Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 30


Almost everyone was at the game, while he took his time to do his laundry. Smiling to himself
damian: tonight’s gonna be a jackpot he said out loud. After a while he was done, he tidied his room and took a shower. Head straight to the cafetaria he was so hungry.
He smiled alot when he thought about dera, his hand where in his pockets when a angrily collided so hard with.
Damian: he staggered abit while she fell, awww are you alright.
Isabel: just nodds without saying a word.
Damian: helping her up, with a charming smile, am damian.
Isabel: isabel
Damian: she is so beautiful he thought smiling abit, nice to meet you isabel, how about we meet some other time
Isabel: that wouldnt be neccessary she said as she left.
Damian: even her anger is cute he said grinning as he walked into the cafe to have lunch.
walking to her dorm angrily as she paced up and down.
Isabel: boyfriend?? She said and yelled angrily, she just couldnt help it, was almost getting him to like her, before that witch ruined everything!! just then ray walked in.
Ray: i can see someone is in an extremely bad mood.
Isabel: not now ray!!
Ray: well i was watching the scene earlier, i told you he was abplayer, he aint worth the headache but yet you refused to listen to me.
Isabel: because it all your fault, you ruined it all!!, i was doing just fine when you came out of no where and gave him a hard punch. Thanks to you he’s a bit scared of me now because of you!!!!! I guess you are happy
Ray: you are my baby sis, and i have to look out for you, i dont regret any of it isabel because that dude is a jerk and i hate him.
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Isabel: i love him dont you get it ray??
Ray: does it have to be him??? He asked looking sternly at her.
Isabel: nodding yes, and dont give me the you are trying to protect me s–t, if he stole your dream girl deal with that yourself, its got nothing to do with me.
Ray: i’ll tell you what am gonna be out there watching if he tries messing with you, then he’s gonna get something more severe than a punch and nothing gonna change the fact that i hate him!! he said and left.
Isabel: how does this concern you!!! She yelled angrily falling back into her bed, its all frustrating.
her lips felt so good, the feeling was a wonderful one but then my eyes still shown, have never been kissed in the lips before it kinda made feel weird.
Dera: breaking from the kiss with a smile as she looked at me.
Me: i felt blood flowing to my cheek, i quickly looked away.
Dera: whats wrong she asked
Me: nothing i stammered.
Dera: smiling# by chance is this your first kiss she said looking at me from the corner of her eyes.
Me: absolutely not… I mean thats ridiculous.
Dera: with her gaze still fixed on me as she smiled
Me: now what??? I asked a bit embarrased
Dera: its obvious lucas, there’s nothing to be shy about, there’s always a first time for everything she said grinning.
Me: huuuh!! Well i think am hungry, am gonna be at the cafeteria.
Dera: am coming too she said standing.
Me: aaaarrgh!! You really dont have to come ok i’d be back.
Dera; uh-ugh we are going together she said as she grabbed my arm, we walked out of the peach towards the cafeteria as she kept on teasing me, just then i saw ray standing in our path.
To be continued