Joojo’s Time Episode 8


There was a subdued atmosphere in the church now as the crowd began to gather around with uncomprehending eyes. They were all staring mostly at the handsome young man who stood stoically looking at the pastor and his wife who were huddled in the middle of the various instruments.

Somehow, the young man exuded so much confidence and power that I felt a bout of profound relief. He had commanded the smoky thing – what had he called it, Death Cloud? – and it had obeyed! This thing that had terrorized me for so long since the accident had fled from this man!

And the most incredible thing was that he had seen us! He had been able to see into the world of spirits and souls and demons!

Who was he?

And who gave him that awesome power? God Himself?

He looked far younger than I, but his attitude was that of a higher level that dwarfed all who came into his shadow, and I hovered slowly toward him as he looked at me with disinterest, and then he walked toward the pastor and his wife.

“Stand up,” he said calmly.

Uncle Yaw O struggled to his feet, and then he helped Gloria up, and they stood looking at the handsome young man who had introduced himself as Yaw Boat.

Uncle Yaw O saw the stunned looks on the face of his congregation, and I saw how his eyes became angry and wicked as he looked at the young man, and I was shocked by the absolute hardness of this man’s heart. Free of what I had done to him, he had gone back to his unrepentant ways, and for one wild moment I almost flew at him again.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Uncle Yaw O said and stretched his right hand at Yaw Boat. “You demon! You marine spirit! I see you have come here to usurp the true powers of the Most High God! You want to humiliate me in front of the congregation and to sift us like wheat! Today, I say today, I will show you the true powers of God, you evil…”

And the young man called Yaw Boat slapped Uncle Yao O so hard that he was lifted off his feet and slammed hard on the ground!

The congregation gasped, and even I was stunned by such a horrible show of violence!

Gloria moaned and bent to help her husband, but Yaw Boat spoke softly but with power.

“Touch him not!”

Gloria glanced at the man, and then at her husband who was holding up his hand with sudden tears in his eyes as he massaged his cheek with his left hand.

And then Gloria did an amazing thing…she obeyed the young man and took a step back from her husband.

Uncle Yaw O’s face turned dark with desperate fury as he glared at his wife.

“Gloria, are you mad?” he thundered furiously. “You will obey this impudent grasshopper over me?”

With a furious snarl he jumped to his feet, and bunched up a fist as if to hit Yaw Boat.

“Do that, and I swear I’ll rip out your intestines through your throat, you piece of menstrual clot!” Boat said in a level voice, but the menace was so thick in his voice that Uncle Yaw O paused, and slowly his fist dropped.

For the millionth time that short period, I looked at the young man in awe!

Who was this man that could make everything obey him?

Yaw Boat took a step toward the pastor and fixed him with a dark glare.

“The Lord of Hosts sent me to you,” he said coldly. “With a lying tongue you have usurped the rightful ways of the Lord and led many of his Chosen astray. Look, the eyes of the great ‘I am that I am’ has seen you, and His wrath is kindled sore against you, and you have been found guilty, you and your wretched wife!

See, the Lord Most High has opened a moat around you, and you shall surely drown as death knocks on your door! But he is a merciful God, and if you will sincerely turn from your sins this very instant, and seek Him with a sincere heart, surely you shall be saved! Spurn this, and I say unto you that you will not live to see another day!”

I could see that Gloria was definitely freaked out as she stared at this young man. She raised a hand and put it on the arm of her husband. Uncle Yaw O licked his lips nervously and looked at his stunned congregation, and he knew that if he did not counter this prophecy, he would lose his cherished church.

He suddenly reached into an inner pocket of his coat and brought out a strange golden-silver ring and began to slip it on his left thumb.

Gloria reached out desperately and held her husband’s hands, her face scared and tears bubbling in her eyes.

“Don’t, Yaw, please, I beg of you,” she said fiercely. “Not that, not this man…he’s dangerous! I can feel it!”

“This demon thinks he can come into the house of the Lord and lay it to waste!” Uncle Yaw O shouted furiously. “I’m going to show him that there is a Living God! No one can enter into God’s presence and mock God! I will show him that God lives!”

His raised, authoritative voice finally gets to his congregation, and many of them shout ‘amen’ loudly.

