Jezebel Episode 12


” morning sweetie ” I heard beside me as I opened my eye.

I was on a king size bed and beside me was Jezebel, she was supporting her head with her hand as she raised it up a bit as she stared at me smiling.

” morning dear ” I replied smiling as the memory of what happened in the night rushed into my head.

She was the first person to initiate the kiss this time when she hugged me happily and I fell back to the sofa.

I kissed her passionately like I was a pro when in the right sense, I had zero experience about kissing because I’ve not kissed anyone before. The only thing I know about it , I watched it in movie.

I flipped her over and lay at the top as we continued kissing.
I kept on kissing her for above twenty minutes because I didn’t know what to do next, and she also seemed not to want to take it beyond that as she wrapped her hand around my head, holding me close to her with her eye shut.
We had to stop kissing when I mistakenly hit the glass cup containing juice which she placed on the cushion down.

That was when I discovered I was sweating inside the fully air conditioned room.

” f–k ” she exclaimed as she swiftly scrambled to get the vacuum cleaner which she used to take care of the mess. She returned the cushion to its original position and also took the remaining juice outta sight.

” I’m sorry ” I said stupidly as she sat back beside me.

” for what ” she asked looking at me with surprised countenance.

” for stressing you ” I retorted smiling.

” it should be for enchanting me ” she said also smiling.

” you’re the one who enchanted me not me ” I replied her.

” you got it wrong young man, I’ve never for once fallen for anyone at first encounter but you made me do that first and now you keep making me want more of you ” she said looking at me seductively.

” I I I, I did that ” I asked stuttering.

” yes, but it seemed this is your first kiss and first time with a girl ” she said casually and I suddenly started feeling suffocated.
I tried hard to hide it because I don’t want to seemed naive.

” looks like you’re right ” I replied putting on a fake smile.

” you’re my first kiss and I haven’t been with a girl before ” I added trying hard to be cool.

” that makes us two ” she said shocking me

” you’re joking right ” I asked staring at her with an expression that depicted that I didn’t believe her.

” yes, I’m kidding ” she replied laughing.

” I’ve kissed many times, did some naughty stuffs but I’ve not had sex before ” she added still laughing.

” it’s kinda hard to believe that ” I asked not losing the expression that was on my face.

” because I’m from the state right ” she asked smiling.

” yeah ” I replied her.

” looks like you’ve forgotten I’ve got a Nigerian mom who wouldn’t stop advising me about self value and stuffs, and I’m kinda also afraid of doing it with Phil ” she said smiling.

” who’s Phil ” I asked her.

” Phil was my ex in the State and the only guy I’ve ever dated but he broke up with me because he didn’t support my decision of coming here ” she replied me.

” his lost, my gain ” I retorted and we both bursted into laughter.

” looks like you can still go home now, it ain’t too late ” she said after checking the time on the fancy wall clock inside the sitting room.
I tilted my head upward to also check the time and it was just 9:45.

” you’re right but no motorcycle is allowed in my neighborhood anything pass 9:30 ” I replied her, tho it was a lie because the real stipulated time was ten pm.

” if that’s the case, let’s go and sleep ” she said standing up and also pulled me up.
She held my hand as she lead me to where I was going to sleep.

” goodnight Cindy ” she said as we got in front of a door and Cindy barked from inside the room.

She didn’t release my hand as we even climbed the staircase leading to the first floor.

The first floor was more beautiful than the last floor, with a mini sitting room which had a bar.

She took me into one of the rooms in there.

I knew at once that it was her room because of the interior design of the room and the purple pattern that covers everything in the room, even the wall was painted purple with pictures of some female American singers sketched on it.

I wanted to tell her that I’ll prefer the guestroom or one of the rooms inside the house but I decided against it so that I won’t spoil the current mood.

” do you want to shower ” she asked me as I was still glancing through the room.

” nope, I took my bath late today ” I replied her.

” alright, but I’ve to go and shower, I’ll be back soon ” she said as she head to the bathroom inside the room.

” could she have asked us to bath together ” I asked myself as I kept on glancing through her room and the painting sketched on the wall.

Her room was awfully sparkling neat for someone living alone.
I was sure if I was the owner of the room, one of my shirts might be having fun on the floor, my bed roughed and littered with books I had read. And that can be regarded as the time my room is neat.

I sat in the king size bed which had the bedsheet with Nicki Minaj’s picture on it.

Many thought ran through my mind. If what I was doing was right I imagined what my mom was going to do if she knew what I was doing.
That thought reminded me of the greatest thing I’ve forgotten.

I swiftly brought my phone out of my pocket and switched it on.

I was sure mom would have been trying my number and her not getting through to me was a calamity itself.
She might decide to leave home and come over to school to check on me.

I dialed her number,and as if waiting for my call before , she picked the call at once.

” ah Benjamin, don’t kill me, I didn’t kill my mom nor did I raise her blood level up, or is it a crime for a mom to want her kid to be successful in life and send him to uni ” she started one of her dramas at once.

” mom, I was busy, that’s why my phone was off ” I said interrupting her drama.

” busy doing what Ben, busy sinning? ” she asked as if she’s been keeping tab of what I was doing.

” no oo mummy ” I replied with my voice lacking strength to sound audible.

” pastor Michael said I’ll be the one to preach this coming Sunday and I’ve been preparing for the sermon, that’s why I switched my phone off so as not to be distracted ” I lied.

” oh, so that’s what happened ” she said, now lowering her voice.

” yes ” I replied.

