Jezebel Episode 11


” well it depends on when we’re through with the discussion ” I replied buying me some time to think it over.

” alright ” she said as she continued eating.
On the dining table, apart from the food we’re eating was two juices, two bottled water and two glass cups.

After I had finished eating, instead of going for the juice, I opted for the bottled water.
I took one out of the two and a glass cup. I removed the sealed lid and pour some into the glass cup and gulped it down.

” that was cool ” I said as I took one out of the pack of serviette on the table to clean my lip.

She smiled as she stood up and took my empty plate, with her food, which she ate only small out of it, and only small bite out of the meat.

She really is a light eater.

” maybe she has eaten before ” I thought to myself as I fill the glass cup with water. I was only able to drink half of the cup.

” I might not come home tonight ” I texted Lekan before switching my phone off.

She smiled at me as she returned from the kitchen.
I knew she must have done the dish because she took her time in there and she was drying her hand with a napkin when she returned to the dining room.

” Let’s go to the main room ” she said as she took one of the juices and a glass cup from the dining table.

She walked in front of me which gave me the chance to have a good view of her from behind.
She’s the definition of complete beauty. Pretty face with moderate everything.
I felt like pulling her back then plant my lip on hers and kiss her till daybreak.

” then sleepover, you might be able to do that” I heard a voice said to me.

” beware of strange and beautiful girl, you stupid boy, your momma told you this or not ” another voice barked at me, countering what the first voice uttered.

The sitting room was set in such a way that the only single sofa inside it was facing the big TV while two sophisticated flower designed purple chairs face themselves. Three glass cushion formed a table in the center.

She ushered me to sit on the sofa, she took one out of the three cushions and placed it in front of the sofa.
She drop the juice and glass cup in her hand on it.

She walked towards the TV and picked one of the two remotes in front of it. She pressed it and the TV came to life. She tuned it to MTV base channel which had a foreign song been played on it. She lowered it volume before she came back to sit beside me.

She opened the juice, filled half of the glass cup before she closed it back.

She asked me if I care for some but I declined.
She took a sip out of it before she returned the cup to the cushion.

” Ben ” she called as I feigned to be watching the music video that was been played on the TV.

” yes ” I answered as I turned my gaze to her.

” firstly, I’m sorry for what I did to you earlier this morning ” she said staring into my eyeball.

” I know you had feelings for me, you can’t just chase after a girl on a bike all because you saw her in your church once ” she added and we both bursted into laughter.

” but it was sudden and fast, and depending on what I was telling you at that moment, it was a bad timing for that ” she continued.

” I’m sorry but like I said in my text message, whenever I’m with you, I can’t think normally, maybe it’s because I haven’t date or have any experience in loving a lady but I love you direly and that’s why I behaved like that , I’m also sorry ” I said staring into her beautiful eye.

” you don’t need to be sorry because I love you too ” she dropped the blast and I felt the world paused at once.
The time stopped moving and everything were held at the position they were .

” you love me ” I asked her and the world returned to function.

” yes, I love you, it’s a shock to me also because I’ve got guys that I’ve known for a long time trying to get me to love them but it just felt like my heart doesn’t want any guy in it ” she said staring deep into my eye.

” the first time I came into your church and saw you preaching, my heart suddenly felt at ease, forgetting all that’s been tormenting it. I knew I felt something then but I didn’t wish to process it, love at first sight is what I watch in movie but thinking I could also be falling into it was something I couldn’t accept then and that’s why I exit the church before you were througgh, because I was sure I was gonna walk up to you after you’re through with your ministration and ask for your number ” she explained and I felt my heart beating more faster the more she talked.

” really ” I said when she seemed to be waiting for me to say something but my brain wasn’t anywhere close to me.

” yeah, it was love at first sight for me or do you think with the kinda personality I have, I’ll be the type to feel sorry for another person’s mistake and follow the person home to treat and cook for him and even prepare breakfast the next day for the person ” she said smiling.

” noo, Jezebel is a bad b—h and saucy one at that but with you, I’m another version of myself but as I was telling you earlier this morning before you made the attempt to kiss me, I’m dangerous to be with and in some kinda mess that might endanger you if I get too close to you ” she added as I stared at her blankly.

” you said that? ” I asked still staring at her blankly.

” yes, didn’t you hear me when I said it ” she asked looking at me with a surprised countenance.

” I think so ” I murmured.

” you’re a weird guy you know ” she said smiling.

” yeah, you’re right, I’ve been behaving in a weird manner ever since I set my eye on you ” I replied her smiling in a weird manner and she bursted into laughter.

” but why are you lethal to be with and which mess are you in ” I asked her remembering what she said earlier and she suddenly went moody.
The brightness in her eye suddenly departed from her, it was like her spirit was been s—-d out of her by a vampire.

” it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me ” I said to her noticing the change in her mood.

” no, I’ll tell you everything ” she said reaching for the glass cup on the cushion, she took a sip from the juice in it before she returned it to the cushion.

” do you know Cancer ” she asked me.

” yeah, I do, who wouldn’t know Cancer with all the trouble it’s causing to people ” I replied her.

” seems you are also aware of him ” she said almost in a whisper.

” so what about Cancer ” I asked her.

” I’ve encountered him ” she replied.

” Jesus Christ ” I screamed.

” that’s bad, very bad ” I added not bringing my voice down.

” yeah, I know, I’m in trouble ” she replied.

” don’t say that, which level are you in ” I asked foolishly.

” wait ” she said looking at me with a kinda look that send the message ” do you know what you’re saying “.

” do you think I was talking about cancer disease ” she asked looking at me with a surprised countenance.

” if you’re not talking about disease, then which cancer were you talking about ” I asked feeling lost.

