded.

“Yes, yes, yes, come, come, come!” Tony said and began running toward the spot in the garden where the incriminating drug was. “Afia gave me boooooot!”

He lifted the flower plant, and one of the policemen knelt and dug into the soft earth with a small short shovel carefully.

He scooped up the white bottle…with the poison still in it.

Chief Inspector Gifty Quartey took out a pair of handcuffs.

“You are charged with murder, sir,’ she said in a steel-like voice and handcuffed Tony.

“Ei, Afia, gave me booooot” Tony repeated in great distress over and again as he was led away in handcuffs. Yaa Yaa was handcuffed too after Gifty found a dress for her to wear, and put into the police jeep with Tony.

Pastor Kofi embraced a weeping Akotuah who had come out.

“Hello, my little friend,” the pastor  said gently. “You’ll be staying with me today!”

I hovered and watched the snakes being taken away, and I felt a warm glow inside of me.

Fourth hovering day.

In the end, it had been so worth it, and I was very grateful to the powerful and mighty God I served whilst I was alive!

I knew that if I had been a sinner I would probably never been able to resolve the chaos, and Tony would have walked away with murder!

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Korku went to see my parents that morning after the news hit the nation about the atrocity Tony Wusu had committed with his mistress.

I went to the house, and I found them together, the people that really mattered to me. Korku, Abram and my parents.

They were all happy, and then I became furious – really, really, furious – when my father wept bitterly and told Korku that he wished he had not stood in our way when I brought Korku home as the man I loved and wanted to marry. He begged Korku and said he was so sorry, and he should not have objected simply because Korku was an Ewe.

He was damn lucky he was my father, yes!

If he had been a stepfather I probably would have booted his ‘fiangre’ arse for him that morning!

But I could feel the happiness all around, and I was so happy, especially for Abram, as he hugged his father tightly and refused to leave his side.

Korku drove Abram and Nana Kojo to school in his sleek Lexus, and I sat beside him with a heavy heart because I knew that soon my fifth hovering day would be over, and it would mean a final and permanent goodbye.

When we got to the school and the children got down, a lady teacher who was going in stopped and rushed over to meet them. It was the same sweet and beautiful lady I had seen with Abram in the classroom being so kind to him.

She embraced my son, and when I saw the look of delight on his face and the smile he gave him, I knew instantly that this was a great lady. She was a new teacher, I guessed, because I already knew most of the teachers in the school.

“I’m Afia Pomaa,” she said as she held out her hand to Korku. “A new class teacher here.”

Well, look at that brat!

Just look at the way she’s looking at my Korku!

Korku smiled and shook her hand.

“Korku Dogbe,” he said. “Pleased to meet you, Afia. His mother is…hmm, was also Afia.”

The girl’s face became sad immediately.

“I know,” she said softly. “Sorry for your loss, Mr. Dogbe.”

“Well, have fun, guys,” Korku said. “I’ll pick you up when you close.”

“Daddy?” Abram called, and he sounded really anxious.

Korku turned to him immediately, his face concerned.

“Yes, my boy?” he said tenderly.

“Are we going to be together now?” the boy asked softly.

Tears came to Korku’s eyes as he dropped to one knee and hugged his son hard.

“Forever, my boy, together forever!”

“I’m glad,” Abram said. “I wish mom was here too. I miss her so much!”

Oh, how my heart broke!

I so much wanted to hug him, but I knew that it would haunt him forever. He was too young to be touching spirits.

“She misses you too, my boy,” Korku said softly. “She’s going to heaven, and she’ll look down on you every day.”

And when they were going the teacher stopped and looked back shyly at Korku.

“Hey,” I said to Nana Kojo urgently. “Ask her if she’s married!”

“Madam, are you married?” Nana Kojo asked, giggling.

The teacher gasped and looked extremely anxious.

“No, no! I don’t even have a boyfriend now, just waiting for the Lord’s good time…why do you ask?” she asked in a rush.

“Because I think Abram wants you for a mother!” Nana Kojo said, giggling even more, and Abram joined in.

“Yes, Daddy! Marry her next! I love her!” he said.

Korku laughed too, but sadly, and waited for them to leave.

Nana Kojo raced back toward us.

“Should I tell him?” he asked in a rush.

“No need, NK,” Korku said with a sad smile. “I know how her mind works, but no, thanks. No one can replace her in my heart!”

I sailed into his arms and hugged him warmly.

“Tell him I want Afia Pomaa for Abram,” I whispered tremulously, overcome by the power of my love. “And tell him I want him to love her, and marry her…for me!”

Nana Kojo smiled gently and repeated my words.

Korku nodded silently because he could not speak.

He was crying again.

Yes, he was going to hurt a long time, but I knew that with a good girl like Afia Pomaa around, he would know the joy and happiness I denied him.

And so, I was with him that late afternoon when he came with the boys, and he gave Afia Pomaa a lift to her house, which was not quite far from us. She came from a Christian family, and that pleased me well.

She and Korku got on well together, and that did not please me too much. Surprisingly and ironically, I felt a huge blast of jealousy!

And so, I spent that night with Korku and my son Abram in the house of Pastor Nana Kofi.

When Abram fell asleep in one guest room, Nana Kojo came to our room, and told Korku what I wanted to say to him.

And later, we slept with my arms around him in the spoon position, but I slept behind him so that I would not be tempted to kiss him, and kill him.

And, on the dawn of the fifth day, I saw that amazingly bright light in our room, and I knew my time was up.

I glided up slowly to meet Angel Stephen because I did not want to wake up Korku.

“Are you done?” the angel asked gently. “It is time to go.”

“I’m done,” I said tearfully. “Oh, is he going to be alright? I hurt him so!”

“He will marry the woman you chose for him,” the angel said softly. “The Lord has touched their hearts, and he will be saved through her. She will give him just one child, a daughter, but she will treat your son so well that no one would even know she is not his mother. Oh, yes, they have a wonderful happy life ahead of them.”

“Then we can go,” I said, my heart now a bit at rest.

“You can kiss him, if you want,” the angel said.

“But he will die!” I cried in anguish.

“The Lord says it is possible now, just once,” the angel said with a slight amused tremor in his voice. “Just once, you are allowed to have an earthly souvenir!”

I did not need to be told twice.

I floated down to Korku…oh, how I kissed that man!

And yes, because the Lord willed it, I felt his arms around me, strong and sweet, and we kissed until he became breathless…and that one kiss granted me could have covered a thousand kisses!

Eventually, I floated up, and the best view I ever had was of Korku staring up with silver glitters of tears on his cheeks, but he was smiling happily. And when we went up a bit, I saw my son sleeping snugly.

Now I was happy.

Now I had peace.

Yes, now Afia’s Time was over.

The End

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Story by Aaron ANSAH-AGYEMAN


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