Joojo’s Time Episode 7


Above all, I prayed fervently that my tendril would remain attached as I hovered above the church for a while.

It was the first Sunday of the month, and as usual the place was full with people mainly because, on the first Sundays, Uncle Yaw O prayed specially for divine favours from God for members of the congregation.

Usually, he grouped them into various classes: people that want to travel abroad, people searching for jobs, people looking for business prosperity, women wanting to get married, couples wanting to have children…yes, a lot of groups.

These came with the people putting ‘seed money’ into white envelopes and raising them to God to receive special blessings. These special blessings sessions were always preceded by special preaching by the man of God.

When I finally slid into the church and hovered on the ceiling, the first four orders of activities were over. These were cell meetings, testimonies, worship and praises.

It was time for Uncle Yaw O to preach.

The moment I hovered on the ceiling my attention was drawn to a very bright light near the main door, and when I watched critically, I saw that this bright light was around a most handsome, well-built young man in sort of leather jacket. It was almost like the light I had seen around Addo and Mensiwaa when they died, and I wondered if there was a dead person in the church, but I saw that the man this light was covering was very much alive!

He was the only living person I had seen with this protective force-field around him. This was quite a new phenomenon to me, and I stared at this man with wonder for a moment.

The interior of the church was huge and luxurious. The raised platform reserved for the pastors, his elders and his wife was incredibly luxurious. The chairs were imported stuffed deep settees.

The pulpit was a wonderful glass structure imported from Dubai.

Uncle Yaw O, looking resplendent in an all-white suit, shirt and tie, moved to stand behind the pulpit as a warm applause went around the church.

And, looking at him, so composed and self-assured, so handsome and calm, so arrogant and uncaring, I felt nothing but rage! I rushed at him with fury, and I threw wild and deadly blows at him, but none of them touched him as he began to preach!

I stopped the violence and hovered in front of him for a moment as the lies spewed out of his mouth…and suddenly it dawned on me! This man never uttered any words of salvation to these people, to us, when I was fully alive!

It had always been like this!

Prosperity, the joys of life, living full on earth, taking our treasures from the barns of the Lord…good life, money, wealth, marriage but never a word about salvation or the great judgement day!

That was who this murderer and thief was!

Spilling honey from his lips as he waited for his next victim!

Such a vile, wicked person.

So, I took my time, and slowly I grabbed his cheeks with my hands and waited, just as I had realized that it would take a little time for it to register!

And it did, yeah, eventually…

The exuberance with which he was speaking slowly died down when he began to feel the coldness on his cheeks. He touched his cheeks a couple of times where I was holding him, and then he rubbed over it with the handkerchief in his hand.

I smiled slowly in my evil spiritual state, and if he had seen that smile, his heart would have literally burst open, no doubt. I began to peel his cheeks open, to spread them and expose his lying teeth!

The congregation probably saw the pastor’s face falling open in a sort of grimace. He rubbed his cheeks anxiously! He could feel the coldness, and the pressure, and I saw the fear slowly creeping into his eyes as he desperately tried to control himself.

Gloria and the elders were sitting behind him so they did not see what was happening. However, when he stopped preaching and desperately rubbed his cheeks as I spread them wider and wider open and exposed his huge teeth, Gloria knew something was wrong with her husband, and she stood up quickly and rushed toward him.

She gasped with horror and fear when he turned and she saw how his cheeks were pinched so viciously and his teeth were exposed, and saliva was dripping from his mouth uncontrollably.

“My darling!” she cried in alarm. “What’s happening to you? What’s wrong?”

“Shome onesh ish holdinsh mysh cheekshh!” the man groaned with great fear now, unable to speak well because I was now pinching him too.

“What, my dear? I can’t understand what you’re saying!” Gloria cried in alarm. “Should we get an ambulance?”

And that was when I shot upward, still holding him, and the congregation saw their pastor rising into the air. Gloria screamed with horror as her husband sailed into the air and his head smashed with sickening force into the concrete ceiling!

