In The Heart Of A Lady 18+~Episode 6


look,i think i have said enough, Ada has agents from God knows where,who monitors anyone related to Kaycee. I don’t want to be caught up in this matter cuz i have already suffered a lot in her hands, i only agreed to come here with the message cuz Kaycee is my childhood friend” Lucky concluded,with a shaky
I understood his plight and wasn’t going to push him to the wall. I thanked him for his gesture, gave him my number to hand over to Kaycee, which he collected,bade us farewell and left immediately. 
Many things were running through my head. After lucky had left, The three of us just sat down at the table,totally speechless, silence just engulfed that moment, nobody was willing to say a word, but when it seemed like eternity, Anita spoke out.
” Becky,am starting to have mixed feelings towards this issue o, i think we should just leave Kaycee’s matter alone, cuz it appears Ada is really dangerous. I don’t want to be involved in this matter again,i love my life and i’ll do anything to preserve it” Anita said those unexpected words which really hurt me. How could she say she doesn’t want to help Kaycee out of the claws of that evil girl?. Well,i didn’t blame her, what Lucky said must have really weakened her spirit.
“Common Anita, how bad could anything go?,we don’t have anything to loose, what Lucky just said,proves it more that Kaycee has been influenced by something Ada has done against him, let’s try to help him out na” i pleaded calmly to Anita.
“seriously Becky,my minds made up, besides how do you want to go about that?, i don’t want anything in this matter again, i don’t want to loose my life or fall sick to an undiagonizable
ailment,please!” Anita stressed.
I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I needed someone i could trust and who can give credible advice to me. I turned to Temi who was almost silent all through. At least she raised my hopes a bit.
“honestly with what i just heard,am really scared, if you’re banking on me to help you in this case, i can’t promise a 100% assurance. But at least i would render any help i can” Temi said, like she was whispering.
“But wait o Becky,i don’t understand you anymore, the last time i remember, you were slapping this boy with all hatred in you,but now here you are begging to help this same boy in a matter you shouldn’t involve yourself at all. What’s really going on,or don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him?” Anita asked with all seriousness.
Anita was probably right,the last time i checked, thinking about a boy the way i have done with Kaycee would have even been a planet distance from my thinking. But was it really Love or Pity?
After our discussions,We finished our drinks, packed our bags and left the restaurant. I and Anita got home really tired after dropping Temi at her own apartment. I was still disappointed at what she (Anita) said in the restaurant,so i didn’t talk to her at all, neither did she utter any word to me.
I laid on my bed, and pondered on what had happened today. The unexplainable force behind kaycee’s unwarranted compliance to directives from Ada, Her voracious hreats which were unfortunately confirmed by lucky.
I was still in awe and fear at what lucky had said earlier on. Ada wasn’t someone to be joked with. My thought’s were interrupted by the ringtone of my phone. I looked at the screen but saw that the number was unknown, i hesitated a bit before finally picking it up and answering the call.
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” Hello Becky?” Came the voice from the other end, i instantly recognised the voice. It was Kaycee’s.
“Kaycee!?!” i shouted with happiness.
“yea it’s me,Kaycee, how come you recognised my voice even without me telling you?” he asked.
“That’s not the problem for now, Are you okay?” i murmured with care.
“yea, of course am okay. I just want to beg you to forget what happened in the morning. The threats from Ada and so on are just empty threats and please, i don’t want what happened to get in the way of our friendship, am really sorry for the insults and the embarrassment,okay?!” Kaycee begged softly with a lovely voice, like that of an angel.
“it’s alright Kaycee, i was hoping we could meet and talk face to face rather than on phone. There’s something i’lld like to say about your relationship with Ada. Probably tonight??” i asked calmly, but unfortunately, i got an answer! that wasn’t befitting at all.
“Tonight?, i don’t think i can make it,Ada has locked me up in this house and it seems i won’t get out till tomorrow,besides,if Ada see’s both of us together,it might spell doom!” Kaycee replied shamelessly like a baby.
“what!!,what do you mean you’ve been locked up in your house?,can’t you for once stand up against her?” i asked Kaycee with rage, but Kaycee only remained silent.
“this has got to stop,you can’t continue being her slave,not even if you’re in love with her” i yelled.
“Love?,i don’t love her at all,neither do i have any feelings for her,but whenever she comes around me,i don’t know what happens next, cuz I’ll just be seeing my self doing all her wishes and commands all against my will” Kaycee muttered shakily.
“have you eaten?” i asked, intentionally changing the topic.
“no,i havn’t eaten anything at all since morning.” Kaycee replied to my uttermost upset.
“that’s really bad” i denounced.
 ” do you mind me bringing over something for you to eat?”i asked?
“am not sure that’s a good idea,but, if you feel like, then it’s okay by me” Kaycee warned.
We chatted a bit before we hanged up. He then sent me his address. I hastily arranged the vegetable soup ,i cooked yesterday inside a small cooler flask. Hurriedly did some pounded yam and immediately left for his house with the food in a nicely packaged polythene bag.
But as fate would have it,i unluckily ran into Ada while at his place
To be continued