Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 29


​Me: abit shocked by the stunt she pulled, so i turned to listen to her.
Dera: she felt the pull too she stood with her hands on akimbo to hear what she has to say.
Isabel: luke!! I was here to take you to the game, ditching me aint allowed, she said grabbing my arm
Me: uhmm isabel……….
Isabel: lets go she said cutting as she tried pulling me along.
Me: just then dera grabbed my arm pulling me back as isabel turned in shock.
Dera: uh-uh you dont play a fast one on me she said with a smirk.
Isabel: why are you still here?? Holding my date!! She yelled.
Dera: oooh she said rolling her eyes, i suppose you have no idea what you are talking about because you just grabbed my boyfriend.
Isabel: boyfriend???
Me: boyfriend?? Date?? Seriously what is all this leading too, i really dont want any fight, but then i had no idea how i was gonna stop them.
Dera: smiling pretty correct she said
Isabel: you are lying she said with a sad face.
Dera: now if you’d excuse me, i’ve got a match to see with ma boo, mood drainer she said alittle bit pissed, grabbing my arm as we both walk out.
Isabel: stamping her feet angrily, smashing her phone on the floor as she stormed out angrily
We walked towards the soccer peach in silence for a while
Me: smiling abit
Dera: was that suppose to be funny
Me: not at all, but dont you think boyfriend is kinda extreme i said smiling uncontrollably.
Dera: you should be thankful you know, i was just doing you a favour, i saw the looks on your face and was certain you didnt like her.
Me: smiling you were really great and am impressed, keep doing those kind of favours.
Dera: so what gonna be my reward for saving your a-s.
Me: be my date i smiling a bit.
Dera: smiling we got a match to catch up first and…..
Me: and what??
Dera: just because i called you boo few seconds ago doesnt mean you re not gonna ask in the old fashioned way luke.
Me: i dont think that’s gonna be a problem dera i said smiling, grabbing her shoulder as we walked in to sit down.
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Me: alright, We are gonna do it the old fashioned way.
Dera: hhaaah excuse me!! Just because we like an old routine doesnt mean am old fashioned!
Me: and who say you’re not!! I teased
Dera: hitting him playfully, lucas!!!
Me: hahah ok am sorry, now mama dera how about you let this papa give alittle shimzy fizzy treat i said smiling.
Dera: hitting my hands slitly smiling what is wrong with you i thought you are cool, she said smiling abit.
Me: ok ok ok am weird i know, wrapping my hands around, and how about i take you to where you gonna feel like the queen of my world, i said slowly.
Dera: woow how sweet she said smiling as her legs jerked, ok how about now??
Me: now!! I exclaimed!! Smiling weirdly i was just kidding you know.
Dera: dont you dare mess with me lucas!!!
Me: or you gonna do what crybaby, hahaha yea i can admit am scared of a few ladies but you are definitely out of the league.
Dera: baby face# what kind of a man would treat a lady as bad as you!!
Me: the kind of man who loves her so much, to make her his queen.
Dera: really!!! She said smiling
Me: hahahhaa thats was the ending line of chapter 5 in vampire and mystery, hahaha that wasnt for you girl.
Dera: you keep teasing me again and again!! Have had enough already.
Me: hahahah trust me you could just scream it helps.
Dera: grabbing my shirt pulling my face close, am gonna have to!!……
Me: smiling, cutting do what?? I said daring her.
Dera: looking at my face for a while, uhmmm am gonna have to kiss you she said delving into my lips, in shocked my eyes popped opened.
To be continued