He groaned with pain as I dropped him!

He fell back from the ceiling and I saw some of the elders trying to catch him, and they all fell down in an untidy heap!

The congregation was now buzzing with murmurs and cries of fear! Some had burst into instantaneous prayer for this obviously satanic attack on their pastor…and it pained me to see them because I knew their prayers did not avail much!

They were in church, but they were simply churchgoers. There was no spirit in them, no righteousness and no fire because their leader, Uncle Yaw O, had taken it all from them!

I came down slowly with rage as the pastor struggled to his feet, and stood groggily for a moment. His expression was desperate and horrified, but his cheeks were no longer distended. His wife grabbed his shoulders.

“Darling, you’re scaring me!” she cried desperately. “What is going on?”

“Someone was…pinching my cheeks!” he whispered desperately as he looked around him with fear. “I felt strange cold hands on my…face!”

“Maybe we should go home, darling, please,” Gloria said with tears in her eyes, and then she froze suddenly and looked at her right arm with horror.

Yes, that was right…Glo, Glo, Glo…I was holding your damn arm now!

Yes, I had my hands on her, and I was waiting for her to feel the coldness and the grip!

She stepped back from her husband and shook her arm furiously as she brushed her left hand over my spiritual arm.

Go ahead, Glo, Glo, Glo…these are spiritual arms, baby, and you cannot brush them off like that…

I giggled insanely to see her so hysterical.

Uncle Yaw O held her left hand.

“Darling, what is it?” he whispered in anguish. “Please, what is it? You’re scaring me, love!”

“He’s holding my arm!” Gloria screamed frantically. “I recognize his touch, Yaw! It is Joojo! Joojo MacBaiden!”

You’re smart, baby Glo, I mused with hatred, yeah, it is me, baby Glo, back to hit that hotspot of yours…oh, yes, let me WiFi that body once more, you fucking harlot!

And then I threw her across the platform!

They all screamed as she sailed clear across the podium and smashed into the chairs where the elders had been sitting and fell ungainly into the seats, striking her hard on the floor!

Her husband ran desperately toward her.

“Oh, my darling, my darling!” he screamed.

But I was holding his ankles, both of them, and by the time he got halfway to his wife he felt my hands gripping his ankles, and he came to a stop and looked down at his ankles with sudden horror.

I simply hovered into the air, still holding his ankles, and he crashed down heavily on the podium with his face.

I began to drag him across the podium without a care in the air. He was screaming and trying to hold on to something, someone, anything, to stop being dragged, but there was nothing, and the people moved away from his flailing hands.

“Joojo!” he screamed in anguish. “Is that you, Joojo? Please, Joojo, Joojo, Joojo, Joojo!”

Yeah, it is me, pastor fucking, osofo meko, osofo atopa, osofo fake…it is me alright, and I’m gonna mess you up!

I threw him across the floor, and he skidded off the platform and smashed into the stand where the instrumentalists were! His head smashed into one of the round drums!

Most of the instrumentalists fled from the area.

The congregation was in horrified shock now, not knowing what was going on as they witnessed their pastor and his wife under this seemingly demonic attack!

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Uncle Yaw O was struggling to sit up when I lifted one of the electric guitars!

The crowd saw the guitar going up into the air by itself, and many screamed with horrified terror and fled the area.

…well, don’t worry, good misled people of NEC…you’re not my beef wai! My anger is sizzling against this fucking man of God…no, not man of God but man of Satan and principalities…

I whacked Uncle Yaw O on the side of his face with the guitar so hard that it broke into two, and I had the satisfaction of seeing one tooth rolling out of the man’s mouth and blood spurting from his mouth as he was thrown sideways violently.

Some people had helped Sofomaame Glo Glo Glo to her feet, and she tottered alarmingly, her face horrified as she tried to shrink from them and as she took tottering steps toward the edge of the podium where her husband was lying in a daze!

