Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 27


​Mum: yes she said nodding
Me: where could she be mum and how is it that i know nothing about her.
Mum: we both knew nothing about her, from my present findings her birthname is ashley.
Me: its been years now mum she’d never gonna recognize either of us.
Mum: i know luke i know.
Me: where could she be?? I asked worriedly.
Mum: same question am afraid i have no answer too luke. But i promise am gonna find her as soon as possible.
Me: we are gonna find her.
Mum: smiling alright
Me: mum there’s still one more question am yet to get answer to.
Mum: what is it luke?
Me: ever since i was a kid, you’ve always tried to keep me away from knowing dad, even when i tried, you’ve always made me believe he is a bad person. I know you guys had certainly a messed up relationship but why
Mirabel: exhaling, yea i think you deserve to know, your grown up now.
There was a young beautiful lady, smart, bright, exceptionally talented in business and most of all a college graduate from the faculty of law. Rather than being a law practitioner she decided to work in her dad’s firm. A decison she regrets everyday that breaks.
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She did alot of bargain and won the company lots of business partner, including MJ of course. After being partners for a while both families got quite close, close enough to have dinner where her family got to know their only child was also a unique gentleman and his parents who had already seen their smart and pretty daughter. 
Finally they reached an agreement, seeing a wonderful future ahead not just for two wonderful singles getting married alone, its also a means of uniting both families and opening a whole new atmosphere business wise. Well everyone but her saw this idea as a wonderful one, from the very first time they met she never like him, because somehow she felt something about him was odd. But then at this point her opinion didnt really considered
They went ahead with the wedding leaving everyone with great joy except for her. Just a week after getting married to the nice, hardworking, calm gentleman which everybody in the world believe she got married to, was nothing but a drunk and a cheat. He came home every night smelling like alcohol. Her hatred for him increase, she had to move her things into another room and then one night it dawned on her the kind of human beast she lived with when he came home in his usual drunk state, forced the door to her room, opened, he seemed like his mind was made up about something. His mood was fierce she tried to hid her fears but then they werent helping. 
He knew she was still a virgin, she was assaulted so brutally, making her unconscious for days. After that night she was never alright, everything about her was reconstructed by pain. His beastful nature could no longer stay in dark, he had his way with her when he want and how he want it, thats how she was pregnant with his child but then she was more of a phsycological mess. She only wanted the best for her child so she fled.
Mirabel: thats the kind of person he was, that was your father luke she said fighting back her tears
Me: looking at the table with a fierce gaze as tears ran down my cheeks.
Mirabel: its ok now because am gonna make him pay she said sternly
Me: no you will not!! I said
Mirabel: shocked# as she looked at him trying to understand why he said that.
Me: we are gonna make him pay
To be continued to be continue tomorrow