Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 28


​Mum: luke i really dont want you getting involved in any of this
Me: have you ever wondered why i stayed with him in the first place.
Mum: because i was mentally ill i guess.
Me: he lied to me, he made me believe that you wanted me to spend time with him. I believed, because i badly wanted to see my dad, but then i did miss you alot and all i get was fake birthday cards bearing your name. I was fooled and now i know the truth, it was all his doings. In his eyes, everyone around him is just a puzzle he has to play with and i hate him for lying to me, perhaps i was gonna be kept in the dark forever and perhaps he was also preventing me from meeting you all along. I really hate him for this mum i said sobbing abit.
Mirabel: she stood up, walked behind him slowly, wrapping her hands around him as she gave him a peck on his hair. That’s enough luke, its all fine now, you really dont have to cry anymore she said.
Me: nodding i know mum
Mum: there’s one person who deceives to cry all the tears luke and his out there.
Me: nodding
He drove down to the flower shop purchased a beautiful bonquet of red roses, drove down to school, heading straight into the girls dorm and soon he was at dera’s door step. He knocked twice and then the door was opened.
Dera: hi damian she said with a smile
Damian: tadaa!!! He said bringing the flower from behind him where he hid them.
Dera: wooow they are beautiful she said collecting then. Awww mind my bad manners, i know we’ve come to the part where am suppose to say come in but have got some secret stuff in there for my eyes only she said smiling.
Damian: hahaaha i get it, trust me its no big deal.
Dera: really??
Damian: yup am cool just wanted you to have those, he said pointing at the flower. I have to run along now, see ya later he said winking as he smiled.
She got in, shutting her door immediately still taking a close look at the flower, and then she found a pink card “meet me at sparkles 6:00pm tommorrow, its a date” she tossed both card and flowers on her bed as she got back to her laptop, studying the blue prints of the building she stole them.
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Mum: now its time for you to go upstair, shower and go to bed you know i wouldnt want you to be late for school tommorow, she said with a smile.
Me: alright goodnight mum
Mum: goodnight honey.
I walked up into my room, showered and went to bed. I was finding it a bit hard to fall asleep and then finally sleep crept in unnoticed, it was more like a blink and it was dawn.
Mum: wakey wakey!!! Sleepy head its time to go to school. I dragged my self out of bed, when she tossed a new pair of cloths over to me. I cleaned up quickly and was off to school.
I drove for a long while and finally i was in school, hurried to my room, grabbed my bag and then to class, to meet a scanty population, that was when it dawned on me we were having a sports week.
Me: d–n it!! I said hitting my head as i turned to leave when i head my name.
Isabel: lucas! Where have you been, am sure you’ve been out of this planet because have been scouting everywhere for you.
Me: smiling a bit i was in my room
Isabel: there’s a game……she was about saying something when dera interupted.
Dera: hey luke she said smiling
Me: smiles# hi dera
Dera: aint you going for the game?? Ooh let me guess, you need someone to drag you down there, she said grabbing my arm
Me: hahhaah you are really an expert in reading my mind
Dera: lets get going she said smiling as we made to leave, just then i felt a sudden force pulling me backwards
Isabel: i wasnt done asking!! She said
To be continued