Jezebel Episode 18


” I’m a virgin, how do you expect me to have sex with all of you ” I said frustratingly, releasing myself from kneeling down, as I sat down with my legs in my front.

” I’m sure I can’t even complete four girls before I die, just kill me ” I said with a nonchalant countenance .

” and we’ve got ourselves a virgin marksman ” Precious said and all the ladies bursted into an irritating laughter.

” whether you like it or not Ben, you’re sleeping with everyone here since you’ve already gave your consent about joining, it’s irreversible ” Precious said also laughing.

” it’s now left to you to either survive it and become one of us or lose your life in the process ” she added as she stopped laughing.

” bless me to grind this bolo ” Precious said stretching her hands at the ladies.

” ganja be with you ” the ladies echoed back in unison.

Precious smiled as she suddenly took of the black top she was wearing revealing black bra she had underneath.

” Jesus ” I exclaimed, trying to move backward as she started walking closer to me, looking at me seductively .

” please don’t do this, I beg you in the name of God ” I pleaded, stretching my tied hands at her as she stepped on my leg in order to refrain me from moving back.

” you’re gonna like it ” she said with a wicked grin as her hand suddenly went behind her and before I could know what was happening, her bra slide down from her shoulder revealing her petite boobs, tho I swiftly averted my eye but I was sure I got a clear view of it.

All the girls turned their back at us at once.

I was shivering as she lowered herself down and placed her hands on both sides of my cheek.
She lifted my head up as she stared deeply into my eye.

She was bringing her head closer to kiss me but I swiftly drop down my head.
She placed her hand on my neck and pulled my head closer to her mouth.

” keep calm or this is gonna hurt you more than it should ” she whispered into my ear before pecking it.

” please Precious, you can’t do this to me, you love me more to see me lose my life in the process of pleasuring your girls ” I whispered to her not deriving pleasure in anything she’s doing.

” but I’ll get to at least feel you in me if I can’t have you ” she whispered back.

” I’m ready to be yours only, I don’t love Jezebel anymore, it’s you I love ” I whispered to her.

” it’s too late ” she said as her hand suddenly wandered to my short.

” don’t do this, please ” I pleaded as she started unbuckling my belt.
She was about to pull the zip down when someone suddenly started banging their gate in a ferocious manner.

Precious stood up at once and took her black top which was lying carelessly on the floor and wore it without caring to wear her bra first.

All the ladies had turned to face us as they all looked shocked.

” I think those are the guns ” Flexii said staring at Precious.

” it can’t be them, they shouldn’t be able to know that we’re the one that intercepted their operation so fast ” Precious replied also looking confused.

The gate was hit again in the same manner but this time, it was accompanied with a loud bang sound which I was sure was from a gun.

” they’re here ” one of the lady said.

” what should we do Jezebel, I think we should hand the girl over to them in order to avert war ” Flexii said.

” you fall my hand Flexii ” Precious said shaking her head.

” what are we born to do ” she asked raising her voice.

” War ” all the ladies replied except Flexii.

” when we chose to cross their mission, we’ve already written an invitation letter to war, given them anyone is not stopping it and this is the time to show them who’s the f—–g boss in this campus , they might have nine bones and we seven bones but we’re more stronger than them, we’re smarter than them and we rule the larger portion of this school, so are you ready to wage this war alongside me ” she asked after giving a prep talk like a team coach.

” we’re born ready ” the ladies echoed.

During while they’re still talking, sound of gunshots has already taken over the peace of the neighborhood but they didn’t seemed terrified like I was.

” black widow ” Precious screamed.

” ganja to the seven bones ” they echoed stamping their legs on the floor.

My phone suddenly started ringing again as their noise resided .
Precious picked it from where she dropped it. She placed it on speaker before she picked the call.

It was first a breathing competition for almost two minutes before the caller finally spoke up.

” give me my girl and I promise not to kill you and your girls ” the voice said in a deep baritone.

I didn’t need anyone to tell me that it was Cancer who was on the line but how he got my number was a mystery to me

” does it end on the girl only ” Precious asked.

