In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 58


Bella’s POV

“No Mom, am okay. Just check out yourself infront of the mirror.” He said.

I did as he said and Christ, I was shocked at what am staring at. He got me a necklace with best mom as the pendant.

“Oh my goodness!” I screamed with one of my hand on my mouth and the other one on my neck keeping myself from crying and my mouth from screaming.

I can’t believe this,I thought pinching myself in the cheek. No wonder he asked them not to pack it together.

He doesn’t want me to know what he bought for me,he wants it to be a surprise.

God this son is a way nicer than my own,why did you give me such a nice sin who only put smile on my face with all my sin,I thought thanking God for giving him to me.

Only if our family is completed,I thought looking very sad but still covered it by the happiness.

Making my way back to my son,I bent down and picked him up. Throwing him up because he love me doing that to him.

He started laughing telling me to drop him while I didn’t answer until he started screaming for Leo while laughing.

Putting him down,he hugged me to himself and I did so while kissing his head.

“You are everything I wish for,I love you Desmond.” I said still hugging him.

” I love you too mom. “He said placing his head on my neck.

After sometimes, I bring him down only to realize he is already asleep.

I took him to the bed because we both sleep on the same bed then cover him up.

Looking at his face, he is also in my memory, he looks like his father only if he could be gentle that day, we might have something to hold unto forever.

Yes, the moment I sighted him, I fell in love with him even after what he did that night, my heart still beat for him.

Especially when we met in my father’s house, I couldn’t stop the handsome comment u have him.

More wanted to come out that day also but I have no choice but to cut it off by imagining the pain he made me go through.

So instead of the sweet comment, I gave him a hurtful advice before walking away.

Not to lie, it’s the love I have for him that’s holding me back from telling my dad about the card.

I couldn’t because I was waiting patiently for him to come by and apologize.

Even though he didn’t, I had to jump into the river that day so that I won’t have to tell Dad who he is.

Enough about him lover girl before it get out of hand, my inner mind warned and I rolled my eyes.

Stepping into the bathroom, I stripped myself then showered again.

With my bath robe on my body, I changed to my nightie in the closet then placed the necklaces my son bought in it’s box putting it on the heart shaped table.

Climbing up on my bed, I prayed and slept off… TBC

Is she still inlove with him?