Oscar! Please I beg you. It won’t happen again. I’m sorry.” Sophia cried out as Oscar turned her into a punching bag. He smacked her head and threw her against the table. Her waist smashed hard on the edges. The glass wares fell to the ground and shattered into fragments.

“I’ve warned you severally. I hate it when I see you hang out with any man not me. I’ll deal with you today!” Oscar flexed his muscles as he yelled. He rendered a blinding slap on Sophia’s face. She lost conscious a little and fell to the ground. The broken pieces of the glass wares torn through her skin. She felt sharp deep pains.

“Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! I’m bleeding. Please, I’m sorry.” She struggled with her breath as she called out. She was bleeding profusely. It didn’t matter to Oscar.

“That’s what you get for disobeying me.” Oscar roared out his vexation and walked away.

Sophia shed blood-ridden tears as she tried to help herself up. The broken pieces of ware pierced her skin. Some hooked on her skin. She felt a sharp pain as she pulled them out. Each one she pulled forced out tears that stung her eye sockets. She wept at her sorrowful situation. The Oscar that she loved so much is the one leaving scars all over her body. The previous scars are still fresh. And he has added new ones.

Sophia lost her virginity to Oscar. It formed a bond that attached her to him. She’s foolishly in love. Everything Oscar does is right. Everything he says sticks. Oscar is reaping an undeserving love. He knows Sophia was so in love and couldn’t do without him. He took advantage of such a rare privilege and used her like a piece of rag. He forcefully demanded sex from her and most often rape her. Almost everyday he demands sex favours from her. After each ejaculation, he’ll abandon her like a prostitute. He claimed he loved her and wouldn’t stand to see her with another man.

He was still struggling to become financially mature. Sophia most of often help him financially. Cook for him with her money. Wash and take care of his home. It’s just one room apartment. Sophia turned down the advances of many potential men because of Oscar. Oscar on the other hand, was a possessive jealous cheat. He cheated on her and wouldn’t let her go. Sophia couldn’t see all the wrong he was doing. She was totally in love. Oscar promised to change. She believed him and she was waiting patiently for him to realize she was his woman. She stuck to him because she believed Oscar loved her that’s why he’s protecting her from other men. And plus, he doesn’t want to let her go. She believed he will change someday.

Sophia’s phone was ringing. She noticed that it was an unknown number. Oscar was around her and she was so afraid to pick her call.

“Pick your call Sophia.” Oscar urged her.

“I don’t know the number calling me. I don’t want to pick.” Her lips vibrated in fear as she refused to yield to Oscar’s request.
Oscar grabbed her phone and answered the call. He discovered it was a man that was calling her. He dropped the call without finding out who the caller was.

A man is calling you again? How the hell did he get your number Sophia?” He raged. Great panic squeezed Sophia’s throat.

“I don’t know the person that called me. I didn’t give anyone my number lately. I’m sorry please.” She begged.

“Sorry? That’s not the reply I expected. For the last time who’s the man that called you?” He stood up and walked closer to Sophia as he asked her. His anger boiled and evaporated into extreme vexation. Sophia trembled and hid her face with her arms.

“Oscar you picked the call not me. You should’ve at least find out who the caller was.” She explained calmly.

“What! Are you crazy?” He dragged her roughly to the floor. “You’re a big liar! A fool! How dare you challenge me that way? I asked you a tiny question and you threw it back to me. Was it my phone he called? You must be very stupid!” He roared and beat the demon out of her.

“Oscar please, I’m sorry! I swear I don’t know him. I didn’t give any man my number. I don’t know how he got it!” She cried and pleaded. Oscar lashed her with his belt. She cried like a woman thrown into boiling hot oil. She begged and begged. Oscar didn’t relent; he flogged her terribly until he got tired.

“I’m hungry. Prepare my food.” He commanded as he walked away from her. Sophia couldn’t help but cry miserably. She got up with marks all over skin and walked to the kitchen crying bitterly.

The same night, Oscar demanded for sex. Sophia complained of body pains from the weeps she received from him.

“I can’t make love to you tonight. I feel pains all over my body. Tomorrow please.” She tried to elicit some pity from Oscar.

“That’s total rubbish. You brought it upon yourself. You fouled my orders. I’m getting sex tonight and right now!” Oscar ended and jumped on Sophia

Please Oscar; my body is filled with pains. Please, don’t do this to me.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she begged. Oscar ripped her night dress apart and forced his manhood into her. He didn’t initiate any initial foreplay to get her body ready. He thrust her like a demon and ravaged her.

“Oscar please, that’s enough. It’s too painful. Please stop!” Sophia cried like a woman who lost her husband to assassinator.
Oscar used her that night and abandoned her like previous times.
Sophia laid in bed and cried. She looked at Oscar, the one her soul is bonded to with so much love and wept bitterly.

