In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 63


Bella’s POV

” I don’t know how to thank you enough for this but that doesn’t mean you won’t tell me everything that happened from you been raped till yesterday that I met you at the restaurant. “She said pouting.

” And you will also tell me what you where doing at the restaurant. “I said making her go cold on the seat.

” Come on, am a changed person and you didn’t expect me to see you there yesterday and let that go without looking into it the more. “I said making her slap my arms.

We continue chatting catching up on what we have both missed in each other’s aspect.

The most embarrassing moment of our lives While we were apart.

The unforgettable experience we had and the most funny part of it. What we have learnt in these three years apart.

People we have met, things we have done that we onces promise not to ever do and so on.

“Come on in.” I call out to the person knocking on my door.

” It’s time ma’am our flight is in one hour time.” She said.

“Call him back and tell him to add a person more to the list. We are taking our private jet this time around. “I said and she nodded before walking off.

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” Desmond we should go home and pick up what we wouldn’t want to leave here in California. And also pick grandma and grandpa. ”

I said and he jumped on me kissing my cheeks rapidly.

“I can’t wait to step into New York City!” He yelled jumping.

Did I tell you he is going to be three years old on Saturday which would mark 3 years and 8 month since I left home.

He doesn’t even have a single ideal if what kind of gift and party await him. I want to do my business opening in the morning while his birthday be at night.

Just like a night party. Because he has always wish to watch the night sky till dusk. But he is always asleep before the dusk even arrive.

I hand over every documents and things the manager would need before vacating the office for my home.

Getting to my house, she was awed by the beauty of my home.

She kept adoring everything while I arranged. When we are done, we drove to my grandparents place and pick them before going to my P.A’s house.

She was shocked and even asked me like three times if am sure it’s my P.A’s house. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Helping Kate my P.A’s with her things, we drove off to the airport.

Even though it’s so hard to leave the old man here, we have no choice than to do that cause he has his family here.

But I promise to always pay him every month though he isn’t going to do anything than to keep on driving those cars at home so that they won’t spoil.

Same as him supervising the house whenever the cleaners come over to clean them.

I couldn’t ask for more when he accepted the job I was very happy then we departed..