Jezebel Episode 13


 what are we going to do ” Samuel asked panicking.

” chill guys, if y’all panicking, then we’re doom to die ” Usman said with a calmed countenance.

” we’re all going to die and this is on you Ben ” Lekan said still panicking.

” I’m the one they’re coming to get , so you all can go and hide ” I said getting angry with Lekan’s behavior.

” we’re not going anywhere, we’re friends and we’re getting through this together ” Usman said in a cool manner.

” hello mum ” I suddenly heard behind me, I turned and saw that it was Samuel that was on the phone

” I love you so much, just know that, and help me to tell dad that I’m sorry for always doing strong head to him and to my sister, tell her that I’m sorry for always been a bully to her ”

I didn’t wait for him to finish his conversation before I exited the room.
I wanted to protect them, since I was the one they’re seeking for, then it’s gonna end with them killing me only if they saw me alone.

” where do you think you’re going ” I suddenly heard behind me as I wanted to open the main gate.

I turned and saw the three idiots with weapons in their hands.
I would have bursted into laughter if not of the situation I was in. The weapons in their hands was d–n hilarious.
Samuel had our pressing iron in his hand, Usman had a kitchen knife with him, and Lekan had a turning stick and a bottle with him which I knew one outta the two was for me.
Imagine facing guns with what was in their hands, it would have even been better if we face them empty handed.

” no matter the situation, we’re going to face it together because that’s what friends do ” Usman said as they all walked closer to where I was standing , watching them in awe.

” why did God made me encounter fools like you ” I said laughing as I stared at them.

” because we’re all fools ” Lekan said handing me the bottle in his hand as we all bursted into torrents of laughter.

” are you guys ready ” Usman asked as he placed his hand on the knob of the gate.

” yeah ” we said in unison.
Usman opened the gate and we rushed out like spartans, ready to eliminate any threat but we’re met with a surprise.

Everywhere was cool and no one was panicking.
We both exchange stares as we’ve got a confused countenance registered boldly on our faces.

” could they be hiding ” Samuel whispered.

” I don’t think so ” I replied.

” boy ” Lekan called a boy going on the other side of the road. He heeded his call and crossed the road to meet us.

” please what made a loud bang sound earlier ” Lekan asked the boy.

” it was a big truck’s tyre that was passing that bursted ” the boy replied.

” so that’s what happened ” Lekan said heaving a sigh of relief.

” thank you ” he appreciated the boy and the boy left us.

We didn’t cease laughing till we got back to our room.

” that was hilarious ” Lekan said dropping the turning stick in his hand on the ground as he sat on one of the chairs inside the room.

” but wait oo, so na all this thing we wan go use face gun abi ” I said also dropping the bottle in my hand as I took my seat beside Lekan.

” since you know that you’re going to date a girl who’s dangerous like that, you should have bought good weapons ” Samuel retorted humorously.
He sat opposite to us with Usman.

” but guys we need to be serious and discuss this matter out ” Usman said giving way for the lively mod to escape as we all looked serious.

” Ben ” he called with a serious expression.

I stared into his eye rather than replied him.

” as for me, I’m ready to stand by you on any decision you make because you rarely make decision and you’re a great person to be with but are you sure you’re ready to live your live, the rest of your live in this campus watching over your back ” Usman asked not losing the expression he started with.

” going head up with the red gun isn’t safe at all and also dangerous even for we that we’re your friends because they’re extremely lethal and doesn’t care who goes down for a lesson to be learnt but like Usman said, it’s your call to make and trust me, I’m ready to stand by you no matter what you chose but do that wisely ” Lekan said staring at me.

” I appreciate you guys for your support ” I finally said after going mute for some minutes.

” I understand why you’re concerned about me dating Jezebel and I also know the risk involved but I’ve got much love for this girl, I love her more than you can all imagine but that won’t make me push y’all into danger, so I’m gonna come up with a solution soon or if you got one, you can let me know ” I added.

” she looked like someone from a wealthy family, why not change location, maybe travel abroad and continue with her education there, and you two can continue dating like that, more of a long distance relationship ” Usman explain like he’s already thought the plan over before.

