Jezebel Episode 16


The slap was so painful that I partially lost the ability to hear on the side of ear it landed.
My eye became watery at once as I fought the urge to cry.

” why are you doing this ” I asked almost with a teary voice.

” did what ” she asked staring deep into my eye.

” save you ” she asked slightly raising her voice.

” please let us go ” Jezebel said weakly with a faint voice.

” she still get voice to dey flow sha ” Precious said giving Jezebel a deadly stare.

She moved closer to Jezebel and used one of her left hand fingers to raise her face up by her jaw then landed a slap on it with her right hand.

The slap affected me where I was kneeling as it felt like I was the one been hit. Jezebel was too weak to react to the slap as only tears dropped from eye

” you dare to talk here after what you did ” Precious screamed at her with a spiteful tone.

” you’re on Cancer’s rader and you dare to make Ben fall for you ” she added shaking her head weirdly. She suddenly drew away from Jezebel and started hitting her head furiously with her hand as she suddenly started gyrating around Jezebel and I.

The ladies surrounding us suddenly started speaking in a language that I know nothing of.
They’re all speaking in different languages at once like barbarians.

Precious took a halt in front of Jezebel, slamming her right foot on the floor and everywhere suddenly became silent.

” you sentenced him to his death and the fool didn’t know ” Precious said angrily to Jezebel.

” do you know what would have happened if we hadn’t nabbed the two of you when we did, if we’re just a minute, late ” Precious added angrily, pointing one of her fingers at Jezebel.

” do you love him ” Precious asked grabbing Jezebel by her hair.

Jezebel only winced in pain as she nodded her head to affirm positive to the question Precious asked her.

” then you shouldn’t have been anywhere close to him if you really do ” Precious said angrily as she pushed Jezebel to the floor.

” Jezebel, what should we do, guns might get here anytime from now ” one of the girl uttered.

” shut up Flexii ” Precious barked, facing the girl who had said that. That’s when I knew who the famous Flexii whose name had been on repeat ever since I’ve regained my consciousness is. She seemed to be the second in command.

” you say wiwi when I say wawa, wiwi na sickness, wawa na death, death na mami and I’m mami ” she added tapping Flexii’s chest.

” control S mami ” Flexii said bowing her head.

” S retained ” Precious said placing her hand behind Flexii’s head and kissed her on her forehead.

” take her and leave us, I’ll let you know what we’re going to do soon ” Precious said to Flexii.

Flexii pointed at one of the girl, the girl grabbed Jezebel and they all exited the room.

” why Ben, how can you be this reckless ” Precious asked me as she squat down to be at my level, placing her hand on my cheek after the ladies were out of sight with Jezebel .

” I love her Precious, I really do ” I replied her staring into her eye.

” you knew ” Precious uttered with a surprised countenance.

” you knew Cancer wanted her and you still foolishly went for her ” she added staring at me deliriously.

” yes, I knew but I was going to tell her today that I can’t continue with the relationship today because of all the risks attached to it, before all this happened ” I said as a tear drop escaped from my eye.

” you shouldn’t have dated her in the first place, Cancer was already coming for your head with his gang, if I had not first him to you, you would already be dead by now ” she said after wiping the tear drop from my eye.

” but Precious, how can you be Jezebel, how can you be the capon of black widow, or this is just a mere impersonation ” I asked her.

” hmmm ” she sighed

” this is all real and I’m not here by choice ” she added having a mood swing at once.

” how ” I asked her

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” my mom was a student of Unilag and the founder of black widow, after she was through with her education here, she was made the first lady goddess of the confraternity, she has groomed me into the cult ever since I was little and when I gained admission here, I was made the second in command of the group and coincidentally, do you remember the first cultist clash that happened in our first year ” she asked me.

” yes ” I replied.

” our Jezebel lost her life during the clash and I was made the Jezebel of the black widow , that’s how I came to find myself in this position and I’ve been doing great in keeping it a secret from everyone ” she explicated.

” do you regret it ” I asked her.

” hell no, with the powers and respect that comes with it, I can’t wish for more ” she replied laughing hysterically.

” so what’s going to happen to Jezebel, I meant my partner not you ” I asked her putting clarification out.

” you still dare to be bothered about her situation now, do you love her that much ” she asked looking sad.

” yes, I do ” I replied her.

” what about me, what about my feelings for you ” she asked flaring up.

” Precious ” I called to calm her down.

” don’t f—–g call my name, do you know how much I love you, do you know how my heart ache for you everyday, do you know how my followers always castigate me because I’m always with you , do you know what I always do to keep you safe, do you know how I’ve been waiting for you and now you’re saying you f—–g love another girl ” she lashed at me angrily .

” I’m sorry Precious, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings ” I said with a pleading tone.

” but you already did and trust me, I’m gonna strike back at your feelings, you don’t cross Jezebel and go scot free ” she threatened as she started shaking her head in a weird manner again.

” I’m sorry ” I tried to calm her down.

” widows ” she suddenly screamed and the ladies returned but not with Jezebel.

They formed a circular shape leaving me and Precious in the middle.

” black widow ” Precious said raising a folded fist up.

” ganja to the seven bones ” the ladies echoed.

” you see us ” Precious uttered not bringing down her hand.

” you feel us ” they echoed again.

” you have seen the black widow ” she said placing her hand on my shoulder.

” and this means death ” she added dreadfully.