” you know you’ve to send the guy too, I don’t need to stress myself over that ” Cancer said.

” the guy is part of us, he’s our marksman, so I can’t send him along with her ” I raised my head up in disbelief as I heard this and I was sure the ladies were also shocked.

” don’t try to f—–g protect him, last time I checked, you put a bullet into the head of your last marksman yourself, so stop bullshitting me and send me the two of them ” Cancer said over the phone.

” he was initiated today ” Precious replied and the call hung.

” girls, it’s time for war ” Precious said smiling as the call dropped.

” Flexii, call all the other girls for backup , Lizzy take him to the room you put the girl and guard the door, the rest should follow me, it’s war ” she added leaving the room and the ladies followed her.

The person she addressed as Lizzy dragged me up by my arm and also dragged me out of the room while Flexii already had a laptop in her hand she’s operating.

Lizzy lacked courtesy as she pushed me inside the room Jezebel was placed in a rude manner , shutting the door against us.

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” Ben ” Jezebel said excitedly as she saw me.

I swiftly ran to the corner she was sitting. The room was empty without any furniture, only a single bulb hanging from the ceiling lit the room, it was also dusty, looking like a holding cell which has carried out its function in a long time.

” I can hear gunshots, what’s happening ” she asked me looking petrified.

” I think Cancer and his gang are here ” I replied her.

” what ” she exclaimed looking more petrified.

” that means they’re here for you or me, it might even be both of us ” she said as her hand suddenly started trembling.

” it’s alright dear, they can’t get to us for now, Precious and her people are already planning to clash with them, so we can escape during that time ” I said with a calmed expression.

” do you think we can make it ” she asked looking at me.

” trust me ” I said as I brought my hand closer to my mouth.

I used my teeth to battle the rope, after few minutes, I was able to get it off my hands .
Jezebel was very delighted at this and I felt like a hero.

I swiftly untied the one in her own hand too.
She stood up at once ready to go but I swiftly dragged her back.

” someone is out there to make sure we don’t escape ” I whispered to her.

” so what are we going to do ” she asked me back in a whisper.

” do you watch film ” I asked her.

” how does film got to do with us escaping ” she asked looking at me with a perplexed expression.

” you’re going to pretend to be unconscious, I’ll raise an alarm and the girl will come inside, I’ll sneak to her back when she’s trying to revive you and choke her with this rope till she become unconscious ” I said showing her the rope in my hand.

” this is real life not movie, do you think this will work ” she asked me.

” trust me, it’s going to work ” I assured her.

” now, sleep and make sure you don’t make any motion when she come inside ” I added as she followed up with the plan and laid flat on the floor, putting her hands underneath her so that no one will know it’s free.

I move farther a bit from her before I started screaming.

” what’s wrong with you, Jezebel, please answer me ” I started screaming so as to get the attention of Lizzy who I was sure was still behind the door as per Precious order.

I was screaming and all but she wasn’t coming.

” are you sure she’s going to come ” Jezebel asked opening her eye.

” keep shut and close your eye ” I whispered to her.

I stood up, wrapped the rope on my hand and started banging myself against the door.
This plan worked as she opened the door.

” what’s it ” she barked at me.

” she’s not moving again ” I said feigning to be trembling. She pushed me to a side to check on her.

I swiftly took the rope off my hand, held it tight at both end and sneak up her back.
As I was about to get closer to her, Jezebel suddenly snorted opening one of her eye

” Jesus ” I exclaimed shockingly as I pushed Lizzy hard with all my strength.

She hit her head against the wall and fell down unconsciously.

” is she dead ” I asked trembling as I swiftly moved closer to her.
She had procured a cut on her head and was bleeding from it.

” let’s go ” Jezebel said dragging my hand.

” I think she’s dead ” I said forcing my hand away from her hand as I shook Lizzy vigorously so as to know if she’s still living .

” they’re going to come back here and meet us if we don’t leave now ” Jezebel said as she started dragging me again.

” but she’s dead ” I said not resisting her this time.

” and we will also be if we don’t leave now ” she replied.
Her words hit at me as I got up and took her by her hand as we left the room.