In The Heart Of A Lady 18+~Episode 5


“so i just travelled home for a couple of days,and you’ve already started messing around with cheap sluts ehn?” Ada ranted.
Her statement really infuriated I and Anita.
” i beg your pardon, who are you calling a s–t?” Anita spoke out when she couldn’t bear it again.
“you both of course, just take a look at them, chasing after other people’s  boyfriend Sluts!!” Ada continued insultively.
“it is you that is the s–t”, I and Anita chorusely replied her,already fuming with rage. 
Kaycee just stood there, totally confused, he didn’t know whether to intervene or not.
“ehen!?!, so you brought these lowlives to insult me abi? Ehn Kaycee, you have the gut’s to arrange with these sluts to insult me kaycee? When we get home, i will so beat youuu”, Ada yelled angrily stressing the “you”
 “baby please,it’s not what you think,baby please calm down” were the only words Kaycee could mutter. 
Something was so much amiss, Ada mentioned something about her beating Kaycee, or did i hear wrong??
” oya, before i count three enter that car now!!” Ada barked pointing to kaycee’s car, 
“please now baby, it’s not what you think” Kaycee begged. 
 “1!!, 2!!,i will kill you oh” Ada said,counting down, Kaycee quickly obeyed, like someone being controlled with a remote. I just couldn’t believe what i was seeing, deep down, inside of me, i wanted to start laughing very hard, but on a serious note, what just happened wasn’t normal at all, Anita’s mouth was still wide open in shock at what she just saw.
When Kaycee had complied to “COMMANDER ADA ORDER” and entered into his car, Ada turned to us.
 ” sluts!!, you both don’t have shame, i swear, the next time i see you around my boyfriend ehn, you won’t know what hit you” Ada threatened doing the ” finger to mouth to sky” ritual.
” is that a threat” i muttered immediately.
” oh, dear, it’s more than a threat, it’s a promise, and when i give a promise, i fulfill it, watch Your back!!” she arrogantly said,while she stepped back and entered kaycee’s car, who was too afraid to even give us a glance. The car zoomed off immediately, leaving me and Anita in total Amazement and shock. 
The war has just started!
when the car had gone out of sight, Anita turned to me and was like ” was that for real??”. I too was dumbfounded at what just happened, i saw uncertainty, fear and confusion in kaycee’s eyes, he was so much afraid of Ada that he couldn’t even defend himself nor talk back at her, or was it that he was soft towards girls or
what?, acting like someone being controlled with a remote.
” you sure say that girl no use JUJU for that poor boy??” Anita asked again in pidgin when i didn’t reply her first question. Anita was just as surprised as i was, something was totally wrong, no amount of love would make a boy be a slave to any girl!!
“My sister, isn’t that obvious?, Kaycee just acted like someone being controlled with a remote, and i was even surprised when she mentioned something about beating Kaycee” i replied to the amazed Anita.
“wait o,i thought i was the only one that heard her saying she would beat up Kaycee?, it seems this isn’t a small matter o, and i assume Kaycee has been suffering in that girl’s hand for long now” Anita replied.
 “who knows, she might have used some fetish powers on him or something because according to what i just saw, that didn’t happen naturally” i muttered.
“i think that boy really needs some kind of help o” Anita said.
 “well, we don’t really know for sure, but i am keen on getting to know more about their relationship, probably ask some of his friends and see what we can get, are you with me?” i asked Anita.
” sure girl, a little investigation won’t hurt, but right now we need to attend lectures, we’re already late” Anita said.
with no further words between us, we hurriedly rushed to our faculty for our lectures. But i couldn’t really concentrate, something was really amiss in kaycee’s matter. The so-called Ada was nothing but a dry pale-like stick, there was nothing special about her, front she no get,back she not get!!, and
obviously, she wasn’t in kaycee’s level at all for Kaycee to have fallen for her. I really wanted to get to know more about their relationship. I was so much in thought’s that i didn’t know when we finished the day’s lectures. I had already gisted Temi what happened earlier on,
leaving her in utmost surprise.
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Our trio (Anita,Temi & I) later decided to have lunch in a restaurant downtown, we had already finished our foods,settled down, and was about bringing up kaycee’s issue, when a guy came in through the door of the restaurant, like he was searching for someone, he headed towards our table and asked, Please who amongst you is Becky?.
i instantly became frightened.
“Yes please?!, is anything the matter?” Anita asked the guy as she saw that i was scared to speak out.
” Not really, my name is Lucky a close friend of Kaycee, he told me to pass a message to Becky” the boy replied. 
Seeing he wasn’t here with any bad intentions, i summoned the courage to speak out.
 ” Am Becky, and what’s the message?” i asked him.
“Kaycee said he is really sorry for embarrassing you girls and apologises for what happened earlier in the morning, he also wants to assure you that the threats made by Ada are just
empty threats and nothing to be taken seriously” Lucky responded .
“But why isn’t he here to apologize, rather, he sent you?” i asked.
“That’s the problem,he cant come because that witch of a girl Ada, locked him up in his house”
“WHAT!!!” I, Anita And Temi, chorused together in shock.
” yes,in fact, that’s after she had beaten him up in the morning, ordering him not to go out of the house”
“wow,i can’t believe what am hearing, please take a seat” i said to lucky, motioning him to a seat in our table. ” you mean she beats up Kaycee and Kaycee doesn’t do anything about it, even up to the extent of locking him up in his house?” i continued.
” yes, i have been childhood friends with Kaycee to know that Kaycee doesn’t take nonsense from girls, no girl dares insult him before, but since the first day he met that girl, i have really noticed a sudden change in Kaycee” Lucky gisted.
” wait o, if she has been doing all these to Kaycee, can’t you guys as his friends tell him to break up with Ada?, isn’t it as simple as that?” Temi said, breaking her silence since Lucky came in.
“That’s another big problem, any time any one approaches Ada to tell her anything about her relationship with Kaycee, the next day, the person instantly falls terribly sick, or something
mysterious happens, like his/her house been razed by an unexplainable fire or he/she faces something totally unnatural” Lucky muttered.
“you’re joking right?” Anita asked with fear in her eyes.
“Joking?!!,you think all i just said is a joke? Lucky muttered with all seriousness, leaving the three of us in fear.
“The worst part of it all is that when Ada is not around Kaycee, Kaycee acts like a man like someone who has authority over himself, but when she is close, Kaycee just changes to a baby that can be played with anyhow” Lucky continued.
“Can’t Kaycee just break up with her?” i asked Lucky.
” Even Kaycee is fed up of his relationship with her, but just as i said before, he can force himself to tell her they need a breakup, but when she comes close to him, all his guts and audacity flies out the window, there’s no doubt she uses some kind of powers against him” Lucky concluded.
This is more serious than i thought.
To be continued…….