Jezebel Episode 17


I nearly shitted my short when I heard her say that.
I’ve never for one thought that my death was gonna come anytime soon and anything about death has never been closed to my mind.

I sulk at once as the ladies started hailing her.

” but ” she suddenly uttered and I felt my mind calmed down a bit and I suddenly saw a ray of hope shone on me. Everywhere suddenly became awfully silent.

” since Victor our marksman bailed out and we had to eliminate him, we’ve been without an axeman and I think it’s the right time to get another person to fill his place ” she said pausing for a while as she focused her stare on Flexii.

” I think we should give him a choice, either to join us and become our axeman or lose his life because he’s seen us ” she added now staring at me.

I knew I was done for, either I chose my path to destruction or get destroyed at once , an extremely difficult decision to make.

” I’m not enforcing this on y’all but asking for your opinions because together we’re widows, single me is a girl, so what would it be, give him a chance to be our marksman which we’re currently lacking or we should eliminate him, now raba your mofos ” she said as she started gyrating around me.

Everywhere was silent and me not knowing if the silence is a good news or bad news gave me the creep.

Flexii was the first to raise her hand up and bit by bit, other hands followed.

” alright, you’ve all done well ” she said as she stopped gyrating in front of me.

” now Ben ” she said placing her hand on my shoulder and I felt my leg quake.

” what’s it gonna be since the great widows has bestowed on you a great honor to be our marksman , are you ready to join the great black widow and be at the best you could be or die right now ” she said staring into my eye with a dreadful tone.

” I I I I ” I stuttered as I tried to say something but complete words were finding it difficult to leave my mouth.

” are you joining or not ” she suddenly barked at me and I felt little urine escaped into my short from my penis. If not for the swift intervention of my mind, I would have turned the floor to pool.

” can I think about it ” I stuttered with a pitiful countenance.

” three minutes ” she said and turned her back on me.
The rest also followed in her footstep as they all turned their back on me.

I wished I was an Indiana as I stared at everyone of them.
Like in their movie, I’ll just stand up and shout ” raja la soma ”
Precious will turned back looking surprised, I’ll launched a punch at her at once and the force of the punch will throw her out of the room, breaking through the wall.

Flexii will bring out a gun and release every bullets inside it at me, I’ll swerve right and left, dodging every thing, picked the last one with my hand and throw it at her.
It’s gonna snuck into her skull and she will fall on the floor dead.
The rest of the ladies are gonna launched at me and with just a punch, they’ll be flying all through the room. After I’ve successful dealth with them , I’ll walk magestically to where Jezebel was placed, I’ll free her of the rope used to tie her down and assist her up.

” where are they ” she’s gonna aske me.

” I’ve dealth with all of them ” would be my reply.

” oh my hero ” she will screamed excitedly and kissed me passionately.

I’ll hold her by her hand and lead her outside.

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Unknowingly, some of the ladies weren’t totally weakened,one of them snuck behind me and stabbed me in my stomach, I fell down and they started dragging Jezebel.

” Ben, Ben, le hi la ta minash ” she screamed. Then like a phoenix, I’ll rise up, dramatic wind will start blowing , my shirt will get torn by itself and with a renewed strength, I’ll deal with all of them all and this time end them for good.

” your time’s up ” Precious said interrupting my action filled conjured trance. All the ladies didn’t turn to me except her

” what ” I said with a shock countenance as the reality dawn once again on me.
I was still in the mess and I was no Indian guy hero.

” are you joining us or not ” she asked me.

” please don’t do this , please ” I whispered at her pleadingly as tears started escaping from my iris.
Joining a cult or dying untimely was something I didn’t see coming

” are you joining or not ” she barked at me again without a ounce of humanity portraying in her eye.

I still couldn’t believe Precious could be like that , it was like a nightmare to me.

” if I join, will Jezebel be left unharmed ” I asked her.

” this is no time to worry about her but yourself ” she replied.

” what choice do I have ” I said as I stopped crying.

” it’s either I join or you kill me, or even get killed by cancer if you even later on leave me to live ” I added staring angrily at Precious.

” I’ll join in as long as you guys promise to watch my back ” I said with an inner motive of traveling outside the country after they’ve released me.

” black widow ” Precious said smiling mischievously.

” ganja to the seven bones ” the ladies replied as they now turned to face me.

” black widow ” she said again, this time raising her hand up.

” ganja to the seven bones ” the ladies replied again.

” black widow ” precious said this time, more loudly.

” ganja to the seven bones ” the ladies replied also raising their voices.

” you see us ” Precious said.

” you feel us ” they replied.

” mami na santa, santa na padi, panti no be for padi, pami na for my padi, santa no dey goes pami ” Precious goes on and on speaking gibberish that I can’t seem to find meaning to it as she started gyrating around me .

” welcome to the black widow ” Precious said placing her hand on my shoulder, standing behind me after she’s finished saying all her gibberish.

” now, it’s time for the first segment of initiation ” she said as all the ladies inside the room suddenly carried on a weird smile.

” this can’t be good ” I said to myself.

” you’re going to have sex with all of us inside this room before we proceed on to the next segment ” she said shocking me to my marrow.

” what ” I exclaimed

I swiftly used my eye to take count of everyone inside the room, including Jezebel, they’re twelve

” kuku kill me ” I said after I was done taking count.