In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 62


  At this point, I couldn’t keep it away from her anymore. I have done enough things to destroy her future. She needs to know the truth.

  “Fine, since you are going back to New York City today why don’t you come on board with us cause we are also traveling down to New York City today. “I said.

  ” Do you want to give the child back to his father? “She asked.

  ” No I just finished achieving a company there so I want to relocate to that place and visit my father where he belongs to that he is now. Then one day, I might meet my run away Mom. Maybe or maybe not forgive them, it depends on what Desmond ask me to do. And also visit the guy who raped me although, I don’t really know why he did that so I want reasons and once I get his, I will ask who ever is guilty why he or she did it.

  If my father is innocent, I will help him out of the prison but if he isn’t, I would extend his staying there with extra 20 years. “I said making her gaps.

  “You should redress yourself cause you see that little guy that just left has a brain of an adult. You don’t want him to start questioning you.”

   I said while I redress myself before my son walk in.

   Looking spotless and presentable like I was before, I took a cup of juice placing it infront of her while I took my seat beside her.

   “Will you be the manager of my adopted parents company?” I asked throwing her off guard as she spit out the juice like it was hot.

  ” Damn, old habits don’t leave.” I commented cleaning the table where she just threw up.

  ” Sorry, I didn’t or should I say I can’t ear you clearly.” She said making me roll my eyes.

  ” Am paying back for what my dad did and if you are thinking of not having any certificate don’t, I got you covered.

You will be the manager director of their company and New York City and you will also be attending a five month program for business class then if you pass you will be certified.

  All bills on me.”I said leaving her shocked that she couldn’t even close her mouth.

  “You might want to close that up before flies help you. “I said rolling my eyes.

   ” I don’t know how to thank you enough for this but that doesn’t mean you won’t tell me everything that happened from you been raped till yesterday that I met you at the restaurant. “She said pouting.

  ” And you will also tell me what you where doing at the restaurant. “I said making her go cold on the seat.

  ” Come on, am a changed person and you didn’t expect me to see you there yesterday and let that go without looking into it the more. “I said making her slap my arms…