My name is Michael. I’m 15. I’ve a sister, her name is Aku she’s 18. My story may sound too difficult to accept. But then, I write from the ordeals I’m not suppose to experience. Fate I think, is nobody’s property. It makes what future will be for people without considering what they want.

It all started one night. A night I wish never came to be or came late. Maybe I could’ve prevented it. I had one of those nightmares that turned my room into a grave yard. Usually on such frightening nights, Aku do grab me and keep me calm. But this time, I didn’t find her next to me. The fear of my nightmare playing out in my room chased me away. I ran to my parent’s room. I found my mum crying by the door without dad. And then I heard screams. “It’s so painful. Please stop dad! Please dad! Stop!” That loud painful cry broke my heart. Certainly, that was Aku, I forgot the fears that drove me from my room. Aku’s cry for help slapped me right there on the face. “Mum what’s going on? What has Aku done wrong to dad? And why are you crying?”

She looked at me and the pains in her eyes stabbed a knife on my heart. She couldn’t utter a word. I made a quick run to barge into her room. She leaped and grabbed me. I looked at her and notice a deep fear crushing her. That kind of fear that tried to protect me from seeing what could change my life forever. “Mum please help me! This too painful! Dad I beg you stop! Stop please!” She cried. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I pushed my mum away. “Michael! Don’t go in there!” The panic in her voice nailed my feet to the floor. And so I halted. But something doesn’t feel right. What could my dad be punishing my sister for? “I’m bleeding dad! Please I beg you in the name of God, stop is too painful. Mum! Mike! Mike!” That was it. I barged in and I saw the most horrifying picture ever.

I saw my dad raping my sister like demon unleashed from hell. The bedspread were cloaked with blood. “Mike!” She cried. I’m jumped in on them and my dad sent me rolling to the floor with one quick punch. I scrambled up and bashed in on him. He grabbed me like a tea cup and flung me outside. He locked the door and in few minutes my sister’s cry enveloped the house. He raped her all through the night. All my mum and I could do was cry and beg dad to let her go. He didn’t listened like he never listened to anyone all so recently.

So much have been going wrong in my family. And what I saw my dad doing to my sister took the biscuit out of the baggage of dirty memories. How could a father rupture his daughter’s virginity? A horrible question too ugly to ask no one but my mum. She claim to have answers to cure my panic and worry but it will change our life for ever. My mum made swore never to let anyone know about it. And so nobody knew about it. And why a loving dad would suddenly mold into a villain against his cherished family was another question I chosed not to ask. I guess fate has played a dirty one on us this time.

My mum couldn’t get my dad arrested. It’ll cause more harm than good she said. I never knew what she was hiding but I knew I was tired of listening to my sister’s cry every night. My mum sometimes had to watch him and beg him to stop.

Then one day, I smuggled a gun into the house. I waited patiently for a perfect time to fulfill the purpose I smuggled it for. That night, my sister started screaming. It was time. It wasn’t easy but I had to do it. I picked up the gun and matched to my mum’s room. The door was locked. But already I had a spare key. And so I used it and barged in and shouted. Enough of this dad!” But then I watched my gun dropped down when I saw my dad raping my grandmum this time. My own mother’s mum! The whole situation became complicated. And vowed to find out the truth that night. I swore to kill everyone if they don’t comply. And truly, the truth of what was going on changed my life for ever. My mum was right.

I couldn’t let the gun in my grip feel disappointed I wasn’t aiming at anyone. I pointed the gun at my mum. “Mum you’ve got to tell me what’s going on now?” I yelled. I felt my anger pilling up in my chest. My Grandmum pulled out from the bed. She buried her head in shame as she fought to wear her pant. My dad pulled out the condom from his shrinked penis.

“Michael please drop the gun” she said. Her tears caused the gun in my hand to quiver. Aku looked like an abandoned corpse. The horrifying rape done by her own previously loving dad was slowly affecting her senses. As she looked at me, the terror in her eyes drove my gun to my dad. “And you, how could you be sleeping with your own daughter and mother-in-law?” I asked him. My grandmum attempts to escape. “Don’t even think about it. I’ll shoot you before you touch the door.” She stopped. My dad attempted to take the gun from me. I managed to escape and let a shot hit the ceiling. The gunshot sent them into a fright territory. Panic flashed across their faces. Finally they got a clear message from their 15years old son actually meant business.