So I grabbed her hair!

She took about five steps, and realized I had a hold of her hair!

“No, Joojo, Joojo, Jooooooojo!” she wailed in anguish. “I beg you, Joojo! Please, don’t do this to me, please, have mercy on me! I’m sorry, Jooooojo! I’m so sorry, Joooooojo!”

…well, fuck your sorry, you silly bitching bitch…I’m dying, you killed Sunny Tobi too, and probably countless others, you greedy, whoring slut

So, I sailed into the air holding her hair!

She flailed and screamed and shouted, and I saw amber liquid falling down her legs…damn, Osofo Maame Glo Glo Glo just peed on herself, dandruwaa shege shege!

I slammed her head into the wall first, and then I spun her with venom down toward her husband. She crashed into him, and they went down in a shower of arms and legs!

Puffing with raw fury, I floated toward them, and my fury caused a horrible wind to blow now, flapping the curtains on the windows rather alarmingly, and most of the people in the church raced blindly for the entrance with terror!

As Uncle Yaw O and his wife held each other with terror and wept openly, I ripped the organ off its stand and smashed both of them sideways like golf balls!


It caught them on their faces, and they fell down with blood from their noses and lips!

I saw a curled stout piece of cord in one of the chairs, and I held it.

After a while, I felt it in my hand and lifted it. I hovered behind Uncle Yaw O and slipped it around his neck, and then I hovered upward, dragging him with me!

The rope was tightly around his neck now, and he flailed his legs wildly as he began to strangle to death…and then his white suit also darkened when his bladder let go, and liquid drenched his trousers!

Hmmm…the water sports couple!

Gloria was weeping pathetically now as she saw her husband dying!

And as God was my witness, I would have killed both of them if I had not heard that calm, steady voice from below me.

“If you kill him, you will kiss any chance you have at salvation goodbye, young man, and you will spend an eternity in a very bad place,” the voice said. “I just wanted to let you know that!”

I looked down and saw that young man, that incredibly handsome and well-built man who was sitting near the door and shrouded with that glorious force-field, looking up at me with calm eyes that were filled with disdain at the same time.

In all my life I had never seen a more handsome young man!

His field was so strong that I turned my head from it, and it really scared me.

“Can you see me?” I wailed in anguish.

“Look at your tendril!” the handsome young man said sharply. “It is almost gone because you’re committing murder! And look behind you…the Death Cloud awaits in anticipation, you bastard!”

I glanced down at my tendril and saw that it was flickering!

I glanced behind me, and there he was…that smoking, billowing fiend with the burning fire within its smoke, now huffing and puffing, coming for me again!

I let the rope go instantly, and Uncle Yaw O plummeted to the floor and smashed down hard!

He began to weep pathetically and cough pitifully.

His wife held him, and the remaining congregation stood a bit far off and gawked at what was happening.

My tendril flickered, and then the smoking thing roared and surged down, took grip of my throat and began to drag me.

“Let him be, you vile thing, for he still leaves!” the handsome young man with the force-field said sharply. “If I be the servant of the Most High God, begone, Death Cloud, in the name of Jesus, you bastard!”

And, shockingly, the smoky thing obeyed the command of this young, handsome man!

It let out a wail of pain and terror and blasted out of the church!

I held out my hands across my face to shield me from all that brilliant and terrible force-field, and I wondered what sort of man was this that had the ability to see us, and to command a Messenger of Death!

“You can open your eyes now,” the young man said, and his voice was soft but also angry, in a way. “My field was activated because of that vile thing.”

I put down my arms slowly and looked at this man with wonder, and for the very first time after the accident I felt a glimmer of hope as I looked at his calm demeanour and his handsome features, and I breathed a bit easier as the turmoil in my heart steadied a little.

“Who are you?” I asked in an unsteady, trembling voice.

“Yaw Boat,” the handsome man said levelly. “And that is all you need to know, idiot.”

To be continued