Oscar finally made it in life. He started growing rich. Sophia was so happy for him. Finally Oscar will marry her like he promised. He secured a new apartment outside the accra without her knowledge. He was planning to leave accra. He had sex with her like crazy. He used her and used her to his satisfaction once more. He finally disappeared and abandoned Sophia. Sophia tried to reach him through his cell phone. He rejected her many calls. Sophia tried severally and finally he picked.

“Oscar what happened? Are you Okay? I’ve been trying to reach you for so long. Where are you? How could you just shut me out?” She asked in a hurry.

“Sophia I’m very okay. Please stop disturbing my line. It’s over between us. I can’t continue with you. There’s nothing left in you. Your vagina is so slacked and wide. It’s not pleasurable any more. I got tired of you even before I left you. Stop bothering me. I’ve moved on with my life. Do the same, goodbye and good riddance! ” He dropped the call.

That moment a veil fell off Sophia’s eyeballs. It was like she was suddenly freed from her enchantment. As her clouded mind cleans up with the truth about her blind love for Oscar, she dissolved into a new being. Her senses slowly departed from her. She turned into an unfortunate mad woman. She was sent to a psychological hospital. No positive news was heard about her again. *poor Sophia*

Oscar enjoyed only a brief moment of peace. He endured a consistent sleepless night. His nightmares stole the night from him. He searched for a woman who’ll love him but failed. He was emotionally ruined and dead. A grave loneliness enveloped his heart. Even though he had his sanity, he was just a shadow of his former self. The money and all he had hated him. He lacked fulfilled happiness and peace of mind. He had to suffer all these for four years.

One certain night, he experienced a wonderful dream and a calm night all through. That was the first time in four years he slept peacefully well. It was Sophia he dreamt about. And finally he realized she was the only one who’ll bring happiness and peace into his soul. He realized he has abandoned a diamond while picking stones.

He set out in utter desperation and determination to find Sophia. He returned to accra where he abandoned her. He traced her to the psychological hospital and he was told she has been discharged. He searched and searched and searched for her. He searched every corner of accra And finally like a bolt out of the blue, he found her standing in front of the church. It was the only place in town he didn’t search. She looked so happy in her wedding dress.

Oscar noticed she was about to get married. He ran like a troubled soul escaping from hell to her.

“Oh my God! Sophia! I can’t believe this is you! Thank God I found you. I’ve searched the whole town for you!” He said excitedly as tears rolled down his eyes. He has realized all the wrong he did to Sophia. Sophia couldn’t utter a word. She stood like a statue and watched Oscar.

“Sophia…” Oscar started on a painful note traced with regrets and repentance. “I know you’ve always wanted a different me to love you. I know how much you waited patiently for me. I’m a changed man now Sophia. Please, I’ve not known peace ever since I left you. You can’t marry another man. Please give me just a tiny minute of chance to make it up to you. I beg you in the name God.” Oscar fell to his kneels like a fool and cried out to Sophia.

Sophia heaved a tear and finally decided to speak. Painful tears that remind her of the sufferings she endured in the hands of Oscar began to draw lines of agonies down her cheek. All the scars he left on her body itched and bit her. They reminded her of the slavery she was forced into by Oscar. All the time she was used and used, and finally tossed into the waste can like a useless rag. She remembered everything and how she was dumped like a dead prostitute without a family. She looked up and sniffled at Oscar, the failure she was struck with, the wasted years in rue and bitterness. The torture, the tears, the afflictions and all the painful days she was made to bleed by someone she loved. She remembered all the suitors with good prospects she ignored just to please Oscar. She expelled loudly and wept more at the death trap that stood before her. She looked at her years of sufferings and madness and cried like a lost soul locked up in hell to rot and decay. She looked up at Oscar the scar-agent of Satan and wept bitterly.

Is it wrong to love someone so much? She asked. She fixed her crying eyeballs on Oscar as she sang this song by Michael Learns

“Boy I miss your kisses
All the time but this is
Twenty five minutes too late
Though you traveled so far
Boy I’m sorry you’re
Twenty five minutes too late”

Oscar started experiencing strange changes around him.

Sophia continued. “Oscar I’m married now. You’re too late. I got married 25minutes ago. I’m free from you Oscar. I’m free your scars. The scars you impregnated my body with are healed by my loving husband. I’ve moved on Oscar. You should do same. Goodbye and good riddance!” She finished and joined her husband.

Oscar threw away a diamond while picking stones. He hurt and abandoned the one that hold his eternal happiness and sanity. He earned the reward for his foolishness and wickedness. He lived mentally disturbed for so many years. He regained his senses when he has lost everything he had. He had to depend on odd jobs to survive. He helped people with their loads in the market and get paid. He helped a man to carry his load to his car. He got to his car and discovered he was Sophia’s husband. Sophia was in the car playing with her children. Oscar dropped the load and walked away in shame without collecting his wage.


Well, ladies, it’s better to be with someone that loves you than to suffer in a wrong relationship with someone you love but doesn’t appreciate you or treat you like a human.


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