” that’s a good one ” Samuel accoladed Usman massaging his hair in a funny manner.

” I concur ” Lekan said raising his hand up.

” she’s a citizen of USA ” I said pausing for a while

” that’s great, why even study in Nigeria self when she got a treasure like that at her blossom ” Usman said.

” I don’t know but it seemed like she doesn’t want to return to USA on any account ” I replied.

” and last time I checked, USA isn’t the only foreign country on the world map ” Lekan retorted with a smile.

” why didn’t I ever think of that ” I said smiling.

” because you’re the most stupid out of us all ” Lekan replied laughing.

” insult ” Samuel sneezed hilariously.

” it won’t heal ” I said and they all bursted into laughter.

” seriously, thank you guys, what could I have done without you guys ” I said smiling.

” you would have jump down from third mainland bridge ” Lekan retorted humorously.

” fool, I know you’ll spoil the mood ” I said as I pounced on him and he struggled to get himself freed.

After teasing and all, as they won’t stop teasing me to find out if I had sex with Jezebel, I finally excused myself into our bedroom.

I took my phone out of my pocket and switched it on.
The battery was below fifty percent so I had to go back to the sitting room to get my charger.

” oko Jezebel elepon blue ” the three idiots started teasing me as they paused the game they’re playing as they saw me.

I didn’t mind them as I took my charger and returned back to the bedroom.

I plugged my charger into the socket beside my bed and attached the chord to my phone.

I lay down on the and started operating it.

I launched my WhatsApp messenger and as expected, mom’s message was already flooding it.

I didn’t mind reading through it as dropped ” good morning mom ” for her.

I returned to view the remaining messages.
Pastor Michael had already sent all I needed to prepare for the sermon.
I was awed when I saw the title of the sermon.

” They’re distraction only ” I muttered loudly.
I knew what it’s gonna entails at once without going through the cores of the topic.

Without going through the remaining text, I backed it to check the other messages.

” my love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️, I’m sorry I left without you yesterday, it’s Samuel’s fault ” yeah, you guessed right, it was from Precious.

I smiled as I read it.

” it’s alright dear, how was your night ” I texted her.

My notification suddenly alerted me of message from Jezebel as I clicked on the send button for the message I typed for Precious.

I dragged the notification trail down and clicked on the message.

” hello to the one who made my heart race for him in just a day ” I smiled as I read the message.

” hi to the one who made me know the real definition of love in just a second ” I replied her smiling.
While typing, I already saw notification from my mom’s message.
I replied her and returned to my love’s chat.

We started chatting from 9:43 and I didn’t know when we chatted till few minutes passed eleven.

I only got conscious of time when she told me she wanted to dress up, so that she can come down to my place as per my promise.

There was already an ocean of messages awaiting me from mom and Precious as I quit the chat of Jezebel and I.

I didn’t bother to open the messages as I quit the WhatsApp and dropped my phone which was already at 93 percent .

I head down to the bathroom to take my bath, brushed my teeth and also deficated as per my daily routine.

I took my time to select the cloth I wanted to wear .
I even used Samuel’s roll on, on my armpit in order to smell nice.

After I was through with dressing, I unplugged my phone which was already at 100% and joined the fools inside the sitting room.

” where are you going ” Usman who wasn’t with game pad outta the three asked me. His question pulled the interest of others as they paused the game to check me out.

” I’m going out with Jezebel ” I replied taking my seat on one of the chairs.

” oko iyawo ” they started with their teasing again.
I ignored them as I brought out my phone and login to Facebook.

” ojoro have started oo, how can the referee give Ramos red card for that small tackle ” Lekan lamented frustratingly.

I snorted lightly on hearing him, he’s always complaining every time we’re playing the game.

He finally lose the game and Usman replaced him.

Exactly on twelve, my phone rang and the caller was Jezebel.
I knew she was downstair at once.

” see you later guys ” I said standing up and head outside.
I could hear them saying some things but I didn’t bother to hear it or give reply to it.

