Mum’s Marriage – Episode 11 Final – End of the Road


​How come he didn’t even think of that? Just then, he went into his car and drove off to find his wife Ruby.  In no time Pee got to Mary’s house. Upon his arrival, he noticed the house looked empty and wondered where everyone was especially Ruby. 
However, the main door to the house was left ajar; he entered and closed the door behind him. The television was on yet no one was around. 
“Hellooo, is anyone around?” He called out yet there was no answer. Pee was not ready to leave until he sets his eyes on Ruby, and for the fact that the television was on when he got there tells that there was someone actually in the house or close by. 
Ruby, wrapped in a towel, came out of the shower wet. She noticed she had left the TV on before going to take her shower and upon coming back, to her surprise there stood her husband, Pee. Their eyes met and though it was obvious they missed each other, there stood this barrier between them that was holding them back. 
Pee for a moment was speechless. It’s been long since he set his eyes on his wife and to see her half naked made him miss those days they were together especially on their honeymoon night when they first made love.  He came to his senses and started opening up. He rushed and again, knelt before her asking her to come back. 
“Ruby, you don’t know how many times and how many places I have been to in search of you, I am not proud of what I did, I know I am wrong and i’m sorry. My mother is behind all this and we can’t let her win. Give me another chance, please” Pee begged and for the first time, Ruby saw tears in his eyes and noticed how sincere he was, however she wasn’t ready to easily give in like that. 
“I can’t do that, Pee you cheated on me and your mother does not even approve of our marriage, as long as I continue to be with you, your mother will always be in the way. I can’t, She said.“ Pee you have to be on your way out now” She continued and attempted to leave yet Pee held her back and unfortunately, the towel which was wrapped around her fell off leaving her naked. 
Pee’s blood rose high again just at the sight of her nakedness, Ruby quickly ducked to pick up the towel but Pee was so fast that he held her and forced a kiss on her lips. In as much as she fought back trying to resist him, Pee’s aggressiveness gave her some sought of pleasure that she eventually gave in. There she was standing naked with her lips locked unto Pee’s, having a very sensational French kiss. Pee held on to her firm breast and began to gently fumble it. Ruby had lost it now, she kissed back so deep but unfortunately her best friend came in and interrupted the whole thing. 
“Oh, I’m really sorry” Mary said. Ruby came back to her senses and realized what just happened, She quickly pushed Pee away and took the towel from the floor to wrap herself with it. She then looked at Pee and gave him a slap. 
“Just get out. We are done” Ruby said and went into her room. Her best friend followed her because she was really feeling guilty for interrupting them in that way.
Pee knew that, for what just happened, there is some hope of getting his wife back, somehow the short romance actually motivated and pushed him. He knew this was the right moment for him to fix things and that was just what he was going to do.
He rushed off from Ruby’s best friend’s place and in no time, was already at his house. He came back to meet his mother and Philo happily sitting at the hall with a glass of wine in each other’s hand. Apparently they seem to be in a celebrating mood. 
Pee was so furious; he hit the glass of wine Philo was holding leaving it to spill on the floor.  Then he shouted at her to get out of his house with her belongings right away. The noise made got Kwasimaa’s attention. She quickly rushed into the hall to see what was going on. Pee’s mother on the other hand was very vigilant. 
“You must be out of your senses, Philo is not going anywhere, I brought her here and I decide whether she stays or leaves” Pee’s mother shouted.
“You may be my mother, but this house belongs to me. It is my matrimonial home. I make the decisions here not you and for that matter, you are also supposed to go with Philo. Your stay here is over” Pee shouted at her. He was so furious that he even looked dangerous. 
“How dare you. I am your mother. Philo and I are not going anywhere” Pee’s mother said.  Pee didn’t say anything more, he just left them and went into their rooms. Within a short while, he came back with their luggage. This showed how serious he was. Kwasimaa who was standing there enjoying everything that was going on noticed how serious her master was. She had never seen this side of Pee before, she run out of the house as Pee began to through his own mother out.  She couldn’t stand it, though that was what she wanted, it was very pathetic
Pee brought everything that was belonging to Philo and his mother out and began to ask them out. The more Philo and Pee’s mother felt reluctant to leave, the more aggressive Pee was. Before they all knew it, Kwasimaa was back with Ruby. 
“Pee, what is the meaning of this, you can’t do this to your mother. Is this the man I married” Ruby said upon seeing how badly Pee pushed his mum around. It was surprising how she stood in for the very woman who wanted to end her marriage. Pee was also stunned by Ruby’s reaction. 
“Baby I’m fixing things. I am making things right” Pee said. 
“And this is the best way to fix things?” Ruby asked. Then quickly she began helping her mother in-law with her stuff. “Kwasimaa, take the luggage back inside” She instructed. “Mum, I am really sorry for what Pee is doing. Don’t take it to heart” She said. 
Pee’s mother was so shocked, she couldn’t believe that Ruby was actually intervening for her. She had never been nice to her, so why will she repay her in such a good manner. She felt so embarrassed and ashamed of herself. That was when she realized Ruby was the perfect lady any man could come across. 
She quickly knelt down on her knees and began to ask for her forgiveness. Pee’s mother actually cried for what she has done. 
“Ruby, my daughter, how could I have done such a thing to you. I never knew you had a pure heart till today. I’m sorry, please forgive me. I don’t know how all this happened, i can’t explain it. I am sorry” Pee’s mother said. Ruby’s eyes were filled with tears, she helped her mother in-law up on her feet. 
“That’s alright mother, the God I serve is a merciful God, I can’t hold anything against you.” She said.  Pee then came close to her and attempted to put his arms around Ruby’s shoulder, thinking that everything was over. 
“Don’t you dare touch me, how can you treat your mother like this. Make peace with her or else this marriage is over” Ruby said. Quickly, Pee began asking his mother for forgiveness, if not for anything, for attempting to throw her out the house. 
Pee’s mother knew it was her fault, so in no time, she reconciled with her son. Philo on the other side, felt like a stranger at that moment, she knew her stay was over, she then sneaked out without anyone noticing, when the family was reconciling.  She did that to avoid any further embarrassment.  
Ruby right away moved back into the house and their long awaited happiness was finally calling on their door. Just after three days she moved in. Pee’s mother decided to leave and go back. It was time for Pee and Ruby to live like a happy family. However, Ruby assured her mother in law that, she was soon going to call her back because she is a month pregnant.

© 2016 
By Elton Nana Amoah