“You tread very dangerously,” Yaw Boat said as his eyes narrowed a bit. “I know what that ring does, you idiot. For the love of God, don’t you dare use it on me because my ways are guarded by the love of God, and it is far higher than the darkness you serve. If you have ever believed anything, I beg you to believe that if you use that demonic attack on me you will die!”

Grace, weeping pathetically now, tried hard to stop her husband but to no avail. The infuriated Uncle Yaw O gave her a shove that sent her reeling, and then he pointed his left hand at Yaw Boat with his fingers pointing straight, and I saw the ring he had just put on his thumb glowing an evil red, as if it had been heated to high temperatures.

But the congregation, of course, did not see this with their eyes, no, because it had become a spiritual warfare now.

“Let the powers that the Lord has given me cut you down!” Uncle Yaw O roared, and I cringed with horror when red rays from the ring spread all around the church, and then that horrible three-headed demon that had killed Mr. Sunny Tobi appeared!

With a horrible roar of fury, it leapt at Yaw Boat as if to tear him to pieces, but at that very moment I saw the fierce force-field shooting out all around Yaw Boat, so brilliantly that I screamed and bounced up to avoid his aura!

And the effeict of that force-field on the three-headed monster was terrible! It had gotten too near by the time Yaw Boat began to glow, and I saw its look of sheer agony as the force-field zapped it, seemingly cutting it into two. The demon was like a wounded lion as it roared in agony and moved backward with fangs and claws writhing in agony, and then it smashed into Uncle Yaw O!

It simply turned its dying fury on the pastor, flailing and seemingly lunging for him and fastening its awful teeth into his whilst its sharp claws ripped his heart to shreds!

The congregation and Gloria did not see any of this, but they say Uncle Yaw O clutching at his throat with his right hand and his heart with his left, moaning in great agony and tottering backward drunkenly.

Gloria screamed and tried to hold him, but he crashed heavily on the floor!

I watched as the three-headed demon seemed to explode in a shower of tiny yellow fires, and then I gasped with shock when Uncle Yaw O’s soul slowly emerged from his body without a tendril!

He looked around with terrified eyes, staring down at his body with agony.

“Glo-Gloria?” he whispered, and then he saw me hovering behind him and he screamed and zig-zagged away from me.

“Joo-Joojo!” he screeched. “Oh, no, no…what’s the meaning of this?”

“Your ass died, you wicked man!” I said without pity. “You killed Mr. Sunny Tobi, and you killed me because of greed! Indeed, your cup is full now, Pastor!”

“No, no, no, no!” he screeched with fear and bounced down against his body as if trying to get back inside. “I can’t die! No, please, Lord, I can’t die! No! Noooo!”

I hovered down to him and looked at his agitated face calmly.

“Ever heard of the verse that says he who pulls the sword dies by the sword?” I asked grimly. “You used your evil demonic powers to kill others for their monies. In the end, it was the same demon that killed you…and guess what, Pastor, I don’t think you’re really cut out for a good place because of your wickedness! Look behind you, Pastor, look behind you!”

He turned frantically, and that was when he saw his Death Cloud.

This one was so huge and so scary that I floated fast toward Yaw Boat and hovered behind him!

It was a ghastly, beastly monster that seemed to roll like a blurb of horror, emitting hideous sounds and groans of agony within it. It seemed like a green, blurb, with eyes sticking out at several places and ugly burning flames for mouths.

And Uncle Yaw O screamed!

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I had never heard such a scream of fear and agony before, and at that very final minute, I did feel pity and compassion for him such that I could not watch his final demise!

His screams of agony filled my ears as I turned away from the gory sight when the blurb monster reached out for him and swallowed him up!

I only turned around when I heard Yaw Boat’s voice, and saw that Uncle Yaw O was gone forever!

A false prophet he had been, and in the end, he had received only the worst kind of ending. He had been lucky to be offered a way out, a way to salvation, but in the end his pride, greed and fear of ridicule and losing his false empire had been too great a lure for him to let go, and had died in his apparent sins, without repentance.

“Your husband refused salvation, lady,” Yaw Boat said grimly to Gloria. “He died from the same way he killed others. And the same will happen to you!”

Gloria, weeping pitifully, got to her feet and moved slowly toward Yaw Boat.

