In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 57


Bella’s POV

Although, I don’t listen to news aside if it’s about where I deal my business. Most especially, I don’t listen to news that comes from that place.

Why? Cause I don’t want to see or read new concerning them.

If not for her identity card that I owe in some hours ago, I wouldn’t know how to get out of the mess I created.

By creating the awareness of knowing her when she haven’t even been able to see me physically before.

I had to check her identity card for her job even though I know her name.

Once we were done eating, I used my card to pay then check out of the restaurant.

Asking my son where else he wants to go to, he chose the mall saying he has two things to pick up there.

Even I myself am already doubting my son’s skills cause he just acted like a ten year old boy where as, he is just two.

Getting to the mall of his choice, we both step out of the car then made our way into the mall.

Although, before I entered I have given the security guards something like I always do once I go out.

Getting to the necklaces section, My son pick out things and I did also.

Although, that not the thing we bought inside but I wonder why my son decides his own should be in a different place.

I didn’t challenge him, I accepted then paid our bills carrying it, leo place it in the car.

Driving to cold stone, we got ice cream for everyone including the gate man at home. That is, we bought five ice cream.

On our way back home, I restock my house with food and drinks Which aren’t at home again.

Once we get home, I bathe Desmond and myself before coming down to share out what we got for our driver, gateman and leo.

Arranging the dress I got for Desmond and I, my son walk up to me.

“Mom.” He called making me squat to his level.

“Yes honey.” I answered.

“Can you please close your eyes?” He asked making me wonder what’s going on.

” Mom please. “He added begging.

“Okay, fine but don’t do anything funny.” I warned before closing my eyes.

” Okay Mom he replied.

Still with my eyes closed, I waited for some minutes until I felt something cold on my neck.

I jumped up instantly making my son fall on his butt. turning around, I attended to him.

“Does it hurt? Am sorry.” I said trying to figure out where hurt.

“No Mom, am okay. Just check out yourself infront of the mirror.” He said.

I did as he said and Christ, I was shocked at what am staring at. He got me a necklace with best mom as the pendant.

“Oh my goodness!” I screamed with one of my hand on my mouth and the other one on my neck keeping myself from crying and my mouth from screaming…


Awwww what a wonderful son. Who else wants Desmond as her son?