” What’s going on for the love of God? Why’s nobody telling me why a lovely family will turn into nightmare!” I let another gunshot to echo. “Michael!” My mother called out. But this time, I couldn’t feel the panic in her voice. “I swear the next gun shot will leave someone dead!” I yelled. “Okay, okay, Mike I’ll tell you.” My grandmum obliged. “No mother, please don’t tell him.”
“He deserves to know. He has seen too much for his age. Keeping the truth from him will only make things worse.”
“I’m hungry” Aku complained. She looked at our father and flinched. My dad wasn’t wearing any look of disappointment. No remorse, no regret and no feeling. What kind of demon was he?

“Mike, your father is taking his revenge.” My grandmum said. “What revenge?” I asked.
“I wish your mum could tell you. But whatever you’ve seen today and before today has so much to do with my husband, your grandfather.” My grandmum said. “My granddad?”
The situation became so complicated. “Tell me, grandmum, what does my granddad got to do with all these?” I asked as I point the gun at her. “Please don’t tell him” my mum begged her. I Jacked the trigger. My grandmum shivered and started to talk.

“Your granddad which is your mother’s father is your true biological father and not that man.” She said with so much difficult.
Even though the truth stared at me in the face (I bear no facial resemblance with my father) it never went down well with me. The man we’ve lived with for over 15years (for me) and 18years (for Aku) was never our father? Definitely my mum has got a lot of explanation to do. But before then, someone has to die tonight. I mean that was what guns are used for. Besides while point a gun at people and still don’t shoot anyone. The gun will feel disappointed. I can’t disappoint my own gun. I inched closer to the rapist I was made to believe he was my father until my grandmum told me the truth. Although he stopped being my father the day I caught him raping the daylight out of my sister, I jacked the gun.

A tear drop escape from my eyes. Even though he’s not my biological father, I still feel he is. After 15years, the bond is as hell as strong. ” Don’t kill him please” my mum begged. “What! Mother! This demon raped your mother and daughter!” I yelled. “Kill him” Aku managed to muffled out. “Yes Aku, that’s what I’ll do! He doesn’t deserve to live” I aimed and attempted to pull the trigger. ” I know Mike, but you really don’t want to kill him if you want me alive.” She said. That moment I was lost. Whatever that was going on became a mystery. “Yes Mike, killing him will do you more harm than good.” My grandmum supported.

That was it. I threw the gun away. The secrets were Jacking me up. “There’s nothing we can do Mike. I’m sorry.” My mum said. “Tell me what’s happening!” I shouted. “You’ve known too much already. It’s already tearing you up.” she said. “Come to bed Aku” he called my sister. That man is certainly a demon. Aku slumped and fainted before I could say a word. We rushed her down to the hospital. And mother told the Doctor a horrible lie that she was ganged raped. My grandmum agreed. Who will believed a 15years old boy when his parents who knows better are there.

The man I thought was my father was just playing a fatherly role all my life until he stopped. Or could it be my grandmum lied to keep the real truth buried from me? I don’t know what to believe any more. My supposing father raped my sister and grandmum. He used my sister as his sex tool. My grandmum called it revenge. We can’t get him arrested or kill him. It’ll do us more harm than good. His death will bring my mother’s death also. My grandfather is my true biological father. Too many issues. What kind of a strange family was I born into? And nobody even asked me if I wanted to be born into these forbidden generation! And nobody is willing to tell me the whole truth. The truth they claim will ruin my life instead. The little I knew already was ruining my mind.

Aku was dying in the hospital. Her rapist was at home probably watching his favourite soap opera. I left the hospital to break the news to my granddad that I know he has been sleeping with his daughter, my mother for over 20years. I was part of his 20years old project. But unfortunately, his project was about to fail him. Since I was sure his death won’t do me any harm unlike the rapist, I went with my gun.

I had a icy gun very eager to kill someone. I was angry and frustrated. I think I was an assassin for having a gun. For that reason, I didn’t knock. I sneaked in like an assassin would do. I heard familiar but strange noises escalating from his room. I knew his room and so I tiptoed to it. I opened his door and I saw another gruesome JACKED.

“What!……I’m calling the cops right away!” I pulled out my phone.
“You’ll do no such thing son” he said.
My granddad attacked me. We ensued a little struggle. A gunshot echoed and he fell and died. I killed him even before I had the chance to get the answers I sought

Why would my granddad(my dad) be having sex with a corpse? How did he get the corpse? Is he truly my biological father? Why in the world would he sleep with my mother, his own daughter? I wasn’t close to unravel other jacks and more jacks were presenting themselves. Why did someone not ask me if I wanted to be in this family?

