1.Try to be in some of the same places.

In order to become friends with a girl,
you have to become familiar to her first. A girl may not be comfortable with a stranger walking up to her and starting a conversation out of the blue, but if she seen you around and you’ve seen her around, that barrier falls. You’re no longer scary. It’s actually proven that humans like things the more they are exposed to them. It’s the reason the same song gets played over and over on the radio and why commercials get repeated endlessly. So the more she’s exposed to you, the more she’ll be inclined to like you. In psychology,this is called the mere-exposure effect. If you know where she’ll be, be there once in a while. As long as you’re not breathing down her neck, you’re on the right track.

2.Interact with her.

Ok, now that you both know who each other is and that you have a certain something in common, you’ve got to interact with her. It can be as simple as a passing remark about something common or a question about what time is it. Don’t be afraid to start off small -after all,you’ve gotta start somewhere. She’s a girl. She’s just a girl. There are billions of them on this planet. When you ask her a question or make a funny comment you will not spontaneously light on fire and the world will not explode. If she’s friend material, she’ll be happy to respond. Most girls are no different from guys when it comes to conversation.

3.Be bold

Lots of people are shy when it comes to reaching out to others. She may love to have a new friend like you, but she might not make herself vulnerable and put it all out there on the line. Be bold and amp up the conversation. Ask her her opinions on things, questions about your classes/hobbies/mutual friends, and just keep the conversation going.

4.Take note of what she’s wearing, carrying, or seems interested in.

Be observant.

Make her laugh. The simplest way to become someone she wants to be around is to make her laugh. When she thinks of being around you, she thinks of having a good time -bingo! You’re in. Feel out her sense of humor and keep the good times rolling. This is a way to also keep the situation light and fun. Making her laugh lets her know that you’re just trying to have a good tone. Brighten her day and she may want you around .However, don’t just be the class clown all the time; that will make you look one-dimensional and, frankly,kind of boring after a week or so…

By Prince Owusu Banahene Sarkodie