In Yhe Heart Of A Lady 18+~Episode 8


I hurriedly left his house with regrets while he trailed me, begging me not to leave but i made him know my mind was already made up and there was nothing he could do to change it. I arrived at my apartment late in the night but only to find the door locked by Anita who was already fast asleep. And I,fully knowing that no matter how anybody knocks, when Anita sleeps, she is as good as dead, therefore, sleeping in that house that night was totally ruled out,so i didn’t bother myself knocking, i left for Temi’s apartment instead. I arrived at Temi’s house who opened the door almost immediately when i knocked but was really puzzled at why i was up so late at night. I needed to rest but i knew Temi won’t let me, with her voice like the buzzing of a bee, she bombarded me with different Jamb questions.
The few i could answer made her ask me more and more questions. Interrogating me like an FBI agent,till i started reqreting why i came to her house in the first place.
“Biko,Temi, leave me to rest na,am really tired”i begged exhaustedly.
“Did you get a job?” “where are you coming from?” “why didn’t you sleep in your apartment?” “where you chased out?” Temi consistently asked,like a parrot who’s mouth was leaking.
“is it a bad thing to come spend a night over at your place?,pls if you don’t want me to stay, kindly tell me so i can leave” i remarked.
“no o,i didn’t say so,you’re free to spend the night here,it’s just that,you came unexpectedly and it seem’s you’re hiding something from me,cuz i don’t think you’re coming from your house.” Temi replied in a ‘spit it out’ expression.
“okay!!,if you really want to know,am coming from Kaycee’s house. We had s-x!!” i revealed to her, summarizing everything.
But i noticed her countenance changed immediately, her expression changed to moody, her body weakened but she quickly put on a fake smile,which i really didn’t understood, as she acted like nothing happened. Because i knew her and Anita weren’t in support of the feelings i had with Kaycee.
“You had s-x with Kaycee? Or is that another joke?” she anxiously asked with all seriousness.
“why would i be joking?,look am really tired, tomorrow we would discuss about this, cuz now,i need to rest. I’ll be travelling for a 2-day medical workshop from my faculty with a host of other students tomorrow,so i need to really rest!” i concluded,while Temi resigned to her bed as she knew i was tired and wouldn’t utter a word again.
I checked my phone,only to see over 25 missed calls,10 apology texts from Kaycee but i ignored it, as i switched off my phone,and went to sleep.
To say i slept that night would be unjustifiable. I didn’t blink an eyelid all night till dawn. Immediately Temi left me,i engrossed my self in thoughts, my past relationship with Dave, came haunting me again.
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“If you don’t tell me who got you pregnant today,i would make sure i let your father know and everyone know the kind of girl you have turned into!!” My mother barked,as i remember the events that occurred surrounding the unwanted pregnancy i carried for Dave a year ago.
It all started two months after the unprotected s-x i had with Dave. The next month,i didn’t see my period which really gave me worries to be concerned about,but i didn’t mention it to my mum, but then i started having symptoms of pregnancy which greatly heightened my fears, but i still kept quiet. That fateful Monday morning, i became feverish and ill all of a sudden, i was too weak and worn out. Fatigue had engulfed me as i layed on my bed, without the strength to stand up.
” Don’t you know that you’re late for school? Or Arent you going to school today??” My mum asked as she entered my room without knocking, as i was in pains that i didn’t hear her enter.
“Off course am going,i just need a little rest”,i replied her.
“A little rest?,are you ok?,didn’t you sleep last night?” Mum continued asking while i lay on my bed, acting like all was well.
“No,i didn’t, i was busy with an assignment the ss3 biology master gave us”,i lied, masking it with a fake smile.
“You shouldn’t have stressed your self that much na, you know that…..” she didn’t even finish her statement when i jerked up from the bed, with hands in my mouth as i rushed to the toilet, where i threw up.
*am as good as dead,cuz i know she won’t leave me without questioning me thoroughly*
“Are you sure you are okay?” Mum asked seriously concerned when i returned from the toilet,.
“Am all good”,i denied, sitting back on my bed, ” why do you ask?” i muttered.
“No o,it’s just that yesterday you were all bouncy and here you are throwing up,we should see…”
“urhh,eeeergh” i jerked up again with hands covering my mouth as i rushed to the toilet again,while Mum trailed me from behind,with all seriousness,where i threw up.
“Becky!!,are you pregnant??” My mum asked angrily, when she confirmed her fears. But the looks on my face gave me away as i wasn’t a good liar.
“If you don’t tell me who got you pregnant today,i would make sure i let your father know and everyone know the kind of girl you have turned into!!” she barked.
To be continued…..