In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 59


Bella’s POV

Three days flew like it’s just a day, still remember the day my son bought me a necklace. So thoughtful of him.

I kept complementing him which do make him look so shy whenever I do so. He even had to beg me so that I won’t tell my P.A because she would keep on pulling his legs.

It’s just a day to relocate to New York City. Although, we only want to be there for some years cause I want my son to have the best pull.

And being in the heart of the country, he will have more influence maybe I can think of forgiving my parents then who knows.

Am sure they would have learnt their lesson although, am not changing my name from checkers.

They can just be my biological parents by mouth and blood but my adopted parents will always come first.

“Come in.” I call out to whoever it’s at the entrance while staring down the city for where I stood.

I know it would be my O. a cause my phone has been ringing since same as the office phone which makes me wonder what’s wrong.

She already got the clue that I want to be alone but if she have something important I need to know about, she can just come without informing me through call.

“Ma’am you have a visitor.” She said.

“Let him or her in.” I said still not turning around.

” Okay ma’am. “She replied.

” But I just got a call some minutes ago that’s our company has been stick with those goods you ordered same as the three houses, they are ready. “She said.

” Then we should be able to leave for New York later this evening. “I said.

” Prepare our paperwork alongside yours, grandma and grandpa are coming also with leo. “I said while looking at my time .

” We have four hours left to go so find the next flight to New York City. “I said.

” Okay ma’am. “She replied then the click of my door followed meaning she is out already.

Not long, a knock sounded on my door making me sigh. I really want to enjoy silent before I vacate California today. I thought.

“Come in.” I called out to whoever is at the other side of the door.

” Here is your visitor ma’am.” She said making me turn around only to find my best friend staring around like a lost puppy.

“Hey reporter.” I greeted making her realize am right here.

“Alicia.” She called making me shocked. Like I was really shock how she knows am the one.

Clearing my voice after realizing how obvious I look give her the satisfaction that she Guess right.

“No, am Bella, Bella checkers.” I said trying to cover up but instead, my voice was breaking which makes her laugh.

Damnit, old habits don’t leave one. I thought rolling my eyes at my inability to lie to my best friend…


She knows already