” I didn’t know that was what happened make sure you prepare for it well, you must perform well so that you’ll start receiving many privileges to preach in Sunday services ” she said buying the lie. I knew it was the right words to use because she’s been looking forward to when I’ll be able to minister in normal Sunday service.

” I’m through ” Jezebel said coming out of the bathroom.
I swiftly place my hand on my lip signifying to her to keep quiet.

” was that a female voice ” mom asked me.

” no mom, it’s a sound from the movie Samuel was watching on his phone ” I swiftly lied.

” but I’ve send him out of the room now” I swiftly added before she ask me to give him the phone so that she could greet him.

” alright, help me to greet him and your other friends, your dad want to talk to you self but maybe tomorrow, let me hang up now so that you can continue with what you’re doing ” she said.

” okay mom, my regards to him and I love you ” I replied her.

” love you too hun, bye ” mom said before she hung the call.

” I’m jealous ” Jezebel said humorously, walking closer to me.
She was only covering her body with a towel.

” you don’t have to be, you know kid’s love to mom is a natural one which can’t go away ” I replied her.

” I know, and I’m sorry for earlier, I didn’t know you were on the phone ” she said sitting on my lap.

” it’s , al al alright ” I stuttered as I felt a current passed through my body.

She took my hand and wrapped it around her waist as she started kissing me .

Her scent was nice and her mouth was sweet more than it was earlier.

I stood up using my hand to support her not releasing my mouth from hers.

I placed her on the bed and everything got more intensed as I swiftly took my clothes off but the problem was that I still didn’t know what to do next.
Tho her towel was already off her body revealing bare skin.

After several minutes of ferocious smooching, I disengaged the kiss.
She opened her eye and we both stared deeply into each other eye, smiling.

” you’re beautiful ” I said brushing off the hair that was on her face.

” and I love you ” she replied smiling.

” now let’s sleep ” I said rolling away from her body.

She stood up and head to her wardrobe and took a night gown which she wore.

She came back to lie beside me when she had wore it.

” I want you to do something for me ” she said staring at me.

” what’s that ” I asked her.

” I want you to embrace me to sleep ” she said.

” alright, come here ” I said to her and she moved closer to me as I embraced her and we both slept off.

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” how was your night ” I asked smiling.

” it was lovely and fulfilling ” she replied as she made attempt to kiss me but I stopped her and she looked disappointed.

” I’ve not brush my teeth yet ” I said to her noticing her change in mood.

” and who cares ” she said as she lowered her head and kissed me. It was a short one.

” what are you going to eat ” she asked me after she’s disengaged the kiss.

” I won’t be able to wait and eat, I’ve to go home this morning ” I replied her.

” why ” she asked me.

” I’ve got something to do but to make up for it, come over by twelve, we can go out to have fun ” I told her so as to improve her mood.

” Promise ” she asked.

” yes ” I said getting off the bed.

I took my cloth off the floor and wore it.

she escorted me to where I boarded bike back to my place .

And that was when the problem started. I felt like I was been followed as I was checking behind me every time.
I started blaming myself for not backing out when I got the chance but one should be able to risk anything for the one they love, I said to myself to settle my mind.

” baddest guy ever liveth, bado, agbawo gee, baba for the girls ” my friends started hailing me as I got inside.

” what happened yesterday night” Usman asked me as he dragged me to sit on one of the chairs.

” did you sample her ” Samuel asked.

” who told you I was with a girl throughout the night ” I asked looking at them.

” so you’re with a guy abi, this guy wan they whine us ni sha ” Lekan said laughing.

” guys, let leave the matter of where I was for now, I need your advice on something ” I said sounding serious.

” did you c-m inside her ” Samuel asked and I felt like hitting his ball.

” where did I meet this fool self ” I asked humorously shaking my head.

” if it’s not that, did she abuse you for not lasting long on her ” Lekan asked.

” guys na, just hear me out ” I said frustratingly.

” oya talk, just know that no matter what happen, I’m going to donate pampers ” Lekan replied

” I’ll donate the baby’s clothes ” Usman added.

” I’ll volunteer to go with you to inform your mom about it ” Samuel also added.

” lord, please what have I done to deserve this idiots ” I said shaking my head.

” I’m serious here na, just listen to what I want to tell you ” I said with a pleading tone.

” oya talk ” they all said in unison.

” Jezebel is also in love with me ” I said.

” I said it, I knew she’s in love with you ” Lekan said boastfully interrupting me.

” but there’s a problem here ” I said and they suddenly looked curious to what it could be.

” the capon of red gun confraternity is disturbing her to date him ” I added dropping the bomb which suddenly exploded and made everywhere silent as they all stared at me.

” what did you just say ” Usman finally talked after some minute of pin drop silent.

” it’s as you heard it ” I replied him.

” have you broken up with her ” Samuel asked.

” no, I told her we’re going to get over it together ” I replied.

” are you stupid ” Lekan screamed angrily.

” give me her number, I’ll do it on your behalf ” Lekan said stretching his hand towards me.

” you’re supposed to be supporting me, why are y’all behaving this way ”

” support what, it looks like you’re drunk, just give me her number ” Lekan retorted angrily.

” I think we should support him, because that’s why we’re friends ” Usman said.

” yeah, and that’s by stopping him from getting all of us killed in the process of his stupid behavior ” Lekan retorted angrily.

” we can’t be doing ” Usman was about to say something before we heard a loud bang sound outside which sounded like gun sound

” they’re already here ” Lekan said shivering