Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 31


​Dera had me smilling with all her teases, when i set my eyes on ray those smiles weared off immediately. I sensed trouble from the way he looked and breathed.
Me: omg!!! Am so not hitting on your sister, well i guess i was too lost in thought and i never knew i said that loud.
Dera: whose sister??
Me: uhmmm i’d rather eat in the eatery down the road lets go i said grabbing her shoulders, turning imediately back to my car with her looking all stunned. I felt his footsteps approaching i really dont want to get into a fight with this dude.
Ray: hmmm i see your trying to play a smart one on me he thought as he paced up to catch up
And then i felt a hard pull causing me to turn as facing him.
Ray: smirk# supermodel huuh?? You know am begining to think you are more of superwoman freak.
Me: i supposed you are called ray, i would appreciate it if you stay out of my business.
Ray: your business?? Mira was my business!!! Silly and dont you dare give me you dont know what am talking about because shes deffering a semester right now because of you!!
Me: now i was seriously lost in all this while dera listened keenly. Ray i had nothing to do with mira.
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Ray: smiling a bit that’s what you’ve always said, you just drive them crazy and walk alway but am gonna tell you what isabel is gonna be an exception.
Me: i drove no one crazy!!!! I yelled.
Ray: he smiled looking at dera, have been watching you closely after you made it impossible for me to be with mira, its been joan, lana, sophia, isabel my sister of course and now her. I’ll tell you what isabel still loves you very much, thats how much of a lucky dude you are. But God help you when i see even a trace of tears in those pretty eyes of hers, you’re gonna wish you never set foot here in patmos.
Me: i dont know what you’re talking about i yelled both angrily and frustrated.
Ray: i know you dont but to me your worst than a player, always knowing the perfect time to hit your target and how to cover track but am on your trail he said as he left
Me: now i was seriously irritated, i really wished i left a punch on his face before he left.
Dera: looking at lucas she heard everything and some part of it seemed to be true, it just kept playing in her head, “all you do is get them to like you and you’re gonna walk away” she was already inloved with him and lately she seem like to be the one doing the chasing, she was really having a mix feeling about this.
Me: looking back at her, i could tell she was begining to take his words seriously. Dera i said grabbing her shoulders with both palms looking at her in the eye, those were all lies i have absolutely nothing to do with those ladies.
Dera: i get it luke, you really dont have to explain that much, i thought someone was hungry, come on go grab some food she said with a slit smile, am gonna have to take a nap in my dorm.
Me: just stood there fixed looking at her as she vanished into the girls dorm. The feeling was horrible i was so pissed, i knew that was a break up of a relationship we’ve never really started. But then i would have prefered another punch to this chaos he caused. He went too far this time, he’s gonna pay for messing with me. I thought folded my fist.
To be continued