Jezebel Episode 19


My heart was beating fast and loud like a pestle hitting at a mortar.
I was threading on my toes as I held Jezebel’s hand tightly.
I was sure bullets was spreading sporadically outside as the sound of gunshot wouldn’t cease.

There was no sign of any living being inside the house.

” wait ” Jezebel suddenly said shocking me to my marrow, I thought it was someone else and I almost pee on myself.

” what ” I asked trying to hide how terrified I was of the single word she uttered.

” we’ve to at least have something to protect us ” she said freeing her hand from my hold as she head to pick a gun that was lying carelessly on the ground few meters away from us.

” I don’t want this, please drop it ” I said to her as she wanted to hand the gun to me.

” I’ll keep it with me then ” she said tucking it into the band if the trouser she was wearing and covered it with her top.

I saw my phone where it was placed and swiftly grab it before we continued with escaping.

I was surprised to see an empty compound when we got out of the house.

Everyone was already outside fighting the great battle. I was sure the school would already be in disarray because it won’t be spared out of the fight. It’s the two biggest cult in it that’s having a clash. I felt like a VVIP thinking that the fight revolve around me.

” how are we going to get out of here ” Jezebel asked as we stood staring at the gate.

Going out through the gate is more dangerous because we’re the main target of the war, and with the rate at which the gunshot is sounding, one might be hit by a stray bullet.

” there ” I said pointing at a ladder that was placed beside the wall.

” what are we going to do with that ” she asked me.

” we will use it to climb the wall and jump down to the other street with it ” I replied her as I head to get the ladder.

” wait ” she said pulling me back.

” I’m afraid of height, I can’t do it ” she added.

” before I met you, I’m also afraid of cultist, and now you can see that we’ve gotten much acquainted with ourselves, the same way I got acquainted with cultist in less that two days ,is the same way you’re also going to get acquainted with height ” I said as I head to get the ladder…

” this is different, I can’t do it ” she said not moving from where she was standing.

” you can stay there and wait for them to finish what they’re doing outside, maybe you can explain to them why one of their own is dead inside ” I said to her as I carried the ladder and head to the back of the building.

I placed it against the wall and was ready to climb before I saw Jezebel coming.

” changed your mind ” I asked in a mocking manner.

She didn’t reply as she moved closer to the ladder and started climbing.

” what about the sharp object at the top of the wall ” she suddenly stopped to ask.

” uhm, be careful with it so that it doesn’t cut you ” I replied her. It’s just some small metals placed on the wall but there’s still space to place leg on the wall because of its broadness.

” this is dangerous ” she said but I feigned not to have heard it and when she saw that I made no reaction towards the statement, she continued to climb.

” husband and wife are going somewhere ” I suddenly heard someone said behind clapping her hand in a disbelief manner.

In a slow motion manner I turned to look at the person.

” Flexii ” I exclaimed in shock.

” you even know my name, mad ooo ” she said laughing with a gun in her hand.
She was sweating profusely as if she’s just finished running ten kilometers.

” I’m sorry Ma ” I said quivering.

” keep your f—–g sorry to yourself, do you know how many people have lost their lives outside just because of the two of you ” she barked at me angrily

” and you’re here trying to run away from the shit you created ” she said pointing the gun at me.

” you get down ” she said motioning to Jezebel who’s hanging midway on the ladder.

” who even killed Lizzy out of the two of you ” she asked staring at me.

” it, it was a mistake ” I stuttered.

” who did ” she barked at me.

” I mistakenly pushed her against the wall ” I replied.

” then you should also mistakenly die ” she said placing the gun on my head, I felt hot liquid escaping from my penis at once.

” your death is gonna bring an end to this war as Jezebel won’t have any choice than to release the girl, alongside your corpse to cancer ” she said pressing the gun to my head.

” just know that you died a heroic death ” she added as her hand worked the trigger.
I shut my eye and swiftly offered a short prayer in my mind.

I heard the gunshot and fell down to the ground.
I thought it was going to be a swift one but I kept hearing a loud high pitched tone in my ear.
So when one is about to die, only a high pitched tone would be heard by the person.
After few seconds, I decided to open my eye and see what heaven looks like but was surprised to see Flexii lying unconsciously in my front, blood was flowing out of her head with her eye widely opened staring at me.

I looked upward and saw Jezebel staring at me with a gun in her hand.
I used the ladder to support myself to get up.

She shook her head weirdly as she tucked in the gun and continued climbing the ladder.
I was ashamed of myself, without a bullet hitting me, I fell down, a hero like me.
My hearing was getting better as I was losing the pitched tone sounding in it.

The next trouble started when Jezebel got to the top and was looking like a goat that saw a knife.

” it’s too far from the ground ” she said, tho I couldn’t hear her properly because my ear was kinda paralyzed by the gunshot but I was able to read her lip.

” just close your eye and jump ” I screamed at her.

” no, I can’t ” she replied.

” I’m coming ” I said as I started climbing the ladder.
I got hold of what she was talking about when I got to the top.

The fence got a great height from the floor and if one isn’t careful, sustaining of injury might occur when one jump down. The only positive things about the ground was the sand there.

” this is nothing na ” I said to her forming commando, but inward, I was also scared.

” I feel like I’m gonna die if I jump down ” she said freaking out.

” it’s alright, don’t freak or you might fall down ” I said placing my hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

” this is what’s going to happen, I’ll jump down first, then I’ll be on the ground to make sure you don’t injure yourself when you jump down ” I added as I jumped down at once in order not to get scared and get my hero’s gown torn again.

” hmmm ” I muffled in pain as my barefoot hit the ground.
I wasn’t wearing a shoe or slippers and this made me felt a lot of pain in my feet.
Concealing the pain inside, I looked upward smiling at Jezebel in order to give her courage.

” jump ” I said stretching my hand as if I was going to caught her mid air.

She shut her eyes and jumped down. I shocked myself when I was able to caught her before her legs could touched the sand, but my weight wasn’t enough for the two of us as I fell down while she was directly on top of me. I could have gotten concussion if not that the ground was dominated by sand.

” that was smooth ” I said gasping for breath as we stayed on the ground.

” thank you ” she said pecking me on my forehead before she stood up.

” where to now ” I asked her, we both looked worn out and dirty.

” let’s go to your place and decide on what to do next ” she replied.

” my place ” I exclaimed.

” firstly, it’s not safe, and I’m sure my friends would have run for their lives right now because my place is also situated in this neighborhood ” I added.

” what about your mom, give her a call and explain the situation to her ” I told her as we started walking out of the zone we are, barefooted.

” she’s currently in Singapore now for a seminar ” she replied me.

” alright, do you have any cash with you so that we can at least get a slippers and a guest house to lodge, we can go to my parent tomorrow, it’s already late now ” I said to her as I started feeling discomfort in walking with my bare feet.

” good that I always like putting some cash inside my pocket rather than putting all inside my bag ” she said dipping her hand into her pocket.

She brought out five thousand naira each from each sides of her back pocket and gave it to me

” this should be enough for us till tomorrow ” I said putting it inside my pocket.

I stopped a bike and asked him to take us to any guest house not situated anywhere closer to the community.