I was surprised to see a Lexus jeep parked in front of our gate. I started glancing around to search for where she could be until the Lexus jeep started blaring its horn to get my attention.

I walked towards it to see who’s inside and was surprised to find Jezebel sitting behind the steering.

I opened the door with a large smile embedded on my lips and entered.

” wow ” I exclaimed as I shut the door.

” what’s it ” she asked smiling as she ignited the vehicle and placed it on motion .

” I didn’t know you’ve got a vehicle ” I said smiling.

” it’s because you didn’t check my garage out, this is my second car ” she replied shocking me.

” two cars ” I exclaimed.

” why do you seemed to be flabbergasted on me having just two cars, it’s normal na ” she said staring at me weirdly.

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I remembered when dad was planning on getting a small Camry for brother Philip, my eldest brother to celebrate his 20th birthday. Mum wouldn’t allow it.

” it’s gonna draw him away from Christ, he could get into an accident while driving it, he’s too young to have his own car, it will draw him away from christ , he will start mingling with bad guys, girls will be seeking for his attention, cultist will always be knocking on his door ” mom didn’t find it hard to go on and on in order to stop my dad from getting him a car. And my brother was also in his 3rd year then but here’s a girl who’s also in her 3rd year, who already got a reputable house and two cars. I wish I also got a mom like hers.

” nothing, but it doesn’t seem like you always drive it to school ” I said trying to cast away the surprised countenance.

” I don’t like attention and driving a car to school is gonna get you that ” she replied.

” you’re right ” I said.

” but did you brought it with you yesterday when you came to visit me ” I asked her.

” yes, but it was the second car that I brought ” she replied concentrating on the road.

” do you know how to drive ” she asked me.

” nope ” I retorted.

” alright, I might teach you if you want ” she said smiling and I kinda felt inferior. I blamed it on my mom.

” I want to tell you something and it’s important ” I said with a serious countenance.

” don’t spoil the mood please, I’ll hear it by the end of the day, but right now, let just focus on having fun ” she replied smiling.

” but it’s ”

” where do you have in mind for us to go ” she said interrupting what I was about to say.

” let’s go to Whispering garden, heard it’s lively place to be ” I replied giving up on trying to tell her what I had in mind.

” that’s a great idea but I’ve got to do this ” she said as she suddenly parked beside the road.

” what’s it ” I asked her looking surprised.

She released her seatbelt from its buckle and with a naughty smile embedded on her lip, moved her body closer to mine, before I could say jack, her lip was already on mine as she kissed me, I shut my eye as I reciprocated it back not minding if anyone was seeing us. We didn’t kissed up to two minutes before we disengaged our lips.

” I felt like I’m gonna die if I don’t do that ” she said smiling as she clipped back her seatbelt and started the vehicle.

I was kinda dumbfounded as I stared at her blankly.
It was like her lip was enchanted and I was enchanted the moment she kissed me.
I felt my heart racing faster , my love for her increased by ten folds at once and I felt my brain dissolving in my head.
She smell nice and for the first time, I noticed her dressing.
She’s extremely beautiful, flawless and worth dying for.

” I love you ” she said smiling at me.

” I love you more ” I replied smiling at her as I finally got hold of myself.

” and you’re beautiful ” I complimented her.

” thank you my prince charming ” she replied still smiling.

It took us close to an hour before we got to whispering garden.
There was a toll gate which a certain amount was to be paid before one can be allowed entrance into the garden.
She paid the security man in charge of the collection of the fee and the big bar which was used to obstruct the road was lifted.
She drove inside and located the car park.

We both got out of the Jeep and she locked it by pressing a button on the key in her, the car responded by making a beep beep sound.

With our hands entwined into each other, a rhyming footsteps and a hearty smile, we started heading towards the garden.

” what’s that ” I asked on seeing a car accelerating towards.

The car stopped few feet away from us and I saw as masked men with guns in their hands started coming out of it.

I swiftly pulled Jezebel and made to run away but a bullet suddenly struck me on my back and I felt been electrocuted as I fell down unconsciously.