“What should I do?” she whispered painfully, agonized. “I don’t want to die! I want to live! And I want to know God for real, and have what you have!”

“Begin by giving back whatever you have stolen,” Yaw Boat said harshly. “Give back Joojo’s money, and give back Tobi’s money, and find all the families you destroyed, and give them back their monies. And then, find a good church, repent, and be baptized. Only then, can you atone for your sins!”

She nodded hard as her tears fell.

“Joojo is here, isn’t he?” she asked in a broken voice.

“Indeed, he hovers near you, to your right,” Boat replied grimly.

Gloria turned toward me and then she slowly fell to her knees.

“Forgive us, Joojo, please,” she said from a very contrite voice. “I’m so very sorry, please. So, so, very sorry! I will transfer your money back immediately into your account, Joojo! And I will transfer Mr. Tobi’s money back to his wife and children!”

“Tell her I forgive her!” I said, and I felt my heart shaking. “Tell her I’ve forgiven her, please!”

And Yaw Boat turned away from me and began to walk toward the door.

“I ain’t your bloody servant, boy,” he said to me.

I watched him, stunned, as the congregation parted for him to pass through. Gloria was asking the elders to bring her bag so she could transfer some monies, and I knew that angle was sorted out. So, I blasted out after that handsome young man and floated in front of him.

“Please, please, please, I beg of you, Mr. Yaw Boat!” I screamed in agony. “You have to help me, sir, please, please, please! I need to send a message to my mother! I need to repent, and I need to see Kuks! Please, help me, I beg of you! Help me repent, please!”

“Get away from me, fool!” he said without breaking stride. “Your salvation is late! You heard the word, and you hardened your heart whilst you lived. You made your bloody bed, so dance to your music!”

I floated around him in agony and anguish as my tendril began to flicker rather alarmingly.

“Help me!” I screamed pitifully as my voice broke. “Please, sir, help me!”

“You and I have no assignments together!” he said coldly. “I was sent to deliver a message, and I’m done, you hear? Whatever is happening to you is between you and God!”

“But you’re different!” I screamed in agony. “You can help me because you have the ability! I beg of you, sir, I beseech you! Help me, for I’m headed for somewhere evil, and I’m scared! Would you do this to me if I were your own brother?”

“I have no brothers!” he said coldly and stopped suddenly. “And you’re getting on my bloody nerves! I warn you for the final time, get the fuck away from me!”

“No, I can’t, I can’t sir, I’m sorry!” I cried in anguish as I blasted around him with my tendril shaking. “You’re my only hope, my only help! Why aren’t you behaving like a normal, forgiving Christian? What have I done to you? Please, help me!”

He stopped suddenly and looked at me with furious eyes, and then he scowled.

“I have no pity for you, fool,” he rasped furiously. “You did the most detestable of acts when you were alive, and you deserve everything you’re getting. I warned you. Death Cloud, to me!”

And then I saw a horrible, deadly, thing appearing behind him suddenly!

It was like a cloud, white and bulging with sinister sounds of raw fury coming from it! I could see claws and talons emerging from it as it sizzled, and when Yaw Boat pointed a hand at me, I knew he was going to release that terrible horror at me!

I looked at him sombrely.

“You had a mother, right?” I said forlornly. “Would you like to leave this earth without saying goodbye to your mother, Mr. Yaw Boat, even if you were the vilest of sinners? Is your father alive?”

“Leave my father out of this!” he hissed furiously at me, and I knew I had just touched a raw nerve, and I pushed it, because it was all I had left.

“Would you let your father die without help, let him go to a horrible place if you could help him, Mr. Boat?” I asked softly. “For the sake of your father, please, help me, I beg of you.”

And his jaw worked furiously then, and I saw his huge frame shaking for a bit as his breath came in deep wheezes. There was agony on his incredibly handsome face, and I knew he was reliving a horrible memory. Slowly he dropped his right hand.

“Begone, Death Cloud,” he whispered, and that furious, horrible thing behind him gave a wild screech of fury and blasted away with a thunderous sound.

Yaw Boat looked down at his expensive boots for a moment, and then he raised his head slowly.

“What the fuck do you want, motherfucker?” he asked softly.

HAnd I began to breathe again, and my tendril steadied.

To be continued