” Cancer, the capon of the red gun confraternity ” she replied shocking me to my marrow.

” red gun confraternity ” I exclaimed loudly.
Only a non living being in unilag will be oblivious of the red gun confraternity with the things they’ve done in the school.
Red gun confraternity and the black widow confraternity which consist of girls only were high rated confraternity in unilag while the rest follow.
They’re lethal and you dare not cross path with them.
The mention of their name in the ear of the students is a terror on its own. Even lecturers weren’t excluded.
And carelessly, I’m entangled with someone who’s claiming to be entangled with them, someone who even know the name of their capon.

” how did you come to know them ” I asked her as I felt my leg trembling.

” I can blame it on my beauty and my inability to keep shut after drinking ” she replied as a teardrop fell from my eye.

” in my second year, lecturer Malik asked me to start dating him, I told him I can’t but he wouldn’t back down, he kept on pressuring me, even failed me in some of his test. I could have told my mom about it but I didn’t want to be a cry baby and I was sure she’s gonna send me back to the State to my dad , I wanted to fight it out myself, I wanted to be independent.
He made me to have a reason to start dying in silent. I feast on alcohol in order to get a good night sleep. I knew it was either I have sex with him or have a carry over.
Then one day, I went to club, to ease my tension.
I drank much more than I was supposed to and kinda lose myself as I started shedding tears at the table I sat.
A guy walked up to me and asked me what happened.
I didn’t know when or how I told him everything.
He asked me what I wish happen to lecturer Malik and in my drunken state, I told him I wish he was dead instead of terrorizing my life.
The next day when I got to school, the latest news going around was that lecturer Malik was murdered in the midnight. Rumors gat it that he was shot five times by some  anonymous guys and shamelessly, I was happy.
I thought my life was going to return back to normal and secretly thank the guy in my mind for killing him ” she paused for a while.
Tears was flowing down in torrent from her eye now.
I felt pity upon her and my heart felt broken.
She tried to clean her face with the back of her palm before she continued talking.

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” everything went back to normal as I thought and I was back to my happy self until a guy started asking me to date him.
Like I always do, I turned his request down but he wouldn’t back down.
I’ve got guys who wouldn’t back down on a mare decline, but as time goes on, they always back down because of my cold treatment, but it didn’t work for this guy, he was hell bent on getting me to date him. I had to shunned him publicly in one of his encounter, telling him that he’s frustrating my life.
Later, before the end of that day, I heard the guy was dead, he was also shot five times.
Then I received a message stating that no one discomfort me and go Scot free.
After that day, I always get messages from the number asking about my welfare but I’ve never for once reply to it. It when on like that till the end of my second year.
At the beginning of this session, I went to that same club again and met with the guy that has been sending the message and that was when he told me that he’s Cancer, the capon of the red gun confraternity.
He told me that he love me and want us to be dating.
According to the orientation given to us in our first year, I told him I will be thinking about it instead of declining him at once.
I’ve been trying to avoid him ever since that day but he’s like air, he’s always everywhere.
He knew I was avoiding him and gave me a warning that it’s either I date him or he’s gonna make my life a living hell because he can’t kill me.
Ever since then, he’s been watching me and I know one day, he’s gonna strike me ” she narrated as her pretty face has all been smeared with tears.

I moved closer to her and placed her head on my shoulder as i pat her on her back.

” it’s okay ” I whispered into her ear.

” I’m here for you ” I said stupidly not consulting with my brain first, tho it wasn’t anywhere near .

” it will be dangerous if he see the two of us together, he might shoot you five times like the other guys ” she said and I suddenly fell into a trance.

After lecture, I was going home, I suddenly felt pressed, I rushed down to one silent area and brought out my penis to urinate.

” who goes you ” I heard behind me.

I turned and saw a guy with a rotten face like someone infected with cancer and two other guys who were wearing mask.

” I goes here by myself to urinate ” I replied returning my penis into my short.

” na you they wiskolo capon babe ” one of the two guys wearing mask asked bringing out a gun.

” wiskolo ke, I no they wiskolo anybody oo ” I said fidgeting as I went on my knees raising my hands up.

” you still dey lie ” the second guy barked at me also bringing out his gun.

” oga I no dey lie o, I’ve never wiskolo anybody ever since I was born, I’m an impotent ” I cried out.

” in your next life, shine your face before you get close to anybody ” the guy with the rotten face said also bringing out his gun and shot me thrice on my chest and the two guys release only a single bullet each on my chest .

” should I die ” I asked them when they’ve finished shooting.

” yes, die ” they all screamed in unison and I died.

I drifted back into reality swiftly separating myself from Jezebel touching where I was shot in the trance I conjured.

” that’s the right thing to do Ben, you have to get farther from me or else your safety might be at stake ” she said to me as she buried her face into her palm weeping.

I moved closer back to her, raised her head up and wipe her tears from her face.

” we’re going to get over this together, I’m not going to leave you and I believe our love will rise over any affliction, and with prayer, we’re sure to conquer whatever anyone might try to do to us ” I said to her with a voice of certainty.
Seriously speaking, I was saying all this because my brain was still missing in my head. I wouldn’t have uttered such thing if I was in my right senses. I should have asked her to tell her mom, run back to the state if necessary but I’ll be the one to lose her if such happens, but I was sure my brain wasn’t functioning well with all I was uttering.

She suddenly fell into my embrace happily, holding me close to her. I fell on my back on the sofa and she was directly above me.

” I love you ” she said passionately.

” I love you too ” I said to her wrapping my hand around her bare waist.

She brought her head up and stared deeply into my eye for some seconds before she lowered her lip to mine and kissed me passionately.

It was my first kiss but I felt like a pro as I explored her mouth with my tongue.

By this time, I could already feel my brain in Canada while I was in Lagos.