The man I thought was my dad raped my sister and grandmum. My grandmum called it revenge. What’s he revenging for? They said the rapist’s death or arrest will do more harm than good. But why? The truth will change my life for ever they claimed. They begged me to let things remain the way they are. But how could I?
I inched closer to the naked corpse. Her vagina is almost rotten. I noticed part of it was falling out. I think I saw a maggot crawling out. I couldn’t remain there anymore and so I returned to the hospital.

I met my mother crying beside Aku, I sensed something was wrong. The deep hurt and agonies in her eyes broke my heart. “Aku is dead” she broke the news to me. I couldn’t cry because I’ve cried so much for her sufferings. There were no more tears left to cry. “She died a horrible death.” My grandmum tried to comfort my mum. But she needs more comfort than her. A tear drop trickled down my face finally. And that was the last”uncried” tear saved for my sister’s death. My mum grabbed me into her embrace. “I’m sorry Michael. I’m sorry it was all my fault.”
“No is not.”
I couldn’t tell her I’ve killed her father or much preferable, our father.

“I’ll tell you everything now” she said.
“Don’t mother, if you don’t want to”
“I have to Mike. Aku is dead. My husband has to pay for what he has done to her. If he goes down, I will go down as well. You may never have another chance. So listen.”

Even though my ears lingered for the whole truth of what’s going on, but the pains crushing my mum tortured me.

“Mum please you don’t have to.”

“Mike, I’ve done horrible things which you’re paying a costly price. I hope you will find it easy in your heart to forgive me for how disconnected your life is.” She started. Her lips vibrated with fear. I got scared too.

My mum told me the whole truth and truly my life changed.

She said… My biological father is actually her stepfather contrary to how my grandmum put it. His name was Henry, That information was helpful. At least I’m not a product of an abominable sexual act between father and daughter. Her real father died long ago even before I was born. His name was  Harry.

I didn’t mention to you that the real name of the man, my mum’s husband who raped Aku and grandmum was Gyamfi

The whole trouble started from…. Henry(my biological father) Harry(my mother’s father) and Gyamfi (the rapist) father were business partners. Work happened to turn deadly with greed. Mum and Gyamfi the rapist, her husband were so in love. They loved each other so much. They didn’t allow their father’s business troubles ruin their love. So they walked down the isle of course in opposition to their parents’ wishes.

But my mother did an evil thing. Harry, his father used her to kill her father-in-law. But it happened after Harry and Henry his business friend (my biological father) raped Gyamfi’s mother and sister. It was brutal and gruesome. Gyamfi’s father cheated them, filed a law suit against them and claimed everything they worked hard for. Business really turned ugly. My mum was devasted for knowing that she played a part in every horrible thing that happened to her husband and his family, the man she claimed to love. Besides, they vowed they keep their marriage away from their parent’s business. Mother betrayed him.

So my mum killed Harry her own father.

Gyamfi my mother’s husband was impotent. Henry, my biological father used my mum’s crime to lure her into his bed. She willingly became his mistress just to have a child. There was no remedy to her husband’s impotency.

Gyamfi found out the whole truth, betrayal, lies and deceits and turned a devil. No wonder a sweet loving man I thought was my dad will turn into sudden demon. He was raping Aku and my grandmum in revenge of what my biolgical father Henry and Harry my mum’s father did to his father, mother and sister.

To cut the long story short…. I’m tired already. These are memories I swore not to remember. Unfortunately, I had to remember it all when I stumbled on someone. I’ll tell you later.

My mum got Gyamfi her husband arrested. He testified against her also. She was arrested too. My mum was sentenced to death. Gyamfi was sentenced to 70years in prison. I was also arrested and sentenced to prison 60 years for killing my father. Mother was so right. The truth changed our lives, my life forever.

And guess who I met???????

Aku’s IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER! MAAME AKUA, tweaaa Another Jacked!

Aku had a twin sister all this time? What is she doing in jail? How long has she been there? What crime did she commit? Where has she been all this time? Did Aku knew she had a twin sis? Surely, mother knew, but why did she keep her away from us? Does she know I’m her brother or her twin sister is dead? Just when I thought the
Jacks in my life has been patched up with the truth that changed my life, I discovered more

Thank you for following me to the end of my story even though it ended with Jacks I’m Prince



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