In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 61


Bella’s POv

“Do you know the hell I went through in the hands of both your mom and dad.

Do you think you think I want to grow up and be a reporter? Do you? No but my dreams of being a doctor was ruined by you! “She yelled right in my face.

” I was in prison for good three months if not for the person who changed your dad to Court, all charges against me won’t be drop!

I will still be in that hell hole telling your dad and mom I know nothing about you being raped neither was I the one who gave you the idea of killing yourself! ”

She yelled shoving me making me hold the wall for support.

“I was being jailed for what I didn’t know about. I couldn’t be the medical doctor I wanted to be. Both my parents Left me thinking am a murderer. If not for a police officer who helped me become who I am today,I wouldn’t be here looking out for a lost friend who doesn’t even care about me. After all these,no parents to ask for help. I had to look out for myself doing extral job just to pay up my bills and school fees. Because I had to go for a one year program and I did graduated as a journalist, living the life of who I don’t want.

Doing my job and digging up everything I could just to look for you. still I didn’t give up on looking for you and this all I get ? Hey reporter! Alicia me! ”

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She yelled waking Desmond from where he was sleeping peacefully.

“Mom what’s the noise all about?” Desmond asked looking around.

“It’s nothing honey would you like to go meet Kate for my pen, I really need it to sign a document. “I said trying to lure him away.

” But mom you are crying. “He said.

“Are you the one who made mom cry?” He asked facing her with a serious face.

“No she isn’t, it’s a news I heard from her about someone. Remember I told you yesterday about the reporter we met at the restaurant.”I said

“Yes mom, the one you told me about her dead friend. “He said.

” You are really a good friend ma’am. “He said hugging her leg before he let go and ran away.

Locking the door from behind, I turn around and face her only to be pushed to the floor roughly.

“The guy called Kylie was the one who raped you right.” She said.

At this point, I couldn’t keep it away from her anymore. I have done enough things to destroy her future. She needs to know the truth.

“Fine, since you are going back to New York City today why don’t you come on board with us cause we are also traveling down to New York City today. “I said.

” Do you want to give the child back to his father? “She asked…