In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 60


Alicia’s POV

“Alicia.” She called making me shocked. Like I was really shock how she knows am the one.

Clearing my voice after realizing how obvious I look give her the satisfaction that she Guess right.

“No, am Bella, Bella Checkers.” I said trying to cover up but instead, my voice was breaking which makes her laugh.

Damnit, old habits don’t leave one. I thought rolling my eyes at my inability to lie to my best friend.

Turning around,she walk down to the door and lock it behind before turning around to face me.

“You can lie to everyone but not me Alicia,just take a look at your office. What’s three of my pictures doing there if you are what you claim you are.

I mean the Bella Checkers you just named yourself.”she said pointing around making me realize I actually did so.

” No,am just a fan of yours that’s why I placed your picture there.”I lied again with my voice breaking.

” Am a fan of yours.”she said mimicking me.

” Don’t give me that bull sh*t Alicia!”she yelled and my purse which I have been looking from fell from her.

I was about to bend over and pick it when she pick it.

“Isn’t it yours?” She asked and i nodded cause I can’t find my voice at the moment.

“It’s yours Bella Checkers and it has me and Alicia’s picture which we took four years back or you are also a fan of the dead?” she asked making me swallow really hard.

f**k!sh*t!sh*t!sh*t! Why am I this stupid,I thought looking really caught red handed.

“Well,that proof might be too small for a rich person.” She said dropping the purse on the table.

Dropping her bag on the table,she undo the zipper then brought out some files.

“What can you say about the finger print that matches each other? what about the blood sample that came out the same?”she asked.

” Fine you caught me.”I said looking really guilty.

“Is this how to act to your girlfriend? Is this what I get for looking for you?for not believing the rumors that my best friend is gone!

What happen to I promise not to lie to you? What happen to we would never leave each other even at the point of death, we will fight to be together?

What happen to all these promises Alicia! “She yelled dropping everything on the floor with Anger.

“Do you know the hell I went through in the hands of both your mom and dad.

Do you think I want to grow up and be a reporter? Do you? No but my dreams of being a doctor was ruined by you! “She yelled right in my face.

” I was in prison for good three months if not for the person who changed your dad to Court, all charges against me won’t be drop!

I will still be in that hell hole telling your dad and mom I know nothing about you being raped neither was I the one who gave you the idea of killing yourself! “She yelled shoving me…