Good morning beautiful people.  It’s a beautiful day. Yesterday I had so many things in mind with regards to the international girl child day but I wanted to be sure of something first.
I see that lots of people put up ‘i stand with girls’ on their profiles so I have a question or series of questions for everyone who believes they stand with girls.

What do u do when you see a parent mistreating her little child, do you say anything or do you ignore?
What do you do when you hear and watch people laugh at a young girl because she’s a bit unstable, do you laugh too or do you try to make her feel better?

What do you do when you see a young girl in your house wearing the same shabby clothes over and over again, do you give her some of yours or do you ignore?
What do you do when you hear about the young guys in your neighbourhood talking about a girl they are going to all ‘have a share of’, do you advice her to be careful or do you ignore?

If you see a child from a different country in need,  will you help or will you ignore?
Are you really and truly for the girl child?
Have you ever done anything at all to ease the pain of the girl child?

Have you ever even said something to make a little girl feel better?
If you haven’t,  then you are not for the girl child.