In The Heart Of A Lady 18+~Episode 7


I got to the street that was on the address Kaycee sent me. I quickly searched for his house number and found it with ease. When i saw his house,i smiled to myself, walked to the door and waited for a reply. But i noticed it was locked from outside,which upsetted me. I soon heard his voice from inside beckoning me to come through the back window. “what nonsense,this girl actually locked Kaycee up in his house o” i said to myself.
“Hey,Becky,i didn’t know you were serious about bringing the food,but anyways thanks so much” Kaycee said smiling when i got to the window at the back of his house.
“imagine the nonsense!!,i thought to myself again. So i have to talk to him through the window??.
“it’s nothing”,i said to Kaycee. “i believe it’s my fault that you’re locked up in here” i added with a frown.
“no,not at all,you have no hand in this. I have myself to blame. I just don’t know what happens to me when Ada is around me, i tend to obey all she commands me to do,but when she leaves, i don’t know what happens next. all i feel for her is hate,i have no tinge of love for her”. Kaycee muttered,broken like someone who was going to fall apart.
“your friends?, don’t you have friends that can help you speak up against her?” i asked.
“no not at all. Ada’s entry into my life has brought the exit of all my true friends. All of them claim that,ada threatened them to not have any thing to do with me, also saying that, something mysterious happens to them when they ignore her warnings. All my friends have fled from me” Kaycee said.  I could see beads of tears already trickling down his face,as i listened with all seriousness.
“it’s possible she must have charmed you!” i said slowly,while Kaycee immediately looked up at me,with a new light on his face. Probably what i said,hit him hard. He was perplexed and totally uncertain as to what to answer me. Just then,i heard someone call out,it was actually more of a proverb.
“when you stop a child from touching a lit candle stick or fire for the first time,but yet still after several warnings, the child refuses to take the warning,you as the adult lets the child go ahead,and after she foolishly touches the fire, and gets burnt,no one needs to warn her not to go back again” Ada said, smiling as she drew closer.
I was in shock, surprised and in confusion. I soon heard Kaycee murmuring words like ” i told you this was a bad idea” and so on… He was now all shakily and baby-like again. I was lost!. Her smile was unwarranted, making me feel very uncomfortable. 
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His kiss was sensational and mind-blowing, sweeping me off my feet. He had questions to answer but i was already lost in passion to even ask him anything. His lips came crushing against mine again but this time i didn’t resist,i just let it flow. Our tongues fought the war of supremacy as we both twisted, entwined and entangled it in action. I knew where this was headed but i couldn’t stop myself. I wanted the s-x, Yes!! I had fallen for him, although i wouldn’t readily admit it. Cuz i knew it was more of pity.
He lifted me off my feet as our lips was still unlocked in action, carrying me as we both found our way to his room, dropping one piece of clothing here and there. we were almost unclad when we got to his bed. His hands reached for my two bare bossoms, as he gently caressed them, sending shock waves down my spine. Making me moan softly. I wasn’t a professional in the act,neither was i a virgin. I carefully zipped down his trousers, making him completely naked and took his p****k into my hands, rubbing and working it up and down softly. He reacted with a little “ish” & “arrh”, giving me the impression that what i was doing greatly pleasured him.
When he couldn’t take it any longer, he took his mouth off my bossoms, drawing me up the bed, putting me in a position that his mouth was directly facing my Honeypot.
His tongue did the magic,as it gently separated the lips of my nicely shaved p*ssy. His tongue licked the fucking hell outta me, taken me to another realm entirely. A realm of ecstasy, infact,wonderland. Just about that time, my body began to shake violently. I exploded with my first round of orgasm,as Kaycee watched the whitish fluid spurt out of my honeypot. When i recovered, Kaycee tried tongue licking me again,but hell no!, i couldn’t take it any longer.
“f–k me,pls Kaycee,i want to feel you inside” i begged. While he quickly obeyed,like someone controlled with a remote .lolz.
He inserted his p***k inside my p*ssy and began to pound me mercilessly, while my moans and groans filled the room. It was one hell of a mad s-x as we later had 2 rounds in the evening. After the s-x, we showered separately as my head began to think normal again. I felt ashamed of what i just did. I hurried to leave which disappointed him but he tried making me stay over for the night but i bluntly refused.
Ada didn’t come again while i was around that day, which greatly surprised me. I still didn’t know if it was all planned up. I left his house with regrets.
Maybe now,i would know his real intentions.
To be continued……